PlayStation Home: Oscar’s Lobster Mania, Irem Seaside Of Memories, And More!

Crazy, crazy fun arrives in the Shopping Centre this week! Shrouded in mystery until now, Oscar’s Lobster Mania will be unveiled tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and marvel at this wondrous, bizarre game of crustacean-based skill! Judge the distance, set the power, take aim and FIRE! The more lobsters you can get into Oscar’s mouth, the higher your score and the further you’ll progress through the levels. Every level wins rewards for your personal space! The first level is available free; purchase and wear the staggering lobster suit costume for €1.99 / £1.59 to gain access to all 12 levels.



Once you’ve checked out the crustacean chaos of Oscar’s Lobster Mania, jump into the Navigator and head for the Irem Seaside of Memories. Summer might be winding down here, but in this beach space it’s always summer. Pick up your beach wear, then explore beneath the waves – where you could find a variety of rewards washed ashore! This week we also have an update to the Irem Square, where you’ll find new clothing and items waiting.

irem-brigade irem-seaside3

irem-seaside1 irem-seaside2

For the girls looking to update their wardrobe, Lockwood might have just the thing for you this week. Available from Threads, you’ll find the Velvet Tail Coat in six variant colour options. If you fancy yourself a singer, there are also hand-held microphones for both male and female.


The latest new release in the Furniture store comes from the Neptune collection this week. Make sure to browse the new selection to see if anything catches your eye!


Finally, an update on the Locnville exclusive gig footage announced last week. You can now watch the gig in the gamescom event space, so if you haven’t already checked it out make sure to drop in tonight!

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Disgaea 3 spaces?

Carnivius_Prime 25 August, 2010 @ 17:36

r-type ships!

R-Types and R-Type Delta reeeally need to be on the Eu PS Store. US has had them for ages.

Was hoping for the Lockwood shirt and tie tops as a male equivalent to the ladies velvet coats, shame :(

Any word on whether they’re in the pipeline Alex?

Great update – Can’t wait to try out Oscar’s Lobster Mania! :D Have a good holiday Mr Thy.


It’s great fun, and the Lobster suit is amazing.

As I’m technically on holiday, there won’t be many replies … but I’ll make sure to check back and answer any outstanding questions when I get back into the office next Wednesday.


kool update many will be pleased Oscar’s Lobster Mania FTW


another pay2play game arrives , do you guys not make enough cash from everything we buy everyday

Forgot to ask on the forum Alex, does the lobster game have a queing system?

joshualeuty96 25 August, 2010 @ 17:44

Looking forward to the beach space tomorrow! Thats just what i definitly need after reporting another PSN for inappropiate behaviour/Offending material this morning. Its just going round my head what going to happen etc….
But Anyway back on topic, A good update this week! While i have the chance can i thank you and all the Home team for making Home so fantastic.
I remember going on home for the first time with the long load time but now being as thats sorted Can i call this my Second Home?

It’s been a long time since I was Home.

Enjoy your holiday then ;-)

IREM I hear you say Alex? I must have read incorrect…no wait!

I’m very pleased and so should the team.

Enjoy your holiday Alex


I did indeed enjoy my time off, thanks!

Hope you’ve likewise been enjoying the Seaside of Memories.


Looks like the summer has finished already in the UK :( … so at least we can pretend it’s still summer in Home! … I really hope my avatar isn’t allergic to shell fish, this could be the start of dangerous times.
This is one of them updates I’ve been waiting for, the rest of Irem Square’s content! YAY!

Thanks EU Home Team!


I look forward to revisiting Irem Square. :)

Anynews on the Logcabin/Waterfall space with fishing trout game for EU? I really think its a beatifully rendered space and would make a much better clubhouse than the claustrophobic clubhouse we have now. Also the multicoloured locoroco sofas(we currently are limited to yellow). Will we see the other usual suspects of colours in SCEE Home Alex? Thx m8. peace…

Do people still use and waste money in Home? Love to see some stats.

ProphetOfRage 26 August, 2010 @ 15:20

But this, buy that, buy the next thing. Why don’t you give the fleecing a rest?

Pay to play?! I think paying to play these games is the thin end of the wedge and of they get enough gullible people for them to make it economically viable then the rest of us will be hit with pay to play this and that all thanks to a silly few.


They showcased this when Sony first announced PS Home, can’t wait XD

Can I ask why the US Home has more clothes than you can shake a stick at but the EU home has so little? Why are there such issues bringing something as simple as clothes over? :\





Conan-the-legend 09 September, 2010 @ 20:31

Coooool ^^


i need game sims3 for ps3 please




this is good thing ^_^

the big is big

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