PlayStation Home: Brimstone Poker, MAG Armour, And Lockwood Update!

Let’s get straight to the point and lay our cards on the table: this week rush to the Stuff store, where you can get your hands on the awesome Brimstone Poker table! Each table seats up to six players, so with a pair of them you’ll have a full house of poker sharks ready to indulge in hours of red hot poker fun! These tables release with a limit Texas Hold’Em sit-and-go rule set, however an update is already planned to up the ante with a new tournament mode so go all in and get the deal of the century!

Texas Hold 'Em on PlayStation - Brimstone Poker table

MAG fans should look for the brand new armour items available this week. Whichever faction you affiliate with, there’s a heavy armour set waiting for you. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Brand new MAG armour items in PlayStation Home Brand new MAG armour items in PlayStation Home - Valor Brand new MAG armour items in PlayStation Home - SVER

Some of you will have seen that from this week Lockwood will be publishing all of their new content at the same time for Europe and North America. This week they’re publishing a range of handbags and lollipops. Keep your eyes open for further Lockwood updates in coming weeks, including peep toe high heels, skinny jeans, skirts and more. Look out for a fantastic new range of Sodium furniture. Choose from a selection of awesome speakers, intriguing and unique futuristic lamps, sumptuous chill-out cushions, and Sodium graffiti flight cases to add a touch of individuality to your personal space!

new female attire in PlayStation Home new range of Sodium furniture in PlayStation Home!

Looking for something a little different? The V-store may have what you’re after this week. Check out the new ‘top and tail’ combos and release your inner animal! If masquerade is more your thing, drop into the Irem Square, where you can find a selection of masquerade masks.


Looking forward to Resident Evil: Afterlife? There’s a free poster in the Furniture store this week, and keep your eyes open for a competition to be announced soon that features some amazing prizes.

Finally, if you haven’t yet checked out Oscar’s Lobster Mania in the Shopping Centre why not give it a look this week. Not only is there a fun game to play, you also receive the awesome lobster suit costume – with custom walk animation – when you buy access to the full game. Check out the trailer below:

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I’m guessing we won’t be getting the Disgaea 3 space? Thanks $quare Enix…

wow Home sounds like it’s getting some Epic updates in the next coming weeks all good.


Just wow wow wow thank u alex and the team can`t wait to play poker

very gooood update :)


It’s fun :), and sure to be even more fun when the update comes through.

Looking like a large update this week. Any new apartments that are coming soon Alex?


Paris Clocktower is being worked on, although I don’t yet know when it will be released.

Good update:D

Blog text is going to be updated shortly, looks like a couple of revisions to the text were missed. It should be corrected shortly.

Hey Alex, does the big Lockwood update include some new hairstyles for both male and female ?


The Lockwood update is one of the portions of text that needed to be updated. There’s no hair styles this week, however I’ve seen some in schedule so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

Poker table for me.

Is there unlockables with them alex?


There are indeed a few reward items to be unlocked.

bleh the lockwood stuff isnt coming way to confuse everyone an get hopes up >:(


Will Home be getting any new features soon? Or some support on the Game Launching front?

Alex will Europe be getting the Disgaea 3 spaces soon?

Thanks for responding about the Lockwood question Alex ^^


great update , poker table is a must have and the raven outfit will be going in my wardrobe .. also good that we will be getting lockwood updates at the same time as the US now , i read you mentioned the we will be getting the paris clock tower soon , and news on other apartments as i really want the tropical escape, waterfall terrace and the villains lair .

The_Dark_Energy 08 September, 2010 @ 18:20

Hello Alex Weekes, a whole load of content appearing this week which is great to see! Do you know anything about the Steampunk Space, XI returning and hovercrafts? Thank you Alex Weekes.


Steampunk is on the way, however I can’t confirm a launch date just yet.

The Xi Alumni hub will also return in the future, but again there’s no set release date for it just yet.

Guess what I’m going to say about the Hovercrafts? Yup … I’ve not got any info on when they might arrive. I feel like a stuck record! ;)

wot price would the poker tables be???

am liking the look of the SVER guys outfit! sure its tramp-like yes, much like the PMC itself, but thats what makes them so darn cool :D *salutes*

gonna totally grab a free Resi Evil poster too, building up a nice little collection in my Homespace.

will there be any new wallpaper designs coming out at all? seems like an area not really used that much for, em, free-stuff-giveaways lol.

