The MOH Experience Part 3: High Value Target

Here at EA, we want to make sure our PlayStation 3 fans know that we’re listening. That’s why we we’ve created The MOH Experience, a series of uncut and unedited single-player and multiplayer videos put together to show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches on October 15th.

In this third installment, titled “High Value Target,” we’re giving you a look at Medal of Honor’s multiplayer.

The mode being played in the video is called Combat Mission. Coalition forces are tasked with clearing five consecutive objectives to win and the insurgents must stop them at any cost. As objectives are cleared, new areas of the map open up to reveal what the coalition must do next. The team health meter represents coalition reinforcements. If it’s depleted before the current objective is cleared, the match ends and coalition forces are stopped.

You may have also noticed the Bradley Fighting Vehicles as well. It can seat both a driver and gunner. This particular map requires that coalition forces use them strategically to break through certain points of the map and eventually achieve victory.

Combat Mission is just one of the ways you’ll step up to Tier 1 when Medal of Honor launches on 15 October, 2010 for the PlayStation 3.

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killzonexx 9 September, 2010 @ 5:16 pm   1

@ Matthew Pruitt

your quote

Here at EA, we want to make sure our PlayStation 3 fans know that we’re listening

if you really listend to the fans you would give a open beta instead only when you pre-order it.

you dont care about fans but care about money

betas are there to test, and make sure the game is almost free of bugs and glitches, but your beta’s are there to make sure people pre-order it so you have a good money income

really really bad but thats ea

i will never ever buy another game from ea, just to the fact that you dont release beta’s to make the game better, but only to get as much money possible.

The sound on this game is awesome. Everything from the gun fire to radio chatter is great. The game looks fantastic too and I can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂

@killzone EA care more about the PS3 fanbase more than they do any other…

The beta worked on PS3 from day 1, they are giving a free copy of Frontlines, completely re-worked in HD. They include free DLC for some games like BFBC2 and I don’t doubt MoH will be any different…

And not buying another EA game? Means you’ll miss out on Mass Effect 2. :'(


Didn’t play the beta but that looks good to me.

the_ghost__NL 9 September, 2010 @ 5:21 pm   5

nice vid but i don’t know the beta was not my game

killzonexx 9 September, 2010 @ 5:37 pm   6

@ Saber_IV i dont care about free games i care about fully functional game

i believe ya when you say it worked from day 1 on ps3. but when 50.000 people start connecting medal of honor. believe me it start getting worse and worse. if you start with getting your server on track. from the beginning of a beta. you wont get much problems at the official release date.

second bfbc2 have dlc? when did bfbc2 had new maps? never we only got old maps with different gametypes

80% of DLC are things that already been at a game, but removed so you can our buy them, our let people think its exclusive.

im happy if there are people enjoying this game on ps3 soon.

im a member of a group RGN for people who play cod on pc mabey knows us, we did the boycott at certain company’s.

if you ever done medal of honor airborne you would exactly know why i not like ea, its not a company who love the fans, but love the numbers on there bankaccount.

but like i sayed i hope everyone enjoys this game when its released but i know for sure alot of negative replys will follow on there forum at day 1




I love scripts in Single Player campaigns…Hope there’s plenty of them.

test :3

Freaky324 9 September, 2010 @ 6:30 pm   10

This looks a crisp take on the shooter franchise with the sound and visuls looking great. Especially the fast gameplay. Just hope their are no stupid killstreaks. But definately one for getting. 🙂


“if you ever done medal of honor airborne you would exactly know why i not like ea, its not a company who love the fans, but love the numbers on there bankaccount.”

Sounds like the average fourteen year old who thinks he has figured out the world…

Ofcourse they are thinking of how the game is going to sell, everyone thinks about that and not just EA. They may say “we love our fans and don’t give a sh!t about how it will sell”, but at the end of the day they try to market their game so it will sell. When you pay millions of dollars to a studio making a game you want to know you’re money is well invested therefore you want people to buy the game. Throwing in a beta for people pre ordering (there even was some beta give aways) is a great marketing strategy.
But since you hate EA so much I gues you won’t buy Dead Space 2, Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3, but what can you expect from an average CoD MW gamer.

