Digital Comics Store Update (8th September 2010)

Adding to the 2000+ titles already in the catalogue, another 43 titles hit the Digital Comics Store this week, featuring everyone’s favourite heroes, villains and sixteenth-century bards. Happy hunting!

Digital Comics Store Update (8th September 2010)

Here are this week’s top picks:
PSP-owning LARP fans can now get their fix of Dungeons & Dragons with a new series based on the hugely-popular role playing game. Written by Transformers screenwriter John Rogers and novelist Alex Irvine, issue #0 is a special edition featuring two stories to introduce you to the upcoming D&D worlds. Acclaimed Marvel alumni Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation 2006) and Peter Bergting provide the outstanding art.

Yet more bloodthirsty vampire action hits the Digital Comics store this week with Zuda’s Blood Hunter. In a dark future, vampires rule the world, the life of the last human on earth – a baby girl – rests in the hands of a vampire sworn to kill her kind. Issue #1 is a free download.

Marvel’s 1952-vintage Journey Into Mystery – the series that introduced the Mighty Thor to a cowering world – continues its run with issues #87-#90, lovingly created by the Lee/Kirby dream team.

Following on from last month’s release of Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Among the Damned is another tale of bone-chilling horror guaranteed to thrill fans of the video game. Written by best-selling author Scott Ciencin and featuring art by Shaun Thomas, Silent Hill: Among the Damned is a special one-shot edition that will have you sleeping with the lights on. Be afraid.

Hot on the heels of the hit Dreamworks movie Shrek Forever After comes Ape Entertainment’s Shrek. Take a sneak peek at the nefarious new villain Rumpelstiltskin as he tries time and time again to get the best of Shrek and the gang.

The popular Raising Amy, Kill Shakespeare and The Murder of King Tut return with new issues this week, along with more Superman/Batman, Jurassic Park and Transformers for that sprinkling of box-office gold dust.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of new additions:

  • 2000AD Prog #16962000AD
  • The Authority #9DC Comics
  • Bayou #9DC Comics
  • Blood Hunter #1 (FREE!)DC Comics
  • Bone #3Cartoon Books
  • Breathe #4Markosia
  • DMZ #21DC Comics
  • Donald Duck von Münchhausen #1 & #2Disney Digicomics
  • Dungeons & DragonsIDW
  • Ex Machina #8DC Comics
  • Fables #23DC Comics
  • Gen13 #29DC Comics
  • God of War #3DC Comics
  • Green Lantern: No Fear #5DC Comics
  • Growing Up Enchanted #3Markosia
  • The Hammer #3DC Comics
  • Jonah Hex #21DC Comics
  • Journey Into Mystery (1952) #87-#90Marvel
  • Jurassic Park #2IDW
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #9DC Comics (released tomorrow, 9th September)
  • Kill Shakespeare #3IDW
  • The Murder of King Tut #3IDW
  • Night Owls #5DC Comics
  • Planetary #10DC Comics
  • Raising Amy #3Markosia
  • RASL #3Cartoon Books
  • ShrekApe Entertainment
  • Silent Hill: Among The Damned #1IDW
  • Sonic Universe #7 & #8Archie Comics
  • Starcraft #3DC Comics
  • Stormwatch PHD #21DC Comics
  • Superman/Batman #27DC Comics
  • Transformers: Ironhide #4IDW
  • Transformers: Nefarious #4IDW
  • Welcome To Tranquility #2DC Comics
  • Wildcats #9DC Comics
  • X-Mickey #18Disney Digicomics
  • Y: The Last Man #6DC Comics

As ever, you can visit PlayStation Store on your PSP to download any of the 2000+ comics. Alternatively, you can use Media Go to access the Store from a PC and transfer content directly to your PSP. It’s an easy way to purchase, download and organise your Digital Comics collection.

Finally, those of you who picked up Markosia’s Haven last week might be interested to read our exclusive interview with writer and creator Leonardo Ramirez. Check it out here.

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.

18 Author replies

Nice :D

3 or 4 for me today! Maybe I should start reading them :(


Hm yes you should. ;-) Enjoy!

Nice to have a update –
Any plans for books to be added to the store ?
Do Marvel & DC plan to increase there releases i.e more than 3 or 4 comics a week?


No plans for books yet sorry.
As for Marvel/DC upping the content, hopefully we will see this at some point, they both have such an impressive catalogue!

We’re not quite ready for you yet.

We do plan to launch the service in as many countries as possible, we just can’t be certain when. Please check back here now and then, and who knows… :(

Dumb question but where do you find the comics on the store? I see “playstation plus”, “latest”, “ps3 games”, “psp games”, “minis” “other media” and “we recommend”.

