PlayStation Store Video Store Update – 14 September 2010

PlayStation Store Video Store Update - 14 September 2010

There are loads of fantastic new releases to rent and buy in the Video Store as well as a special Deal of the Week offer for you to check out. And as if that is not enough we have also created a special Clint Eastwood Collection, so heaps of choice to keep you entertained.


New to Rent and Buy

  • Prince of Persia (HD)
  • After Life (HD)
  • Kandahar Break:Fortess of War
  • Kick-Ass (HD)
  • Hot Tub Time Machine (HD)
  • Clash of the Titans (HD)
  • From Paris with Love (HD)
  • The Blind Side (HD)
  • Green Zone (HD)

New to Buy

  • Exit Through the Gift Shop (HD)
  • Basement
  • The Joneses
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With the new AppleTV pricing for rentals and Google’s TV soon, it will be interesting if Sony puts some more effort into the video store. At the moment, it is too expensive and hardly updated.


Agreed. And I’d add MUBI to the competing, more interesting and fairly priced, offerings.

RadioactiveMouse 14 September, 2010 @ 12:08

Any chance of a HD rental tie-in with PS+? Maybe a pound/euro for HD rental? (limited to one per week/month?)

I’ve never bought off the video store because prices are a bit to prohibitive :(

No sense buying something on my PS3 in SD when I can get the physical Blu-ray for a couple of pounds more including the digital copy. I would prefer to keep all my movies on my system for easy access but not at that price.

PS+ sweetener would be very welcome :)


Hello Radioactive Mouse,

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you and a few others feel the prices are a too prohibitive. Do you mean for rental or to buy? You can rent from £2.49 and buy from £6.99.

We are always looking to improve this service and we will definitely consider what we can do for PlayStation +.

I really would like to see this movie service in the Netherlands.
Any plans for that happening (soon) ?

Thanks for putting an update on. How is the Qroicity going to affect the Video store in the future. Is is replaced or just morphing into a new service?

I am really pro digital distribution i see many benefits.
but the number one concern is the price.

it is just still way too expensive, with absolutely no added value over a bought blu ray. it has no extras, no guarantee of availability when the service is canned… and in that respect no advantage over traditional media.
so it has to be considerably cheaper in order to cut it for me and many others I’m sure.

But keep at it and I will carry on hoping that someday the publishers will see this too…

And, out of interest, I am a plus user with no Plus icon!

Any update on this arriving in NZ?

Are we likely to get the latest DC Original Animated Movie Superman/Batman Apocalypse on our video store?

It’s that time of the week again, where as an Irish PS3 owner I ask where the HELL IS THE IRISH VIDEO STORE!!!!

It was supposed to be released before the summer and now it’s Autumn…not happy at all!

Already got Prince of Persia on blu-ray :)

Where is the Irish store?!?!?!?! It’s over a year now of “soon” and it’s still not here!

Hi, where is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was advertised two weeks ago! Thanks

thank god for worldwide download services cause @ the rate this is going this service will never see the light of day in the whole pal territory. Disappointed yet again.. :(

Anyone know if UK download speeds for the video service have improved? I tried a few movies, but since even with my 50Mbit internet access it days me over a day to get a movie downloaded, so it is actually more convenient to walk to the nearest blockbuster and rent the blu-ray.

PS Video Store in new countries this year?

You guys in Ireland aren’t missing much, the video store is a bit of a shambles.

First problem is the pricing is way too high for everything on it.

Second problem is the layout is a complete mess. You click on a film and its only available in SD, you click on a film and its only available for purchase, etc. It takes far too long to find what you are looking for.

The layout should include HD to buy, HD to rent, SD to buy & SD to rent. That way you enter the store and hit the button you are looking for instead of having to click on the film title and see if its available to rent in the definition you want.

I’ve usually got money in my PSN account and the times I’ve fancied renting a film I’ve went to the store and lasted a few mins before leaving again because of the two problems I mentioned above.

anychance u guys can get tv shows to at least the u.k please i use itunes religiously for tv downloads but only because you guys seem to never intend bringing them to u.k . shows like dexter , simpsons , south park , sons of anarchy etc would rake in cash for video store so why choose to ignore what users want ? TV SHOWS

kick ass its great

When is the rest of the world getting the Video Store?

Not even one comment on here to let us know whats up.. Is it maybe a networking problem that is preventing the big release.. Or is it really cause we have so many different psn stores.. What should you believe if we dont even get any answers… :(

I mean… the rest of europe*


Yeah at this stage i dont want the video store. Its taken too long to get to any other countries. Its also heavily over priced when you can download films for free on your ps3 anyways
so vid store now = pointless

Pirate! Yarrrr


At Gamescom 2009, President and CEO of SCEE Andrew House said:

“And of course we´ll be rolling out the service to our other stores throughout 2010 […]”.

He was speaking of the video store (NOT the MUBI service). So when exactly do we, “the other stores”, get this video store? It´s only 3 & a half month left of 2010 so Sony must have the plans ready, right? Or was the CEO lying?


Hi folks, thanks for all your questions regarding new country launches for the Video. We are looking to expand the service as soon as it is possible and believe me, we are as eager as you to get it to you all.

To follow up on Andy’s speech we did launch 2 new countries this year. In May we expanded to the service to Italy & Australia and will update you as soon as we have more information about the launches in other European countries.

