PlayStation Home: Dragon’s Green, Lockwood And Pirates!

Get ready for a whole new experience in PlayStation Home! Enter the fantastical world of Dragon’s Green, a fantastical golf course set amongst the tree tops. Play solo to complete all the objectives, or challenge your friends to see who can score the highest in a round of nine holes. Watch out for dangerous hazards, and figure out the puzzles to maximise your score. Do you go for the quick finish in the easy hole, or spend the time to find the secret hidden hole?

The first three holes are available as a free trial. To access the full nine hole course and multiplayer mode, simply purchase a ticket from the kiosk. There are also alternative clubs to fine-tune your play style available, and great rewards on offer, so don’t miss out on this thoroughly enjoyable new game!

PlayStation Home Dragon's Green, Lockwood And Pirates 2PlayStation Home Dragon's Green, Lockwood And Pirates 1

It’s time to go shopping! Ladies, make your way to the Lockwood store this week, where you’ll find a range of peep toe high heels, skinny jeans, short skirts and more. To top it all off, there’s a new hairstyle for those looking for a makeover. Also in the stores this week, we have the last in our recent run of MAG updates with three MAG gun racks.

PlayStation Home Dragon's Green, Lockwood And Pirates 5PlayStation Home Dragon's Green, Lockwood And Pirates 4

Enjoy Heavy Rain? The title makes a return to Home this week. A special origami statue will appear in Home Square this week. Interact with the statue to be taken straight to the cinema and watch behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the game to earn a special reward.

Top Gun, the video game, has launched on PSN! For a chance to win the game and cool PlayStation Home Top Gun avatar outfits dive into the Top Gun Scavenger Hunt, being held in the PlayStation Home Square starting tomorrow and running for one week!

Arrrr, beware of scurvy dogs as this Sund’y be Talk Like a Pirate Day and we be celebratin’ in piratical fashion! Pick up some pirate loot from the cannon emplacement in Home Square, including the massive Monkey Island 2 Home bundle pack! Check the forums on Friday for details of a fun little event to take place on Sunday … as a hint, you may want to prepare a pirate costume.

PlayStation Home Dragon's Green, Lockwood And Pirates 6

Say farewell to the gamescom event space tonight, as the space will be removed during maintenance.

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I’ll be travelling home for the next hour and a bit, however I’ll respond to comments as soon as I get there.

Disgaea 3?


I’ve been told the Disgaea 3 space will not be coming here in the near future. Should that change I’ll let you know.

Nice update :D

Going guess the Top Gun outfits will be Male only rewards? So when will the Female only giveaway event take place?

This week’s update sounds great, looking forward to playing some minigolf.

does the ticket give you permanent access or do you have to buy you every time you want to play a full round?


You’ll gain permanent access to the game when you buy your ticket.

Wow nice update that forest golf looks awesome.

TGS space replacing GamesCom space?


No plans for a TGS space, no.

Good question, HazelAM. Was just going to ask that myself…

Disapointment is what comes to mind about the new space/minigame. Pay-to-Play, no thanks.


You might want to give it a chance before judging. Dragon’s Green is definitely a big step up in quality and depth of gameplay in Home. It’s my personal favourite Home game, by quite a large margin.

@ #7 don’t count on it… remember when they lied about midway? They posted here and on forums that for €0.99 you would get 100 tickets, people went there and guess what they got only 50, after lots of rants, of course, they fixed the posts on forum and blog, shame on them!!!

Anyway, back on topic, i don’t think its a lifetime ticket.

Please let the Heavy Rain item be the origami ‘murder bird’! :)

So this is the New wave that cooltails speak of… i show it 2 weeks ago midway is 1 pay+play now.

i not been in home for a while so i‘m asking nicely have we go namco space yet Grrr. :D


I too am curious with regards to the whole ticket purchase.

First of all how much will said ticket be costing?

Secondly how long with said ticket last for?

The right way of doing the paid minigames was like the lobster. Buy a costume and gain full access to the game. Would like to see more things like this rather than pay per play.

Other than that it looks like a decent update.


Your ticket for Dragon’s Green grants permanent access.

I’ll also add that the multiplayer option will make it easy for you to play with your friends.

Edit: correction it more then 2 weeks :D

When will the LocoRoco Playland be finished?
Can Lockwood makes some animated trousers (pants in US) to match the blue/yellow trainers and glow sticks/batons?
and when-oh-when will TeamICO and thatgamecompany get fantabulous Home Spaces?


I completely agree Loonytoon about buying a costume and then being able to play the game, the model for Sodium works great and people are still interested in the game. I think its just a bit greedy tbh.


I’d just like to say, in preperation for this Sunday;




So this is how you make mini golf interesting!
my first question is, why?

Wonder what the heavy rain special item is?

So you have to pay everytime you want to play Dragon’s Green?
If that is the case, I’ll pass, thanks.


Nope, just the once and then full access is yours for as many 9-hole rounds as you want to play.

Could you give us a hint how big the reward will be from HEAVY RAIN. Would be helpful

For Dragons Green, if its following the SCEA format you can buy a 30 day trail or you can buy unlimited use. SCEA costing is $1.99 for a 30-day trial, or $4.99 for unlimited use.


For SCEE we’ve not got the 30 day ticket, only the permanent access ticket.

Pricing is €2.99 or £2.39.

The first three holes are available as a free single-player trial so you can get a feel for the game before diving in.

Thanks, that sounds much better, I would guess if its like in the US then £1.59 for the trial and £3.99 for the full game, something along those lines, I’d get it then. Looks really good.

Fritches is hoping for the apartment! :D

:D yeah how did you know :p

i can imagine this with ps move support =P


It’s got some sixaxis support that works well.

I look forward to visiting Dragon’s Green.

I was really looking forward to this minigolf space, and then I noticed you have to pay for it. D’oh!


Go try the first three holes – they’re available to play free – before making your decision. It’s a great game.

Yyaarrgghh! You’ve made me arrskk tuose.

When will the LocoRoco Playland be finished?
Can Lockwood makes some animated trousers (pants in US) to match the blue/yellow trainers and glow sticks/batons?
and when-oh-when will TeamICO and thatgamecompany get fantabulous Home Spaces?

where did the ea sports spaces go?


Alex Weekes i played the 1st 3 holes and despite keep missin the holes i got free rewards wood trousers and wood feet you mean to tell me if i do all 9 holes even if i dont get hole in one etc il get other costume parts and will we get more golf spaces soon if this one goes down well and plzzzz will you find out if we will get a james bond themed apartment with it snowing outside or a apartment with loads of snow and it snowing cuz thats a space id soo love


also alex will we get a virtual helicopter like the ones flyin around the mini space and the odd one that was in the games con space cuz id love to see a remote controlled tank and helicopter you can play with like the virtual dice and will we ever get bigger spaces soon like a perminante scary maze just like wat was in XI

hey guys any chance on an update on when psn video store is coming to our shores in nz!??

OoRocky_KSAoO 05 October, 2010 @ 20:43



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