Move And 3D Support For Hustle Kings

Hey everyone, I’m excited to be losing my PlayStation blog virginity and, luckily, I get to do it with a pretty awesome Hustle Kings update!

When PlayStation Move was first publicly announced, we noticed that many of you suggested that Hustle Kings would be a game to make the most of this new control method.

It was a sentiment everyone on the team agreed with and, even as we started the development process, we could see from early tests that it would elevate the virtual pool experience to a whole new level. PlayStation Move enables you to take shots using a real-life cueing action that feels natural and fun. There have been some heated hustle matches in the office recently, resulting in some very amusing forfeits. Suffice to say, the added realism Move provides is immense and we can’t wait to hear what you all think.

To continue our assault on your senses, I’m delighted to say that Hustle Kings now supports stereoscopic 3D and, while the visuals of the game have often been praised, 3D has taken the graphics and sense of immersion to a whole new level. It feels like you can reach out and pick up a ball! When combined with the PlayStation Move, the experience is pretty incredible.

Since launching Hustle Kings several months ago, we have been astounded by the ongoing support that we’ve received from the PlayStation community. After carefully listening to your feedback we have worked hard to provide tweaks and improvements, along with some very cool new game content. Here’s a quick list of the goodies we have coming up for you:

  • PlayStation Move support
  • Stereoscopic 3D support
  • UK 6FT table (with smaller, accurate balls)
  • Carom billiards (incredibly tactical)
  • Hardcore trickshot pack
  • Two US 8-Ball ball sets
  • Six UK Black Ball ball sets
  • Two very snazzy cues
  • Funky Hustle kings related PSN icons

Move And 3D Support For Hustle KingsMove And 3D Support For Hustle Kings

Move And 3D Support For Hustle KingsMove And 3D Support For Hustle Kings

As a closing note, I’d just like to say a big thanks from myself and the rest of the team – Hustle Kings wouldn’t be the game it is without your contributions and feedback. Feel free to let us know what you think by e-mail, or just keep up to date with VooFoo and Hustle Kings via our blog and Twitter page!

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Is this going to be a free patch or introduced as DLC? Thanks for posting.


You’re welcome! The patch with 3D and Move support is free.

When are these improvements coming?


The patch will be available tomorrow! :)

is this coming this week? i’ve got a 52″ sony 3dtv, and i’ll be getting move day one and already have this game, so please tell me it’s coming this week ;)

I already have “Inferno Pool” bought on the strength of the available downloadable Demo version.

Are there any plans to offer a Trial/Demonstration version of “Hustle Kings”?




Watch this space..

You’ll probably hate me for asking, but while I can really understand that 3D support is awesome for this game, looking at how the market for 3Dtvs will pan out, wouldn’t it have been better to add voice-chat support for this first? You had it on the feature list way back when, and it’s really something that would greatly add to the experience, particularly for a social game like this! My dad used to take me and my sister out for Snooker, great times and would love to relive them online with some friends.

I’m thrilled with the Move support of course and can’t wait to try it out (big fan of the game otherwise) and once I can afford a 3D TV I’ll love the 3D. But please, can’t you just borrow SingStar’s code and let us voice/videochat?


Just to confirm, Hustle Kings does support voice/video chat! :D

I’ve got no problem with extra downloadable content costing money, but I would like to think a Move and 3D compatibility patch will be available for free…

@comment #5

Wasn’t voice chat added in a patch earlier in the year? I haven’t played the game in a while but could have sworn it was being added in a patch a while back.

I was wondering how will this game utilize Move in a natural way… I got my answer – it unfortunately doesnt s 2D support seems much more important to me but it will target much less people than Move will

It was promised for a patch March 9th this year, but then voice and video chat was pulled from that in the last minute. I’d love to be wrong on this though – if someone told me I missed on a setting somewhere to enable it, that would be awesome.

Hi John

Does this patch include the ‘tweaks’ to the Snooker AI? Or are they coming later.

Ooo, Billiards! That’ll confuse our Atlantic Cousins. LOL

Keep up the good work.:)

@ 5

Voice and Video chat are both working and supported. Just make sure your opponent has it enabled under options. ;)

When will we be getting the Move patch, on the US blog it says this week. So are we not getting it at the same time? I pre ordered the Move starter pack yesterday but at the moment I’m not that interested in the Move titles coming out, I’m getting Resident Evil 5 & I’m planning on getting Heavy Rain Move Edition when it comes out. I was hoping on my PSN titles which are due to get the Move patch would be getting that soon.

