SOCOM: Special Forces gamescom Floor Demo

It’s a proud week for us here at Zipper Interactive as tomorrow marks the 8th birthday of our first-ever PS2 game and the title that started a huge multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. To celebrate the eight-year mark, we’ve put together a special video for our fans.

In it, you’ll experience the gamescom 2010 SOCOM: Special Forces demo in its entirety with commentary by lead designer, Travis Steiner. This is the first time anywhere that you’ll see the gamescom demo played all the way through and in high-definition, making it a “must watch” for anyone even remotely interested in what we have in store for 2011.

Let us know what you think below, and please accept our sincerest thanks for making the first eight years of SOCOM as great as they have been. Here’s to many more to come!

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Not going to watch as I stay away from single player stuff after E3.but what I have seen looks good.

Could you tell me how the bounding box is being delt with Move,can we have customized settings,I’d love options like the conduit on the Wii.



Socom 4 wasn’t really on my radar until I saw this gameplay demo.
There are some really cool features there and my interest is definitely peaked. I look forward to seeing more about the game.
Single Player and Co-op are what are most important for me. I’m keeping Killzone 3 as my multi-player Game of Choice in 2011.

Too quick reloading and grenades throwing.

I can’t watch it. There’s a cross in the center and I can’t play the video. Is there a YouTube link Mr. Jeremy?


Well this video has sold the game to me.. Wasn’t sure about it at 1st but shall now be buying it along with PS move

SlipperyFella 27 August, 2010 @ 01:35


I wasn’t in the least bit interested in the title 20 minutes ago, but now you’ve got a confirmed sale.

Great job guys! it’s looking awesome!

God damn it, I wanna see it too. :(


looking fantastico..

and i have a message fro you Mr.Dunham…



Alright, I was able to see it, and the game doesn’t look very much like a SOCOM game, just a very good action game. But it’s looking pretty cool anyways. And please put some stealth missions. And variety. Oh, and how can a rocket destroy a concrete, but not a vending cart?

Localised fireteam is an interesting decision, can you clarify what the differences between the nationalities are – voice only?

topperharley83 27 August, 2010 @ 08:21

Looks very like Uncharted 2 to me. Even the main character looks a bit like drake.

Hmm, the localised team sound good, I liked the SAS and Spetznaz in Socom 2, especially the attitude of the Spetznaz guys =)
I hope it’s something like that.

wasn’t expecting it to look this good. it’s just shot up my most wanted list.

Nice, it´s about time to hear great news.
The game will have 12 factions, one of them is Portuguese, now i can play with my nacionality online…

Love the focus on story and cinematics, that puts the game on my list.

So, is the game called Socom 4 or Socom: Special Forces?

James Gallagher 27 August, 2010 @ 12:55

SOCOM 4 is the US name for the game; Special Forces is for Europe, but it’s essentially the same.

That was awesome! Thanks for this.

We need more dev commentaries for games on the blog! Interviews are good but commentaries and gameplay are better!

Wait a minute now. Is Socom 4 the same as Special Forces? Why don’t you just it simple. I don’t know what’s what!

This video looks amazing,although SOCOM Confrontation wasn’t a bad game the improvements you mention in SOCOM 4 will make this much better than Confrontation. Also liking the force is dependent on your country :) Nice touch.

This looks great. I haven’t played a Socom title before but this might well be my first. I would seriously hope to see some form of co-op in this game – it looks perfect for it and too few titles pay enough attention to co-op. Surely a co-op campaign at least would be a shoo-in? Move functionality is also intriguing, as is the localisation of forces.

Downsides? The grenade animation could use a little work. And this isn’t unusual in shooters so no great criticism, but no civilians? I don’t know how the game system works here, but some kind of impact on XP earned might be one way of punishing ‘collateral damage’ without either breaking the game or having it be meaningless. BTW guys, don’t forget the leftie controls on DS3 please, there’s good chaps.

Wow, I might end up buying this. Graphics look great, gameplay looks smooth and I really like the fact that you get to play as your own country’s Special Forces (well, if you live in one of the 12 included countries). I’ll be playing as a Dutch soldier of course. Awesome. ^^

I REALLY, REALLY hope there’ll be full campaign co-op. It would be extremely awesome if it would be 4 player co-op, but 2 is fine as well. But why wouldn’t they include it? I mean, the way the missions are set up (it looks as if you’re always playing with squadmates), why wouldn’t they include it?

One thing I did notice however, is that the character never ‘slides’ into cover. You have to be real close to the object to ‘snap’ to it. I hope we’ll be able to slide into cover like in Uncharted 2 in the final game.

Fortunately we are some months ahead of release. Must polish destrutability(glasses, tires…) A tank shoots at you behind cover and you don’t fly…!!!! More movements to take cover(sliding…)Explosions don’t do enough damage in environment… But in general looks good!!!

Socom rules baby

Give me a playable demo for the PSN to see how the move control works and I’ll buy it :)

  Amazing stuff,Thanks so much for this!This is very useful post for me. This will absolutely going to help me in my projects .

Not likeing the over the shoulder bring back proper 3rd person

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