Yeah that really is short day to role out a service like this without the proper networking and plans..

So tell us was this quote by the ceo of SCEE Andrew House for real or not.. We just want to things that are promised to us..


I think it is a BIG shame that SONY or should I say SCE miss treat there loyal supporters, like me and millions of other users out there. I have been a PlaysStation user for over 10 years, and I’m starting to lose faith in the brand.

I hope there will be some major changes in the support for the eu-market, yes the eu-market as I live in Sweden we don’t even have the video-store here yet (never coming?) but as we are members of the EU why do we not have the same as the UK store?

Why not have a Global EU-Store where things are released in English (Demos, Games and Films) and then later released in other languages for the few people who desire them.

Try to think outside the BOX, I bet there will be bigger numbers of money rolling in if SONY would implement this system.


Guys moaning about not having your own video store. Would you really buy them at the price they expect us Brits to buy for? As it would have to be the same price.

Uh we don’t moan we just want the things that are promised.. There are no prices listed so how should we know.. We just want Sony to deliver.


does the video store still have the bandwidth of piece of string without the cups on the end . last time i used it , it took me 6 hours to download a 1.5 gig divx file over a 800KBS (7-8meg) internet connection . i can download demos and what ever else off the game store at pretty much full wack , but when you PAY!!! well over the odds for a movie you get a utterly poor service.

honestly dont feel disappointed about hot having this video store in your country ….its crap


well psn games have the same price and people buy them so why wouldn’t they buy movies?

Well how about the video store in the US then gonna Google a bit see if it is as bad over there as it is here.. if so well then they can keep it.. I thought Sony stood for quality.. that is why i have Bravia TV hooked up to my ps3.. But oh yeah loyal customers are not appreciated..

all my searches come up with is the launch of a video store in canada.. they are all like yippeee and yeeeeh so probably they even have a better service then you lot in the UK..

Look @ this.. there is the qoute from SCEE CEO Andrew House and off course loads more around the web this is another i found @ Kotaku.

“Hey, Europe. Your long, long wait for a PSN video marketplace of your own is almost at an end, with the service finally due to kick off next week.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have confirmed that the European PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service will commence on November 18, which is next Wednesday.

To begin with, it’ll be available only for customers in the UK, Germany, France and Spain, with the service slated to roll out into other territories throughout 2010.”

Still there is no word from anybody about this issue..:( Well that is my complaining round for today..


at least you have an alternative (xbox live).

Yup, here we go again
“Please be assured that SCE is committed to continue the support for other countries that are not withing the “UK” and that this support will not be changed in future blog posts.”

when comes the video store to the Netherlands? I want this!

are we going to start getting weekly updates on the blog from now on or is it going to remain a bimonthly event?

anyway, the store needs some tv shows.
even if you start with shows from the uk and europe, i’m sure the bbc would be willing to deal, they sell their shows on itunes and you can get a few bbc series on umd, i’ve got a few, the smoking room was hilarious.


Another supporter for a dutch video store over here ;) Come on Sony… We can’t download movies in iTunes… we have ‘on demand’ from Ziggo and UPC but not all of us got such a subscription. A video store for dutchies would be gold I think :)

PoP 08 was just EPIC!
Forget the forgotten sandz!

devilwithoutfear 14 September, 2010 @ 18:55

when The Netherlands Sony???

Great, finally someone from the UK video team posting! (if they were before, I must have missed it!)

With gaming at the moment at a bit of a low, I think the video store is probably gonna be browsed by me a little bit more.

Thanks. And Prince of Persia rental is great. Just need to bring more rentals to the store. There’s no reason why there aren’t more Sony HD rentals. I was dying to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico in HD, the other day!!


alright you lazy bums when are the other countries getting this feature cause you were blabbering about releasing it in other region end off this year now get your asses in 5th gear and do something about it.

We in sweden would like a store….

why no info:
SCEE dont want to release the videostore anymore in the remaining countries.

Companywise they have released the videostore in the EU (even if they would have chosen malta,it would still be correct)
and the shareholders won’t complain.

but then again using eg. you can become a shareholder in SONY and get more power/Decisions in.


So, when was PlayStation Store Video Store going to be released to the rest of Europe?



Yes, the quote is correct. You can check it out here:

Listen closely at 09:31…


Very disapointed this is still not available to Ireland, have you guys git a deal with Xtravision or HMV Ireland,what ever the deal is hurry the F*@k up with this service,I am sick to death of forking out €25 for overpriced Blurays,I would buy 4 movies a week from this service at the very least, get a move on.

Several months ago Sony added the Video PS Store icon in the New Zealand xmb under video(The icon is still a broken link, it just says on clicking Video not available in your region). Given the amount of time the icon has been there, yet also given Sony had said it will be out before the end of the yr, how soon is an announement due and will the ps3 be able to handle streaming sans constant breakup that far? Vidzone is unwatchable, even on low bandwidth and with the best internet money can buy.

Addendum: Scrolling down through all of your answers it appears Lindsay Iveson must just posted the required blog; effectively it seems like duck & run from the barrage of mostly dissenting voices, woe betide warnings & protests. Which effectively leaves us to have to try and fill the gaps ourselves, as some of you have helpfully done. Though an answer from the horses mouth is always better. Maybe it’s fiscal week…ka-ching

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