New inFamous 2 Gameplay Video

For those of you that haven’t seen this already, check out the below brand-new gameplay footage of inFamous 2 that was first shown behind closed doors at gamescom and then last week at PAX in Seattle.

You’ll get to see one of Cole’s brand new electrical powers – the Kinetic Pulse – with which he can now hurl enormous objects (i.e. cars!) around the environment, plus one of the new enemies straight from the swamps of New Marais – the nightmarish Ravager.

Oh, and here are some new screenshots for you to enjoy.





Enjoy! ;)

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Saw this yesterday and I’ve got to say it makes the awesome original look tame y comparison. Can’t wait!


I wish there was an edit button ;)

lol at the pedestrians running towards the monster instead of away

so awesomest!!

WOW ! That is pretty amazing :) Can’t wait for this game now XD I loved the 1st inFAMOUS and think i will love this even more ;) hope theres some pre-order bonuses too !!!!

Now this looks awesome..!! Leave it to sucker punch to make an ever greater sequel.. :D

I miss the Cole MacGrath which was modelled after the new voice actor. This one looks too thin and cartoon-like. Game looks brilliant otherwise.


Hey guys – thanks for all your comments. Glad you like! :)


I dont like new “monster” enemys, they dont suit to first game.
And new “old” Cole….after what happened in first game Cole should be even more badass than in iF 1.

But it still looks awesome :)


This is good [DELETED]! But the pedestrian looks a bit stupid.. :/
How are the trophies in this game? :)

Looks great, loving the new Kinetic Pulse move!


will their be an option so you can change skin so you can use this cole,old cole and the other cole.

epic =P

@kivi95: That would be crazy-cool!


i’m totally gona get this game. AWESOME!!

I wish I could be at PAX for try the demo myself. :(

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Viddler have a little curios feature that allow Us to download the video. Try that feature in the future, don’t hurt ;)
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@ 14 :
I hope so. This Cole is…

Looking really good, I was a fan of the original so was getting this regardless but it’s really good to see that you’re pulling out the stops when it comes to the sequel! Looks like you have really gotten to grips with the hardware this time around…

I’m curious how it will use the Move controller though? (the US Move site has imFamous 2 listed as a game with Move support)

Hey, whatever Cole you decide on, I’m happy! The important thing about Cole is that he can pick up cars and hurl them at things that spew toxic slimey gooey stuff! Oh, and suck the life out of baddies! I luv that…

so awesome!

I honestly cannot wait for this game to come out, it’s my 2nd favourite new IP this gen behind Uncharted.

Uncharted 2 in 2009, God of War 3 earlier this year…GT5 on it’s way and then inFAMOUS 2 next year. God I love my PS3.

The video is awesome aswell…the game looks so much better than the 1st and it was excellent in it’s own right.

This looks insane! I can’t wait for this game!!

twistedintoform 07 September, 2010 @ 23:12

looks like the graphics have got a nice polish this time around, and i like the destructibility. though the game play seemed to play almost exactly the first one – or at least lobbing the lightning bombs was how i played most of the first one! :p hopefully there’ll be far more new gameplay mechanics (like the ability shown to lift large environmental objects) to come. :)

OMG this looks so awesome!
I’m a big fan of the first InFamous, gonna get this sequel the day it hits the stores… that’s for sure.

Looks really amazing. Just completed inFamous 1 :-)

Can you tell if this will also be singleplayer only? Or will it have multiplayer? (I hope singleplayer only).

Already seen this trailer but good to watch again, i can’t wait to play inFamous 2, loved the first game.


The first inFAMOUS was nothing special, with samey missions, repetative enemies and an unengaging story. This looks more of the same, but the new design cole looks even worse. I wont be buying it.


and why do I have a playstation plus subscription logo next to my avatar above? I didnt subscribe to that!!! Ive got more sense than money….

@ Cardiff-Devil i have plus but i dont have a icon, mabey you have mine ?:P


If I do, you can have it back Killzonexx!

machinima uploaded it 2 days ago…. so its not really new anymore :p but anyway I love the video

I’ve been replaying inFAMOUS just to get me back in the spirit of things. All I can say is that the environment gives me a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling, like the one you get when the bus drives you into your part of town. Empire City is a place, for all it’s destruction, that I wanna be at, that I like gaming around. Looks like inFAMOUS2’s Marais is shaping up the same sentiment in me. The only prob I’m seeing is Cole. Bar timeline/plotlines, I don’t see ANY need to change Cole. If it ain’t broke…


Looks very good! I for one, can’t wait for this game :)

Ziggy_Marley_93 09 September, 2010 @ 21:04

Can’t wait for this, it looks amazing. Loved the first one, hopefully I can get a platinum in this one too. I think I know what my game of the year 2011 will be!

This game looks awesome! glad to see that your taking advantage of the ps3 system more then the first inFamous. That is what i like about ps3 exclusives it takes advantage of the ps3 software. Also like the new Kinetic Pulse move looks really cool. Keep up the good work!

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