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While some of you already have the new PlayStation Move motion controller in your hands and others are just hours away, it seems a good time to post this tech demo from Move’s inventor, Dr Richard Marks. I particularly like the sculpting part and I really hope this makes it’s way into a game one day as a weapon customisation tool.

In case you missed it, here’s a video interview I shot with Richard when he visited London a couple of months ago.

I hope you’re enjoying Move so far, those of you that have your hands on it. Which games are your favourites? Have any of you managed a hole in one in Disc Golf yet?

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any chance of getting some of these tech demos on the store?

just for fun of course xD

James Gallagher 16 September, 2010 @ 15:42

There are no plans that I know of but they are shown to developers so hopefully we’ll get something even better – full games that use these ideas.

Dear James,
I’ve been waiting for something to do with the PSEye ever since I brought it when launched many moons ago. I’ve pre-ordered the move, I’ve down loaded all and anything to do with move last night. But disappointedly today I’ve watched the postman walk past my house today.

So still I wait :-(

PS. Please can we have the tech demo’s?


James Gallagher 16 September, 2010 @ 15:42

Oh no! Here’s hoping your postman’s bag is ever so slightly heavier tomorrow.

Awesome i will be picking up my move controllers after work got a lot of the demos from the store and a retail game sports champions..

So after work it is ready set go..

why can he stick his playstation eye on a flat screen and why cant i?

he have a special feet our something?

I´m becomming a bit Move tired…

Great interview, would be cool to move the PS Browser like he was with them little windows :D Really is a cool little bit of tech and I am intrigued in how they will implement the MOVE controls into games :D I was always scared of bashing the ball but after watching the video I just squidge away now, awesome :D

The questions: Tumble is my favourite game (and only game) so far and out of all the demo’s I probably like Sports Champions the most and start a party. The Disc Golf I impossible, not even got it in the net yet never mind a hole in one lol

James Gallagher 16 September, 2010 @ 16:22

Disc Golf is pretty much my favourite, along with Tumble, although it’s getting a pretty difficult stage for me.

@ TalllPaul i bought sport champions and got it alot in the net even after 2 trows :P

its very nice i like move so far gladiator duel is sooo funny

but i must say 40 euro for just 6 mini games becuase thats it if your honest, is to much, but thats ok, cant wait for sorcery 2011.

@ OttoT you dont have to buy move and you dont have to follow the whole move community.

I can’t let go of my DS3 pad SONY, sorry :D

That guy’s a genius. I’m lucky enough to have received my Move early and my jaw dropped when I used it. I’ve had a go with Move before but I had no idea it was so quick. Judging from videos I’d watched I was expecting some horrible lag but to my surprise there wasn’t any at all. The Shoot is a good example as it’s as responsive as using a mouse. That was my only concern with Move. Really pleased with it and looking forward to future releases.

Okami for Move…Make…it…happen.

James Gallagher 16 September, 2010 @ 16:22


Move = Win. This controller beats the crap out of the WiiMote and Kinect simply won’t cut it for any but the most simple of casual games. Great work SCE!

I agree with you James they NEED to make that sculpting demo into a real game.

I know there are issues with making the tech demos available to us but the one i would really love to try is the one where you can size/stretch/place pics and use the Move as a virtual camera.


Seconding everyone else, please can we get our hands on some of these demo pieces? Pretty please?

They’re such amazing examples of what the hardware is capable of, and would be a great way to show the tech off to others.

@ killzonexx you can buy a PlayStation Eye Camera Clip that firmly attaches the camera to either the top or bottom of Flatscreen displays, Amazon are selling one for ~€6

As for the PS Move, mine turned up today – I had a very quick go of Sports Champions in my lunch break and I’m already convinced! There is no perceivable lag when playing (you feel really connect to the screen) and it is really accurate! The Disc Golf game is excellent, and the Table Tennis is impressive if a not a little over-simplistic (although there may be some kind of ‘fully manual’ type option in the full game). I can’t wait to try the other demos tonight…

Will try this Move thing today. Can’t wait. Hope I will get it in a store though :D.

Hopefully i will get a chance to bust a Move tomorrow, i bought Resi evil 5 gold for 20£ so i cant wait to try it on that n the demos of couse. :)

nice ;)

Nice demo’s…..hope in the near future we can do more with Move…so not only play games but just like in the Tech-movie! ;)

By the way….Move is great! Can’t wait for the patch for Heavy Rain.

By the way James;The demo from Beat Sketcher doesn’t work….it starts but then you have to push the o button it doesn’t respond!

James talk to me, I’ve got the funds, starter pack, nav-con, extra controller, charging dock, sports champions? Or should I quite simply wait, and buy separate items as the tech improves? Please help.

James Gallagher 16 September, 2010 @ 17:15

I suggest you pick up items as required by which games you want to play – that’s the beauty of them being sold separately. Sounds like you want to play Sports Champions, so you’ll need a PlayStation Move controller and if you think you’re going to play a lot of multiplayer, you might want a second.

If you want to play Heavy Rain or Resident Evil 4 with Move, you’ll probably want a Navigation controller. If you’re not looking to play these games it might be worth holding off on the Nav until something you do want to play comes along.

If you don’t have a PS Eye already, then the Starter Pack will save you a bit of money.

Finally, the charging dock is obviously an optional extra – you can still charge Move via the included USB cable. I find it useful as my USB slots are in demand, what with PS Eye and PlayTV plugged in pretty much all the time.

