PlayStation Network Maintenance

PlayStation Network will undergo routine maintenance on Monday 30 August between the hours of 08:00 and 21:00 BST.

During this time you will not be able to access PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or any part of Account Management, such as your Download List.

However, you should be able to play games online and sign-in here on the PlayStation Blog, at and on the official PlayStation forums.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please head to the official PlayStation forums.

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Thanks for the heads up James. :)


Your doing Maintenance on Bank Holiday Monday =O?

Couldn’t that be considered poor timing?

Ban hammering all those hackers. XD

Thanks for info James. I will be @ work for the largest part of the day anyway… :D

Thanks for letting us know James :-)

Kill the pirates. Kill them all.

I received my GT racing wheel this week so I will be mostly busy with Grid 2 single player mode :-D

Good to know

Welp, there go my plans for the Bank Holiday. Thanks.

Whats the odds of them doing it on Christmas Day next..

Are u sure we can play online during maintenance, I couldn’t last time.


No PlayStation Store on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday = lots of impromptu purchases missed out on by Sony

Bit of bad timing surely? Bank Holiday monday would probably see a big increase in usage as most of us will be off work?!?!?

Logic Fail FTW!


Not everyone have a Bank Holiday Monday, you no When the region is Europe they don’t just mean UK.


Wow, 13 hours over a bank holiday, nice touch.

Another one?sure thats thee this month.


Obviously people realise that, but there’s gotta be close to 4m people with PS3s in the UK, many of whom will have the day off work on Monday. Even if we can play online (although I’m sceptical of that, and I notice there’s no specific mention of whether the friends list/messaging will work) then that’s a lot of people who might have been hoping to use the day for gaming, but will have a stunted experience of PSN for pretty much the entire day.

It seems like it would have been just as easy to do this a day later. I know Sony will have their reasons for this, but that doesn’t I have to be happy out it.



We all know UK is the backbone of Europe ;)

James, do you happen to know if we will be able to buy the extended PS3 warranty from the store? I noticed that the US now can … and with a discount for plus subscribers (not that a discount makes any difference to me being a non-subscriber)

If the answer is no, then why not? Seems a bit unfair.
If the answer is yes, will my 80Gb phat PS3 be eligible, or is it purely for slims? Which, again, would be unfair.

Bank holidays are boring :D

“However, you should be able to play games online” That is cool then;)

joshualeuty96-2- 27 August, 2010 @ 16:30

Thanks for the heads-up!

Bank Holiday? care to explain what that means? :D


ahah so sony is cracking down on the recent hacks and pirted games etc, thats really good news lets keep the ps3 clean!!:>


Guess that’s a UK term – it’s a national holiday, almost everyone takes the day off. I believe the name comes from the fact that originally they were a day that the banks were closed. Because of that, nobody else could do business because they couldn’t put their money in the bank at the end of the day (and thus stood too much of a risk of getting robbed) so everyone else just took the day off as well.

Still think it’s a dumb day, even though it’s only the UK. There are surely about 300 days a year when nobody has a national holiday…


On a bank holiday!? Really!? :o|

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 27 August, 2010 @ 17:33

@24 Ireland has them too, just on different days ;)


I am having trouble signing in as we speak!

Carnivius_Prime 27 August, 2010 @ 18:54

was gonna complain about bad timing but it says online gaming will be fine and bank holiday is when I have a long overdue uncharted 2 session planned with some friends who get some time off work so i got no problem. Just have to message my buddies about this to make sure they’ve got up to date with all the DLC before Monday :)




i understand that this is a playstation blog, but the amount of people here complaining because they have a day off and were planning to spend it playing video games is pathetic. there are literally millions of other things you could be doing. don’t get me wrong, i love playing my playstation, but if i had monday off (which i don’t) i’d spend it in the pub with some mates, possibly on the golf course weather permitting, or doing something active. evenings in the week when there is nobody about are the times to be playing video games people. not during public holidays.

a question in regards to the maintenance though – is it just simple stuff to make sure the PSN is running as it should be, or preperation for some new launchs, such as MUBI and some hopefully, as of yet, unannounced features (streamning PSN movie service! hurry up and deliver this to me!)

My wife Is happy, now I can help her with the gardening, thankyou PSN

Shadowdragoon 27 August, 2010 @ 23:04

Hope it is to prepare for Europa-wide release of PSN comics. (and the other features that are not Europa-wide yet, like videostore).

@everyone yelling bad timing
You know that there are other countries in the EU too, right?

13 hours? It better be worth it.

So I guess we`re gonna see a Croatian Store on Monday ;) Thnx!



XD Epic.

personally, i cant wait for the hack. not to pirate games but to protect my games and the blu-ray drive. ive had 4 games crack just from taking them in and out of their cases. plus ive been through 5 ps3’s (no not exaggerating) due to drive failure. however it does suck that you wont be able to play them on an active profile nor online due to the ban hammer looming. maybe thats something sony could implement? maybe for plus subs? at last count, i have 71 ps3 discs to care for!

Carnivius_Prime 28 August, 2010 @ 10:52

crack just by taking them out of their cases? How the hell? I’ve even been a bit rough with a couple games (such as Fallout 3 cos I hate it) and they’ve never even had a scratch. and 5 ps3’s? You must be the unluckiest gamer in the world. I’ve never experienced any hardware failure with any playstation at all. Well except my PS1 but that lasted 7 years before it broke and that was only cos it ‘fell’ out of my bedroom window.

Who cares it’s bank holiday monday… It isn’t in the rest of Europe!!!

just please stop moaning when we get a heads up with warnings like this.


PS Jailbreak must DIEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Have this maintenance anything to do with PSjailbreak maybe? Or is it something huge we PS-ppl are getting?


@jaaay2 dont think it have anything to do with jailbreak that will possible be tryed to solved with firmware patches our mabey in the worst part in the source code of the playstation 3 itself

i also dont think its something huge for playstation members i bet its just server maintaince mabey new layout dont know.

time will tell

IM The best

? What about online games such as MW2 you say they can still be played but – (In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, please ensure you sign in to PSN before 08:00 on Monday 30th August 2010.)So log in and leave your PS3 on or can we still play as normal during these hours?


@brucey16 yes you can still play online! but PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or any part of Account Management, such as your Download List. you cant use

SCE Asia says that online gameplay will also be affected:

So be aware that it MIGHT be affected in Europe too

VERY poor timing. They better be stamping out the hackers/cheaters.


@Bovrillor is there any better timing? there are always players online who then complain

for gamers there is never a good time to having a maintaince

but like you seen you can keep playing online so whats the problem?? your beeing busy 24 hours on playstation store??

and hackers and cheaters?? where? never seen one here tho

if someone is better then another player he always cheating, its her,e its on xbox360, and pc, deal with it, there is always someone better then you our me.

It’s times like this that i’m hoping the weather holds.
if not it’s GAME OVER for lil’ ol’ Sephy =[ [for 24 hours XD].

hopefully none of the store updates this week will be affected.

Thanks for the heads up =].

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