“im a member of a group RGN for people who play cod on pc mabey knows us, we did the boycott at certain company’s.”

No one knows who you are except your friends, and I think EA would laugh if they heard about a group of 10 CoD gamers who won’t buy their games.


I’m a fan of the earlier MoH games on Ps1 and PS2 so i’m looking forward to the single player campaign, hopefully a return to form! 🙂

Icematt12 9 September, 2010 @ 7:38 pm   13

As i recall, BFBC2 had a pre-order beta and then an open one near to release. MoH could do the same, I REALLY want it to do well given the somewhat negative opinions by the media and certain politicians.


no weapon recoil? very realistic lol

lewisj999 9 September, 2010 @ 8:01 pm   15

That gun reminds me of killzone.
Looking good EA!

looks great but will it offer anything different to BFBC2 or COD ? think i will still wait it out for KZ3 as i know this plays different, I still think MOH will be a great game just wish they had used Frostbite, feels like DICE are taking a step back :/

whoismilan 9 September, 2010 @ 8:39 pm   17

Will there be some kind of demo for this game?

It looks very interesting to me, but with the plethora of games coming out soon, I would not take a chance on this unless there’s a way I can play some of it first.

Dragonstorm25 9 September, 2010 @ 9:31 pm   18

No recoil?

That means there will be no skill required, so it will be overun with noobs who think thwey are good, looks like not much has improved since the beta.

The only reason I am still getting this is for the SP and BF3 beta (also a bad idea, we want BF fans to test BF3, not COD and MOH people)

EA sucks.

eatthemall 9 September, 2010 @ 9:53 pm   19

look great


Looks fantastic! I was in the beta and loved it. I am positive the singelplayer experience will be nothing short of an amazing adventure! I have of course pre ordered. I think EA puts out great games, looking forward to Dead Space 2 and many more titles. And come january, Mass Effect 2 comes to the PS3, that is one amazing game, i have briefly tried it on Xbox.


The beta was really bad, but at least bad company 2 is good and better 😀


I was in the beta and it was terrible – it was Bad Company 2 with a control layout very similar to CoD, worse vehicle controls, worse maps (by far), worse classes, a far worse spawn system, annoying death lag (3 secs of a frozen screen as you die, seemingly out of nowhere), less satisfying weapons to play with etc etc – BC2 is far better and tbh I’m not BC2’s biggest fan.

Also, playing as the Taliban online and killing US soldiers in the MP is plain offensive, perhaps the fellows over at DICE working on the MP don’t have friends and/or family getting hammered in Afghanistan, , if anyone there did surely they wouldn’t be glorifying playing as the Taliban in the online multiplayer and putting gamers in the position where they are actively trying to kill our soldiers. I hope none of my friends in the armed forces get chance to experience this game, a) because it’s tasteless and b) because it’s not even a good FPS.


Vid islooking good ! 😀


Awesome got this one on pre-order. looking forward to evenings with some friends joining up in sqauds and going through the objectives of the multi-player missions.


LOL at No 1 😀

You fool all publishers are there to make money and EA’s games are easily the best multiformat games out there.

Back on topic but I need to see more single player videos, that’s all I’m interested in. All ready got Bad Company 2 for a decent MP. I need stories!

fix madden first then i may think to start buying EA again


Looks like garbage, I will stick with BC2 thank you.

Bad Company 2 was bad enough for me – why would anyone buy an MW2 rip off that you can’t go prone in and where you move around like you are stuck in treacle? Also I don’t know why people are jumping up and down over Black Ops – seriously MW2 was bad enough, so bad you need anger management after each gaming session.

COD4 is and will always be king.


BC2 has good MP, mw2 is boring & I agree with vx_m4rk, COD4 is the best 🙂