I seriously though Okami move would be at TGS. I would have put money on it.

So far TGS was disappointing No FFVXIII, no Suikoden VI and no new Kojima game. :(

@ Apnomis omg i have to buy that? it had to be standard included with the move well not going to buy it.

i use ductape our glue to fix it not going to buy it :P


Guess i am gonna have another go then :D Practice makes perfect, hole in one here i come :)

Wooow some truly innovative uses of Move. Ima go buy it tomorrow :)


Is there a USB cable included in the move starter pack which I have ordered ?

Thanks !

James Gallagher 17 September, 2010 @ 09:57


Move is indeed cool. Only problem I have is with the camera. Dont know if something is wrong with it. But the image when in Move games is horrible. Big blue/red dots all over the image. You basiclly cant see anything. What is weird is that the image is so much better when checking the Camera settings in XMB. But in move games like Start The Party is is pretty much useless.

The room has pretty good lightning. Maybe not in the night. But big windows next to the tv but still the image is very bad.

hey, James. I don’t know if the developers has thought about it, but I think they should make a navigation controller with a sphere on it!
(if possible, that is)
Then we would be able to play games using two motion controllers, but with the possibility to move in the game!

Seen it all before,but it’s always great.

Would love to see some of those tech demo’s on the store.The moddeling tool would be fun if it had XMB screen grabs or some way of showing it off.

Also Sony peps,get the Bob Ross license and do some really cool painting software.

All amazing Tech Demos, especially the Camcorder n interactions.Itll be the ultimate customistation tool.

ps move is just amazin


Very nice tech demo. I really hope there’ll be hardcore games for Move, as that’s what I’m waiting for to take the plunge.

Goodevening James…..again the same question as asked previously in post #19. Thanks for answering! ;)

The demo from Beat Sketcher doesn’t work….it starts but then you have to push the o button it doesn’t respond!

I’ve got the same problem as Outofathens.

I’ve got 2 motion controllers downloaded the demo, try’d the disc demo but i can’t get pass the point where i need to press the O-button in Beat Sketchers! Hope someone can help, Reported the problem but they only said to reset the ps3 settings. But i’m not that desperate to play the game though….


Move is awesome! haven’t got the hole-in-one yet. aiming for it. fave is table tennis & think splitting in archery =)
multitouch looks sick. internal + camera sensor = compatible thx 4 interview & keeping it fly for us!


There’s no usb to mini cable included in separate Move blister pack. think PSEye clip is 3rd party, mine fits on top.

“If you want to play Heavy Rain or Resident Evil 4 with Move, you’ll probably want a Navigation controller.”

I don’t think Resident Evil 4 can be played on the PS3 :P

“Finally, the charging dock is obviously an optional extra – you can still charge Move via the included USB cable.”

I bought the starter pack, but did not get a USB cable, doesn’t it follow in the starter pack? If that is the case do we get one if we buy the regular Move control package?

Thumbs up for tumble :D!
I’ve got to say that the best way comparing the Move with the Wiimote is to say that the Move is a “box” and the wiimote is a “frame” :P Love the way that the Move let you reach “into” the game to pick up a box in tumble.

I just bought PS MOVE starter pack, 1 Nav Controller, Sports Champions, and 1 Move Controller.

Is this enough for the time being, i plan on buying Resident evil 5?

and where is my PS+ logo??

Getting this tomorrow morning, cannot wait.
Really looking forward to the table tennis game, and Tennis itself, like Top Spin or Virtua Tennis.
MGS Rising, using Raidens sword with Move would be the Bees Knees.

for anyone still having trouble with beat sketchers, simply re assign the move contoller to 7 then it will work,

Been playing with Move and just love it, when i tested the demo of Start the Pary and my hand turned in to a big rubber hand I was sold.

Does anyone think Sony are completely naive in their design with PS3?

The lack of usb on the back is ridiculous imo!

One problem I’ve found with the Move is that it’s difficult to find that ‘sweet spot’; the perfect distance to stand from the Eye so my movements encompass the whole screen.

I have a 58″ TV screen and I feel like I’m tearing off my limbs for my movements to reach the far corners of the screen. Especially in The Shoot where I kept dying because I couldn’t hit most of the enemies and there’s a glaring lack of on-screen reticule.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit of fun. None of the demos were mind-boggling (however Tumble in 3D looks AMAZING!!). Sports Champions probably worked the best for me. I’m a pro at table tennis in real life and suffice it to say I showed the computer what for. Never been amazing at frisbee but the training really got me mastering my throw. Might have to head out and try throwing a frisbee for real now.

I really can’t wait for the fight, does anyone when the release date is? P.S thankyou James for the advice.

Particularly enjoying Kung Fu Rider, though I’m very disappointed there is no platinum trophy. Are there any plans of extra content ala Pain? And extra trophies (including Platinum)


I got a hole in one twice last night :P
here’s a video and a picture of the second ace: (picture is about 8MB)

ps: the “[DELETED]” at the beginning of the video in the upper left hand corner means “ACE” in german if anyone wonders xD

I work at gamestation and I got to try this out and demo it for customers and I was surprised how sensative and accurate it was. If you’ve ever played the wii (which alot of people are comparing this to) then you’ll be surprised how good this is. The wii feels clunky in comparison to this.

@ ShadowDoGGG i agree but i can charge my move our controllers on my pc, so for every problem is a solution.

pls create a 3D modeling application! its great!


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