Heavy Rain Move Edition Is Coming!

Hi everyone,

Lots to announce today on Heavy Rain!

Today we can announce that Heavy Rain Move Edition (priced €39.99 / £29.99) will be released across PAL territories on the following dates:

  • UK, Ireland: 8th October 2010
  • Australia & New Zealand: 7th October 2010
  • Rest of PAL: 6th October 2010

It will include the following bonus content on the disk:

  • The Taxidermist playable scene
  • 3 x dynamic XMB themes for your PS3
  • Full game stereo soundtrack
  • Making Of videos: There are 9 Making Of videos totaling in around 45 minutes in length. They feature a behind the scenes insight into the game’s development with interviews from the development team and the game’s cast. If you’re a Heavy Rain fan, they’re not to be missed!

And here’s our packshot:

Heavy Rain Move Edition Is Coming!

You’ll be able to download a Heavy Rain Move Edition demo from PlayStation Store on 15th September. The demo features two of the early levels from the game, Sleazy Place and Crime Scene, and is fully playable with PlayStation Move.

Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover so expect to be even more drawn into the action and for your every decision and every move to make a difference!

And on 22nd September the Move Edition patch will be released and it will automatically download to your PS3 when you boot up Heavy Rain. So if you already have a copy of Heavy Rain, you can download this FREE patch and play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls.

I’m sure you’ve all got plenty of questions so ask away.

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boooooo. DLC > Move

There’s no a pack with PS Move ? Like PS Move + HR ?


No, the game won’t be bundled with PlayStation Move but it’s at a reduced price so that should make it more affordable.

Hi Ross,

What equipment do you need to play the Move Edition? Just the standalone controller, or do you need the Navi Controller too?


You can play it with just the Motion controller and you’d use the Motion controller to perform actions and your DUALSHOCK controller to navigate around the environment.

Or you can play with a Motion controller and a Navigation controller, and then you’d use the Move controller to perform actions as before, and the Navigation controller to move around the environment. It’s totally up to you, but to get the full experience we’d recommend you play it with a Move and a Navigation controller.

The Move Edition will also be playable with the old DUALSHOCK controls if you don’t want to use PlayStation Move.

xSODAMN_INSANEx 13 September, 2010 @ 17:04

Cant wait, but will this patch also included fixes for the problems people are having with game. Also is there any chance you will now make the rest of the dlc. Thankyou


The patch will also include additional game fixes so yes.

Cant wait for the patch my Move stuff got shipped today!! So i hope it will be here Wed. ;-) First up for the test: R.U.S.E

will the patch be pushed to are PS3 for plus members or do we have to pop disc in to get the patch.


You’ll have to put the Heavy Rain disk in to get the patch and it’ll automatically download to your PS3.

Hopefully, that means they’ll go back to work on DLC

I have only one question: Why did i took a week off at work this week?

#3 rymanb you need both to play controllers to play this

I don’t suppose trophies have been added for The Taxidermist DLC?

Its strange that with mandatory trophies now that the extra content never received any.

xSODAMN_INSANEx 13 September, 2010 @ 17:09

@5 where did you order your move stuff from?



You’ll have to start the game up to get the patch.

Awesome games but I´m very disapointed that the prommissed DLC wasn´t made because of the stupid Move!

@Rymanb I believe you are able to use the left stick on the normal ps3 controller as a navigation control, it’s just more comfortable to use the navigation controller.


You’re doing my job for me!


How come all online retailers have the RRP set at £39.99/£49.99 when the blog post indicates it’s £29.99?


I’ll check on this for you. It may just be that they were waiting on a price from us.

It says you use the Navigation alongside the Move Controller, but I can confirm that The DualShock 3 will can also be a replacement for the Nav. Its standard for those who wont be getting the Nav.

@KillerXp82 Navigation controller is basically essential for me anyway – I’m left handed and it just wouldn’t work with a DUALSHOCK :(

Sorry Halo Reach takes the thunder this week, the full move experience is started to look a bit too expensive for me.



I bought the Special Edition as a pre-order and was slightly saddened that the Soundtrack was DLC and not an actual disk in the box…
When you say this soundtrack is on disk, do you mean on the disk as an installer, an audio cd, or a DLC code?

How is the making of video displayed, Blu-ray video on disk, in-game, DLC?

I ask because more information is needed before I put it on my buy-soon list :)


Soundtrack is on the disk, not as a separate audio CD.

