God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Exclusive Demo Access

I’m the European Product Manager for God of War: Ghost of Sparta. For those who have been following the game since my previous posts we’ve got a brilliant treat in store for those who are itching to play the latest instalment of the award winning franchise.


I’m pleased to announce an exclusive early access demo to God of War: Ghost of Sparta for some lucky PSP fans out there. So what’s the plan?

We will be emailing out some demo voucher codes to a selected number of PAL PSN users who registered to receive the SCEE promotional newsletter. If you haven’t opted-in to receive it, it’s unfortunately too late to be in with a chance to be picked for this promotion, but it’s worth you registering today to be considered for future SCEE offers (simply go to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB, select Account Management => Account Information => => Notification Preferences, and tick the relevant boxes).


So make sure you check your email inbox over the weekend and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones to receive a voucher code allowing you to download the GoW: Ghost of Sparta PSP demo instantly from PlayStation Store. Remember, it’s a random selection and only a limited  amount of vouchers are being sent out.


For those who haven’t had a chance to see God of War: Ghost of Sparta please find the trailer which we released earlier this year at E3 and gamescom.

Any questions or comments for the team then please let me know, enjoy the demo (especially the boss battle :) and keep posted for further exciting updates before the game launches this November.

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Awesome, so hope I get in!

Though this isn’t the best way of giving them out :(

Means fans may miss out!

Cool hope i get one ;-)

Put it on Plus!

why don’t you let plus members have it instead like the US?

random codes is just silly!

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Exclusive Demo Access we signed for plus to get exclusive content, so it had to be free for plu,s another stab in the back


Hi killzonexx, watch out for James Thorpe’s PS+ update next week ;)

Nice, thanks!

Why not put it on PS+? We’re already paying for it, so give it to PS+. We were promised exclusive demos and this should be one of them

Yeah, putting it on Plus too would be fairly sensible :)

Isn’t Plus a PS3 service, and this a PSP game? How does putting it on Plus make sense?

cool :)


Thanks Fantatier, just make sure you check your inbox over the weekend, good luck!

I thought things like these were why we were + subscribers.

A lot of people who own a PSP also owns a PS3, but I understand your point, so let’s convice Sony to do both… Give it to + subscribers AND give out random codes.

so u.s plus users get this demo yet european plus users get shafted yet again with plus

@ 9 it makes sense putting it on plus for simple reason u.s plus users get it next week

Is Europe getting any kind of special edition? If not, will we get alternative access to the DLC, PS3 dynamic theme, PSP theme, etc?

^^ What he said..
With all the promoting going on in the US over this game at the moment with various events and this being the first news about the game in AU for ages.. The least that could happen for those who have been waiting months on end to play a demo should have it available to them on the regular PSN..
So November 2 is the release date in Australia too?? This is another thing we’ve kind of been left in the dark about.. I know the game is being developed in the US, but as far as I can see the promoting seems to be very one-sided..
Sorry, had my rant now :) Just frustrated is all!!

Ahem Im a plus member and I dont understand like so many why Plus users arent getting this like in the U.S plus. Its quite silly and I would love to try this as I do like God of War!

The ^^ was directed at No 9’s comment.. :p
I was unaware I was signed up with PSN+??!? Just looking at the icon next to my avatar..

(11) That’s what irritates me too and I think SONY has the same mentality.. you cannot make the assumption that people have both PSP and PS3, it’s just not the case.. I really don’t see why people would subscribe to something (PSN+) to get titles that were released ages ago with the odd exclusive thrown in.. you get that on the regular PSN..

And my plus sign still doesnt always show up. Lol :P

^^ HAHA!! Maybe my + sign is supposed to be on your avatar!!
Seriously, I never signed up with PSN+.. I don’t have a PS3.. why would I?!??

There’s a catch, there’s alway a catch.

DarkManipulative 03 September, 2010 @ 14:56

Surely this is one for Plus members!!


Oooh! Love me some God of War… beautiful pricey trilogy edition…mmmmmmm… GoW:CoO was awesome so I’m expecting big things from Ready at Dawn.

Hope this does come to plus subscribers, though given that this is a PSP exclusive and Plus is PS3 focussed I’ll understand why if it doesn’t.

Thing is, if this was announced for Plus, you can bet your bottom dollar people would be complaining that they don’t own a PSP and that by using Plus to distribute a PSP only product Sony had let them down / betrayed them / convinced them to kill their wife and daughter while sacking a city and destroying a temple thus leading them on to a never ending quest for vengeance to finally face off against Kevin Butler before returning hope to the people of the earth.