@ 16

I second ur comment. Me wants to know.

Less content you wear and more content you play please.
More intergration with the bluray/PSN games i play please.
More tools to play with within home please.

Home has just become into a virtual fashion catwalk. Sad.

I just know for a fact Phil harrison is probably looking at what home has become and laughing to himself.

What a joke.

@comment 1
Lady gaga’s bak in business =P

What’s happening with the LocoRoco ‘Playland’ that can be seen via the Mui Mui Ship binoculars?

Where is our
15-year anniversary of PlayStation commemorative ornament,
as they got it in the US for the same world


I must admit I didn’t like ‘Home’ at all sorry guys but the thought of running around in Raven armour is awesome!

The MAG armour for Home should be an unlockable in the game. Sony has really failed in cross promotion between games and Home. Pretty much every 1st party game should have Home unlockables these days if they want to generate interest.

edit: what KAP said.

hi alex thanks for news, it’s a very good update this week.
the playstation home US had a free playstation one ornament, are there any plans for SCEE too?

“Choose from a selection of awesome speakers” that matches my 3 awesome TV‘s with it Awsome Sound/vison of Notting-ness Sweet lol :D

i agree with you Kenshin the idea i thought home was about was to play games and be rewarded for it, not to just have to buy it for $4 or so extra just for wanting it on home. Home idea is kinda BS to me now im not likening where it is going, don’t think im going to hang around on it much longer, rort money suck that doesn’t live up to any expectations.

Are we getting the 15th anniversary stuff?


The original Playstation wasnt launched in Europe until September 29, 1995.

So we should, or hopefully get it that week as the Playstation launched on the 9th September 1995 in the USA so they would obviously get it earlier.

SilentShadow777 09 September, 2010 @ 11:37

each of the MAG characters seem to be standing is a MAG personal space, when will we be getting these

@ SilentShadow777 re mag perspaces. SCEE released thos 3 Mag perspaces 3 weeks ago, if thats what you mean
Re the Lockwood speakers. They dont actually function like normal speakers & play music items from the xmb do they? Also picture frames. Oh so prevalently made available by SCEA for the US’ 300% more content than our Oliver’s ‘elping(I’m actually glad we get less. I’d never be able to sate my Home spending habits if we had the extra content SCEA ship in weekly via oil tanker to US Home for their perusement). I can see why we dont have pic frames yet, with so many countries laws to overcome. But I’d like my friends to see the real me in Home. Are frames coming?

@30 I’m pretty sure that the MAG spaces are available. Go to the apartment store and check.

LOL who buys stuff off home? It’s in Beta (God knows for how long). Beta people don’t buy things and I don’t intend to buy anything in home….. its rubbish.

Mag uniforms look good

cnp_studio_mike 09 September, 2010 @ 15:41

I like it

Is there any chance of PlayStation Home gear coming to Plus.
Thanks in advance.


America got a PS1 item for their personal space, when are we getting that?

Carnivius_Prime 09 September, 2010 @ 18:45

Nice stuff though I’ve failed every time I’ve tried to understand how to play poker. Maybe I will try again so I can understand those tense scenes in films like maverick and casino royale :P



Why the ‘veryfying purchased content’ takes FOREVER to complete?
What is the point of having a fast loading navigator when the PS3 takes forevere to verify the purchased content.
I may have a far bit of stuff i bought over the years but on a verified fibre optic 50Mb connection it is ridicolous to have to wait minutes to complete that operation.
Not sure why it needs to verify it every time I go in HOME.
I’ll appreciate some clarity around this issue.




I’d really appreciate it if game developers stopped adding unlocks for home items in their titles. An unlock for a PSN avatar could be enjoyed by everyone, a clothing item for a home avatar cannot.
Please stop assuming all PS3 gamers use home.



hi im from saudi arabia cool

hla wlh kyfk ana 07

nb3’a 3rby allh yl3nkm ya klab 3’jr


really i love ps home

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