I hope it’s free

I could help but notice that the US Blog says the Move patch is coming this week, but not this post. Does that mean we’re not getting the patch this week (even though Move is out here this week and not in the US until next week)?

Looks odd. Can you play sitting down? If I want to stand up to play pool I’d rather go to the pub.


I have played it sitting down so it’s certainly possible – it just depends on your personal preference.

It’s a really great game. I’m so happy you’re supporting it with Move!

So the demo is included in starter pack??

I’m presuming you use the Move to lock down the power and direction of the shot first before thrusting the Move forward to take the shot , in keeping with the game structure – or do you actually control power,direction and spin at once with just one Move gesture? The latter would be cool but a bit tricky to use without some sort of dreadfull ‘cue-attachment’.
I’m looking forward to trying it out either way. :)

devilwithoutfear 13 September, 2010 @ 16:24

not playable in 1080P?


Hustle Kings is playable in 1080P with the Move :)

How about a gold and black, wolfs head shaped table? :-D


Old gold and black is an awesome colour combination, but where would the pockets go? ;)

“Voice and Video chat are both working and supported. Just make sure your opponent has it enabled under options. ”

Really? Really? Oh goodie goodie! Now I’m stoked! :) With the Move coming with PS Eye, hopefully we’ll see a lot more people who enable this then. :) Better advertise it well, if it is a feature that requires enabling. :)


If VooFoo stick to their usual patch release dates then the Move patch should be live thursday evening around 6pm.

epic 3D!!!!1111
The more 3D
The more Happy

@ x201 why on earth would they do such a rancid idea as that!By the way your goin down this season.

but 3d n move sounds sweet I wanted this any way and i have been moanin not 3d support today i will definatley be purchasin this game

almighty-slayer 13 September, 2010 @ 17:31

May just have to buy this for the continued brilliant support from you guys.

Always good to see a developer who love their fans :)


Haha – cheers!


Awesome stuff :D Keep the Move news coming ;)

MAG next please :D

This is one of the best pool games EVER ;P

Anyway, any date for the blu-ray version in the UK?

Can’t wait to try it out on friday…

Will there be a Move enabled demo released for this game?

joshualeuty96-2- 13 September, 2010 @ 20:30

Move looks fantastic on this game!
Shame i’m skint at the moment and that i’ve already got inferno pool, even though inferno pool is average for a pool game (got it at £2.39 so i thought why not).

RevolutionBlues 13 September, 2010 @ 21:54

Sorry, deleted this game the moment I realised that in order to win often and win well (in snooker especially) I had to keep buying chalk with real money.

hi sorry don’t know where to post this question so can somone help me out.

i just recently got a ps3 slim and i want to know why the uk isnt getting a sony protection plan yet the usa gets one.

why such a high end item hasn’t got much in way of support or gaurantee that if anything goes wrong it will be sorted or last a resonable time, after googling i’m finding storys about getting refurbed consoles back with only a 3 month warranty and also having to pay over £130 for the priveldge can a sony perosn please help me out here.

i’m worried as im about to invest more in this playstation move on top of the console i just got and want to mae sure that its going to last.

Many Thanks.

You guys need to get a Demo up and running.. By far the best Pool game thats been out in years (since the megadrive!) Im trying to get a mate to buy it but he’s not sure after that [DELETED] Inferno Pool.. Glad you guys are carrying on the support for this game too.

Sweet, more 3D support incoming.
My 3D Sammy thanks you.

Need to Update :)

looking forward to playing in 3d here’s hoping miore games get 3d support. thanks guys


And Hustle Kings is 50% off for Plus members next month.

Great work!!

anyone knows when the patch it’s going to be released?

The patch is out.

Thank you very much :P


Do your research and then you’ll find out. :-)

Will it be possible to use two motion controllers?

I found a Move in stores yesterday and since the Hustle Kings patch was already up yesterday as well (Plus had even auto-updated it for me already :) ) I got to try this for a short bit. So far my impressions are pretty good – initial aiming works similar to the DS3, but the Move is sensitive enough to make that a little easier and natural even without using the fine tune option. Then you can aim your shot and punch the ball with the Move controller. I was pleased to notice that at this point you still have some control over the anglge/position at which you want to strike the ball and can even change that while hitting the ball. I like it quite a bit so far. Look forward to trying it more but so far it is a definite improvement over the DS3 controls, and I am happy! (I had to try Tumble, Sports Champions, The Shoot and RUSE as well ;))

Nice to see continued support for this title. Might get it with the plus discount next month.


Why is audio chat disabled while using move controller? I have it enabled in options but for some reason I cant get voice chat to work if I use the move.

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