Slaine: Book of invasions?? Any news on that?


Not yet but I discussed it with them fairly recently – let me ask again.

@saber: its only on the PSP store

any chance of a top 10 list of the most popular/downloaded comics or something like that, stats are always fun :)


Would be fun yes, we’re looking into it. ;-)

Other week, same question : When in France ?

Another great update this week, though that shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point! :)

Sadly my weekly shopping will have to be put on hold for a bit this week. A run in with an evil PayPal hacker seems to stopped me adding any funds to PSN :(

Just a little mention of how good Fables #22 was last week! Really was a fantastic story. I’m almost sad that its back to the ongoing story this week, even though that is great as well.


Bad luck! :-( I hope you get everything fixed soon…
Glad you’re enjoying Fables!

@Fantatier, Thanks.

Do they work on PS3? Another dumb question lol.


Nope sorry – it’s one of the things we’re working on though!


By this I mean: we’re working on seeing if this is possible, because we would really like to have the comics on a PS3.
I’m sad to say I’m not actually announcing/confirming anything here. ;-)

I’d love to read Superman/Batman..


O’rly? Well we have issues #1-27 on PSP right now so take your pick! :D


Are we likely to get the new Fallout: Vegas comic?

Another good week for comics, another 5 for me lol


Not in the near future I’m afraid, sorry!
Thankfully you found other ones to your taste though. :-)

xxSamuraiGirlxx 08 September, 2010 @ 15:31


you are asking all the questions i came in this post to ask lol ty


Sigh. Not the best week the one that passed. Bad news can really bring you down and keep you down..

Remember to visit family when you got the chance.

Well, after that, kind of feel pointless but still:
Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
Comics reader for PS3
And Crossregion gifting?


No news sorry.

we want digital comics on ps3! think about it there is potentially 38 million new customers for you on the ps3! minus the ones that have a psp of course.


We know! You know if it was just up to Pete & I (and the rest of the team) we would have had comics on PS3 a long time ago but it’s not always easy unfortunately. ;-)

It would be great to try out the comic reader, but as I have a legally-purchased Japanese PSP and a perfectly sensible European PSN account, Sony won’t let me use an English reader nor read any comics I buy.

When are Sony going to remove this restriction? I’m European, I have a European account, I’m in Europe, I can buy European comics, so why won’t you let me read them? >:-[

When do the Ratchet and Clank comics go on the Store, print release is next week in America isn’t it?


Surprisingly I have no info on this – sorry! :-/

How many issues are there for a ‘complete’ set of Bat/Superman? And could I buy it as so when they’re all released?

On PS3.


If by complete set you mean self-contained stories, there are a few: Public Ennemies (#1-6), Supergirl (#8-13), Absolute Power (#14-18) and so on. Issues #1-27 are already released on PSP, but we don’t have a viewer on PS3 I’m afraid.

still no wonder woman, my chair is really starting to stink now, you knew i was serious about that sit down protest right?

d&d, nice, new y the last man, also nice.

i’m almost into treble figures on how many comics i’ve bought, i dread to think how much i’ve spent.

i’m hoping the recent survey was a test to gauge interest in a ps3 version of the reader.

mind you i’m almost hoping there isn’t one, i’d really end up spending too much then.

but only almost. :)


So now we’re even damaging your furniture? We’d better get the comics in quick huh. ;-) I’ve asked DC so hopefully they can bring some soon, she is one popular lady!


Oh wait. You may unchain yourself from your chair: it seems like more Wonder Woman is coming soon… :D

What you haven’t mentioned Y: The Last Man in your last few update blurbs, and it is the best series on there :)


You know what? You are right. I’ll remember this next week. ;-)


(although I have many more favourites, but that’s for another time)


Any Superman or Nightwing comics coming soon from DC?


Not on the schedule yet but yes I think we will see more soon – DC are well aware that people love these two.

The @psncomics Twitter mentioned that the next 2 Locke & Key issues are in for submission.
Any idea when they will be released?
*flutters eyelashes*


Keep working these eyelashes and we may have some for you next week. ;-)

So…are we ever going to see the comi store released in Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Middle-east?
We have a Game-related Playstation store that hosts ALL the content that the U.K. gets,why not comics?
Plus it’s all digital anyway. All you need to do is direct us to the content on the U.K. and the content will sell itself :)

yay. :)

i still think digital comics should come to VAIO Computers & the PS3 =1

ive been waiting for another nefarious. Great update. Will there be anymore xmen soon?

are there any more issues of azure on the horizon? because it’s just getting interesting.

I wish we also got free comics with PSN+, is there a chance this will ever happen? I understand that they wouldn’t be able to give any of the big name comics but there most be some they would be able to do this with.

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