Making Of videos are viewed via the Extras menu in-game.



Can I play the Move Edition with DS3 instead of Move? because I don’t have HR and do not plan to buy Move. Actually the Move Edition is a nice deal with the extra stuff and it costs less in Germany (37€ instead of 41…)


Yes, you can play the Move Edition with DUALSHOCK only if you like.

£29.99? thats cool;)

@Rymanb It a shame you don’t have the same option as us right handy’s but I noticed a lot of sites like Amazon & Play.com have the Navigation controller for only £17.99 so that’s not so bad.

im 2 eager for heavy rain, and since an update iz upcomin, im just buyin it now =P

Nice to read that the Move Edition will also be playable with the old DUALSHOCK controls :)

I’m not really interested in Move and I don’t have Heavy Rain yet, but I intend to buy Heavy Rain some day, and then I may as well go for the version with the most stuff in it.

What are the differences between this version and the old one, if the old one is getting a patch?


It’s all in the blog post above. This Move Edition has the PlayStation Move controls added on the disk, as well as dynamic themes, the stereo soundtrack, the Taxidermist playable scene and 9 Making Of videos.

For those who already own Heavy Rain, they can download the free patch and get the PlayStation Move controls for their copy of the game.

xSODAMN_INSANEx 13 September, 2010 @ 17:52

how come you need to put the disc in for the update. I thought part of the ps+ membership included automatic downloads for stuff like this. thankyou in advance ross

I’ll give it a go since I already have Heavy Rain, but I must say that I would have MUCH rather paid for the DLC Chronicles Episodes rather than get a free Move patch for the existing game…

I guess we’ll never know what other stories were due to be told in the Heavy Rain universe :(

Recommendation: Sell the making of for like £3.99


Keep an eye on the blog, we’ll have an update on this soon.

almighty-slayer 13 September, 2010 @ 18:03

After playing Heavy Rain with Move at the Beta Rooms event in Birmingham i am looking forward to the patch so i can play through the game again with Move controls.

Pity the patch isnt out for another week or so :(

I’m pre ordering MOVE NOW!!! will love to play heavy rain again!!!!!

almighty-slayer 13 September, 2010 @ 18:04

Ah awesome i also finally have my Plus icon showing up :D

Glad to hear the Move edition is complete as Quantic Dream will finally get back to work on additional content.

Cant wait to check HR with move but please give us HR Chronicles!!! :P

P.S i see that my plus icon didn’t show up again :>

Heavy Rain – Rating 18
Heavy Rain Move Edition – Rating 15?


Heavy Rain was a 15 BBFC rating in the UK, and a PEGI 18 rating for rest of Europe.

Heavy Rain Move Edition has exactly the same age ratings, 15 BBFC and PEGI 18.

Will the Move edition have a separate trophy list from the original?

Very cool, and decently priced. Props!

i am not happy! i payed good money for the collectors edition when the game first came out and now i feel ripped off :( lets hope with this new patch quantic dream remove the copy protection on the gamesave, also the price should be a bit more competitive, resident evil 5 gold edition + move support is £19.99 so why not this?

and i agree, will the current DLC for heavy rain get trophy support?

devilwithoutfear 13 September, 2010 @ 18:32

it has a good pricing

Is there any chance you’ll add trophies for the Taxidermist DLC?

Also, will you now work on the other scheduled DLC now that work on Move support is out of the way?


Try logging out and in dude. It doesn’t just pop up automatically.

Sweeeet, this is pretty much what guaranteed I’m gonna get Move.
One question: Can you still play Heavy Rain with the DualShock?

I just found out something funny: In “Verkkokauppa.com”, the HR: Move Edition is 30€ and the normal is 60€.


Yes, you can play it with the DUALSHOCK only if you like.

Fantastic!!! I didn’t know there were going to be a free patch. Yujuuuu! I preordered the Playstation Move, sadly without any game, but now with this patch, it will be absolutly brilliant!

Looking forward to playing again this awesome game

Thank you

I’d rather take some more DLC than move support no offence.

Could you plaster some more icons, stickers, playstation network logo’s and what not on the boxart please?

Great news on the Move demo :)

Could we have a list of what Move demos will be available on the store this week please? :)

Are those three themes new or old? What are they called? Thx


aren’t the making of videos already on the “older” versions of heavy rain?


These are brand new videos that have been created specifically for the Move Edition.

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