FirstPlay Episode 22

Having briefly considered mounting a campaign to abolish Mondays and have three-day weekends forever, I’m back in work after the bank holiday to tell you about the next episode of FirstPlay.


Episode 22 is up on the Store from Wednesday, and this week features an all-new hands-on with LittleBigPlanet 2, the second part of our big PlayStation Move playtest, and a preview of Ubisoft’s under-the-radar strategy contender, RUSE. Oh, and a chat with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House.

FirstPlay FirstPlay

On top of that we’ve got an online review of our surprise summer favourite, Singularity, a round-up of PS one classics, and a look at the best fighting games available from PlayStation Store. And to round everything off we’ve got screenshot galleries of FIFA 11, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, new Bond title 007 Blood Stone and the twisted fairytale, Alice: The Madness Returns.


All of which gives you over half an hour’s worth of HD games coverage and info for just 99p, or as low as 75p if you take out a 90-day subscription for £8.99.

As usual we’d love to hear all your feedback, suggestions for content, and ideas for mobilising voting blocks of very lazy people, and you can get in touch with us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter at to have regular news and content updates delivered directly to your inbox.

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please start to release it to the rest of europe or at least tell us why you aren’t doing it, if its because its too expensive to translate it then its just stupid, i don’t want stuff translated i just want to be able to buy it :(


We’d love to release everywhere and get more viewers, but it’s more complicated than that, I’m afraid. Localisation is a big logistical hurdle – not just translation, but ads and agreements with publishers. It’s a big, big job, and one that we’re keen to work through, but right now all our efforts are focused on making the existing version of FirstPlay as strong as possible.

i found a way to buy qore, guess i can find a way to watch firstplay then, i’m still gonna pay for it anyway so i hope you don’t mind..


Part of me loves every extra viewer we get and hopes you love the show. Part of me couldn’t possibly comment.

i would have joined your campaign!
My subscription has ended but really pleased with recent content and i’ll resubscribe when i can afford it.
I would like to see more exclusives and early reviews. Id also like to see modnation and lbp creators that you feature add a 1st play tag to their track/level titles to make it easier to find them in game.

Good work! I cant wait for LBP2! Any free stuff planned any time soon Nathan?

can’t buy stuff on the UK store with a card with address in Denmark so no luck there

I will stop asking if this will ever come to The Netherlands or any other country. It is probably so dificult that it won´t happen (by the way that is the dummest excuse I´ve ever heard). But I would love to see more about Alice: The Madness Returns.

but no matter how hard it is still hope we get it to other countries as fast as possible, i still got a dream were all the PS stores are the same (just in different languages for people who need that), with the same content for the same prices, all we can do is hope i guess :)


Hey OttoT – sorry I haven’t got better news, but like I say we’re as keen to get it out there as anyone, and we’re working towards doing it eventually.

And TheAlp – I think we’d all love to see a global Store with different language options etc, but knowing a teeny bit about the territory agreements and legal licenses that come into play, I totally understand why it’s so difficult.

The long and short of it guys is if you really want content from PSN its completely possible just by making a specific region account and buy the PSN cards for that account. Simple. I dont know why 95% of those on here who complain.

Anyway good job on FirstPlay, I thought last weeks episode was a little weak to be honest but its unavoidable at times i guess.

We need more commentry from us, the community and longer segements of footage.

And i know Gametrailers are doing it already with there BRILL “POP-Fiction” where they answer the myths that float around some titles like FF7 where there was a rumour to revive arith back to life after she passes, check out the answer its great, theres a goldeneye one and a zelda segment too, Anyway you guys should do something like that too. it’ll be great to have more sections then just the kinda stale ones you have at the mo.. not stale but you get my point.. keep up the good work anyway.


Thanks KAP (mostly!). Always thinking of/looking to steal new ideas :)

can we haz for free (or much cheaper)for plus subscribers?

i remember you guys asked if we wanted that in a survey a while back

so the avatars and stuff was all just blowing smoke , gotcha


Not at all – keep your eyes open over the next month :)

joshualeuty96-2- 31 August, 2010 @ 17:46

The only thing thats stopping me from purchasing is the free Content. If there was more frequent free Content then i would possibly purchase…..


As I say – there’s a bunch of stuff coming up, though it’s very hard to get hold of as often as we’d like :)


Why would a publisher get angry about more ppl geting to know about a game?
Also with holding info on little big planet is the purest form of evil!!!

Legion_Dragon 31 August, 2010 @ 18:08

Yo yo yo Mr Ditum, I’ve only just got round to watching your “Personal, Heavy Rain” section and LOVED it!!

I thought it was wonderfully unique and I think there should be more items like this, it’s nice to get to know you guys and what makes you ‘tick’ in gaming. I’d love to know what your “favourite gaming moment” is ( mine being eventually getting that ruddy Golden Chocobo in FF7 ), fav series, genre, game.
Possibly even opening it up to ‘celebs’ or even Joe Public!!??

Anyways, keep it up ladies and gents xxx

Love Dragon ;-)


Thanks man! There’s a few more coming over the next few weeks, and we’re absolutely up for hearing suggestions, or even viewers coming on to the show if they have a good story to tell. Trying to line up a few industry faces too.

“Localisation is a big logistical hurdle – not just translation, but ads and agreements with publishers.”

Why are there ads in there ???
Isnt the program like a big ad in itself?

And since peopel pay to see it .. shouldnt that get rid of the ads?

Are they at least forward clickable so u can skip them?

Legion_Dragon 31 August, 2010 @ 18:58

Fear not Nathan, I’ve got this one.

@Basket21, hi, ads are in the program as they help to keep the costs down. With the ads, and they’re only very short and unintrusive, the product is a lot cheaper and we can pass on the savings to the customer.
Without ads, we’d have to recoup our cost via other means, most obvious being the cost to buy the episode.
The ads are skippable once you’ve watched them so fear not. Plus it keeps you informed on the games and services available :-)

@Mr Ditum, I’d love to share some stories with you guys over a virtual cuppa, as long as I can bring choccy biccies :-D



Drop us an email fella – nathan dot ditum at futurenet dot com

The question everyone wants the answer for, will FirstPlay be free for Playstation Plus users?
Had to be asked :)

the next month lol . u said abt avatars 2 month ago lol , sorry too little too late

just a suggestion , why dont u guys give away the episode icons as avatars with every new epi as they are rather good


That’s something we’ve thought of, but we need the permission of whoever owns the games/characters to use the images. I know from your previous comments that you, seany, in particular are cross about how long these things take, but it’s just a fact – sorting out the agreements, designing the images and getting it into FP takes a long time.


Why is this not available for free with PS+?
Throw us a bone SCEE!!

US gets treated with bonus FREE games and Qore.
We get a few early demo’s and an early overpriced PS1 game..

Are you aware that your publisher is selling paper magazin´s in the Netherlands. They have English advertising and it is written in the English language so I don´t know why advertising and language should be changed. I won´t buy it in dutch I want the original.


Yes of course – and if it were purely a Future Publishing decision I’m fairly sure it would be a faster process. But this is a different product – games publishers are (rightly, in my opinion) more protective of video footage than they are or still images – and it’s carried by Sony, so we need to meet their requirements too.

“As usual we’d love to hear all your feedback”

Here’s my feedback: Make this available for all of EU now!

Get off your butts and make the movie store available all over EU now!


Movie store is a Sony question, fella…


Prepare the cuppa Mr Nathan ;-)

I want more Blood Stone News!!!

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