PlayStation Home: Hudson Gate Arrives!

Who here loves Bomberman? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the Hudson Gate public space arrives in PlayStation Home this week! Each disc of this futuristic space offers something new, from information on Hudson Soft games, to a store selling Bomberman outfits and Hudson Soft games. Stick around for the regular Dolphy races – correctly vote for winner of this sky race to win rewards!

hudson for PS Home PS Home

If watching the Dolphy races isn’t enough for you, drop into the store and purchase the Dolphy Apartment, where you can raise your very own Dolphy to take part in races. Raise your young Dolphy to adulthood (takes 5 days), feed it with special digital fish to improve its stats, and enter it into the Dolphy race!


Kane and Lynch items arrive in the stores this week, with a range of clothing and furniture items from Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

See you in Home!

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The Dolphy thingimibob sounds interesting…

But overall, I don’t think there’s much for me this week Alex :P

Thanks anyway dude!


Dolphy Apartment sounds awesome.
Thanks for the heads up.

Hello Thylaudax, I were just wondering are their any plans to introduce new features in PlayStation Home? We haven’t had a client update in a while.

Looking like another great update this week.


I can’t comment on specifics, but there is still a team dedicated to working on client updates.

Bomberman :)

Awesome, but I want Hudson to release Lost in Shadow for the PS3

DeviantVanguard 01 September, 2010 @ 18:15

Not been on Home for quite some time! Then again… the novelty wore off quite quickly since it’s filled with pervs :/

Very small update though its funny how quick you guys were localising Hudson Gate and Apartment which makes me wonder why aren’t you that fast with other localisings *cough*

Thanks for the response Thylaudax.

Do you have any sort of confirmation of these apartments;

Waterfall Terrace
Espace tropical
Yacht: Santorini
Luxury Race Box
Santorini Greece

I understand you wont be able to say much but these apartments are very popular and I know a lot of friends who would purchase them.


There is nothing I can share on these currently, sorry.

Waterfall Terrace I think will be a big seller, but this looks cool too :). I only want Terrace for its views n fishing, I still dont get why its in NA.


Disgaea 3 space?


Where is that statue from in harbor apartment

can you tell us news for spaces :
-mamco museum
-guitar hero
-godfather 2 poker

Yes bombeRman is extensively mentioned via reading Alex’s report.


Purchase purchase purchase, buy buy buy, store blah blah purchase buy store buy purchase.

I can’t quite grasp what you’re getting at Sony do you think you could spell it out for me?

Hudson Soft? can we have (the ICO-esque) Lost in Shadow for PS3/PSN now?

This weeks update: 3/10


a great update :) , but do agree with then NA apartments , i do get annoyed at people constantly moaning about paying for stuff .. the amount of time,effort and money that goes into maintaining and updating home is alot and its a business so its gotta make money …. if you dont like it there is a simple answer ……. right i will climb off my soap box now :)

How many public spaces and apartments does Home have now? Really seems the concept of Home has gone off the rails, a real shame because it had a lot of potential. More apartments are not going to attract users to Home, especially those who had a bad experience with long loading times and lack of content. The resources would be better spent improving what’s already there with more interactive content, better games and events. Go back to the drawing board.

Maybe there should be a zombie invasion in home, to make up the fact PS3 did not get the Dead Rising 2: Case zero demo.


missed this yesterday. an what a update i love bomberman and the Dolphy Apartment sounds kl aswell.

Epic update guys

when brimstone poker tables arrive in europe? and the sodium “trance lights”?


Brimstone poker will be with us quite soon.

I visit PlayStation Home once a month and these updates are fantastic. I’ll go on visit all the new stuff and then looking at the time it’s been 3 hours.. Thanks PlayStation Home Team!



I think Playstation Home has improved a lot since it was released. I am a bit worried about the loading times, though. Since we get new stuff all the time, it takes longer and longer to load. Soon we’ll have to start Home in the morning if we want to use it in the evening! Just kidding, but it really takes too long to load.

I would like to see spaces set in different times, for instance a medieval space. But then there MUST be some kind of dress code. We can’t have Aliens, space-men and Move controllers in a historic setting, I think. So there must be included some free clothes, so ppl don’t look out of place.

as much as i want home to be great it just doesnt hold my attention for longer than 5 minutes so i removed it from hdd . will install again though if ever new features are implemented

Anyone feel the 11 replies to the 538 comments in the plus post shows a slight bit of neglect?

@28 It’s 11 out of 556 now… We should give them a dictionary. It really only needs one word, the word “sorry”… :(

You say this week, but wen you say that, specifically, what day this week? =?

in the picture the statue behind you looks great looool

“Cant comment”

“Nothing to share”

“Coming soon”

Is this how you wanna get the community pumped for Home dude?
The way you respond to us is dreadful. The only EVER heads up we ever get of home is more then 24hrs before an update. I realise theres nothing you can confirm in terms of release date and the like but just to give us some form of indication of what to look forward to in the coming weeks or months.

And no the “forums” is the worst possible place to direct people with lives for such info.

Its just really ironic how media such as movies and TV have previews etc of titles years before release yet the gaming etc feel to keep everything on a top secret MI6 basis. Its the “gaming” industry not the cure for AIDS. you lot do my head in seriously.


love my little dolphin ( TUNA STEAK ) …… but i cannot access it from hudson space as when i try it says i dont own a dolphin apartment :(

Does anyone know how to get to the lower waterfall disk.

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