Such is life.

cool will look out for th email.


No worries danielmccue, good luck!

my psn plus symbol STILL isnt working guys!

James Gallagher 03 September, 2010 @ 15:40

I’m going through the blog and reporting all of these inconsistencies. Have you tried: logging out, clearing the cookies on your browser, logging back in? I’m also going to use the weekend recap post tomorrow as a test base for the Plus integration, where we can find out exactly who it’s working for and who it isn’t. Sorry for the teething problems.

I subscribe to the newsletter but this isn’t the type of game I’d like to play really. If in a shocking amount of good luck get a code for the demo, will I be able to pass it on to someone else who would enjoy it more than me?

Or perhaps I can opt out for this promotion?

Never even knew about the newsletter, I’ll sort it out when I get home from work, if I remember.

(24) OOH!! Pick me! Pick me!!

Do you mean this – “Yes, I would like to receive information on PlayStation® products and services.” or do I have to choose to agree to 3rd-party companies too?
Btw., I’m signed for this for more than half a year now and didn’t even once received a newsletter of any kind :o


Hi Keiician, yes that’s right the first one needs to be ticked, if you have already registered you’re in with a chance to receive a code.

Can i have a demo voucher please? :) i ve been addicted to god of war since the god of war collection and since then i ve bought the gow collection god of war chains of olympus and god of war 3 PLEASE i’m begging for a code :D but i can t just weep here like a little girl so ill leave you guys all with this ‘iN THE begining there was darkness… IN THE END THERE WILL BE ONLY CHAOS! see what I did there ;)


Like it parapetti :)

I can’t wait. i still can’t believe theres another GOD OF WAR…

Fingers crossed

well i have never won anything before,but i will wait for an email to pop up sometime doesn’t hurt to have patience :)

Cool, I hope I get it. I was lucky enough to get early access to God of War 3, which was amazing.


Not really too sure about this whole idea of giving out a limited number of vouchers for a DEMO. Surely the purpose of a demo is to entice the paying public into shelling out for the full game. If Sony don’t want me to see the demo there’s no way I’m paying for the full game!

@ Richard Yap i know i bet they have some extra’s but lately alot of things are not like it suppose to be

still no dead nation beta while its exclusive atm becuase its a closed beta you know what i mean….

Here we go again.. exclusive access to a demo.. how about plus members paying for EXCLUSIVE things.. sigh.. never mind.

Why is it then, that US people who have signed up with spartansstandtall or godofwar.com ALL get a demo???
Just found this out on the US Playstation Blog..
This is disappointment after disappointment for me..

So fair how american + owners get it through plus

I don´t get it. Do you want to sell the game or not?
Just give everyone the stupid demo. This hype noncense is just stupid!

I made a promis to myself that I never will buy a game day one when not everyone can enjoy a commercial demo day one.
See you in the second hand market,

so how many codes are expected to be going?


Hi Richard, loving all the footage of the game I’ve seen so far, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Could you answer me a quick question? Are we getting the special edition of Ghost Of Sparta like the US are getting?


Spam F5 on inbox! :P

By the power of Jupiter – grant me a plus!

Looks good.


Thanks BasketSnake

So, no news rgarding the special edition I guess? My PS+ avatar isn’t displaying either btw.

I shall keep my fingers crossed, also all these PLUS folks kicking up a fuss, I thought PS+ was PS3 focused service for PS3 exculsive content? Now they want it all! I dont care about the USA, they get what they get….but what if they give out codes to non PSP owners who are PLUS too? Suddenly ebay is aflood with codes? If you paid for PS+ expect your demos for PS3. Whining about PSP well….unless people register their PSPs with SONY how they gonna know the plus member got a PSP too? Or when you sign up to PLUS do you state you have a PSP, what type etc? Anyways, I hope a code pops thru my email box..would be nice…:)

I saw this on RSS feed and thought PS+ members would be kicking up a fuss…reading this…I can see I was right. Well, they havent said PS+ exclusive so fingers crossed:)


skidpro – for reference, I’m not a plus member, I didn’t see the point given what you actually get. My point (as was OttoT I think) was just that demos are supposed to be a teaser to whet your appetite for the full game and make you want to buy it, so why not give the demo to everyone, like all other demos that appear in the store?

I’ll repeat OttoT’s question:

I don´t get it. Do you want to sell the game or not?

Awesome, I hope I get a code :)


Hopefully i get a voucher, i got a GOW3 voucher too

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