The Last Guardian Coming To PS3 Holiday 2011, Watch The New Trailer

A busy day for Team Ico at Tokyo Game Show! In addition to confirming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3, Team Ico also showed off a brand-new trailer for The Last Guardian depicting a variety of real-time gameplay footage.

Also, we’ve uploaded new screens of The Last Guardian; click on them to see more.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus CollectionIco and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico for PS3

Ico for PS3Ico for PS3

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wow! I can’t wait!!!

warning: do not wear pants when watching this trailer!

This is the only game im really waiting for.

Good news!

Made my day!

Mmahhhhhh cute lit…hudge doggy – lol
dose look a quality game there shame it’s a long way off yet!

Where are the ‘The Last Guardian’ screenshots? ;-(



wooohooo. Even better than the last trailer.

Plus Team ICO HD collection in Spring and in 3D (not that I have a 3D TV…yet)

This is awesome. I ‘ve heard some rumors about ICO and SoC bundle but they finnaly confirmed it. Have to save some money then :D.

3D where did you read that? @pb-live

these 3 Games are & will be Masterpieces of Gaming…

already played Ico & SotC on PS2 and i loved them more than any other AAA-Game…

these Games will defintily land again in my PS3, can´t wait to get my hands on them…again ;) & finally

Thanks for the info Sid,

I know I’m being picky but… “Holiday 2011” – Outside of the USA, in AU, GB, IE, NZ (regions covered by this blog), “Holiday” means where you went on vacation in the summer. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so the US definition of Holiday is meaningless.
You’re talking to Europe now Sid, make the most of the ability to say “Christmas” without the PC police imprisoning you ;-)

Firstly I cannot Wait! To get Last Guardian but now also can’t wait to get the Ico/Shadow of Colossus Collection as well, I already own the original PS2 games but they don’t have trophies so…:smiley:

2011 is shaping up to be be the very best year in the entire history of Playstation. Thank you Sony and Team ICO for remastering two of the most phenomenal games i ever played; i truthfully cannot wait to play them again. Hopefully until its release, i’ll be in possession of a glorious 3DTV.

Feels immensely great to be gaming on Playstation platforms, since 1998.

@Samarotu – Kotaku – “Both games will also be playable in 3D”

So, has anyone deciphered what Holiday 2011 means?

My money’s on Xmas 2011. Lolz.


Stunning animation and lighting, I’ll wait as long as it takes for this gem, because I know it’ll be worth it. Just like GT5 ;)

Now if we could get a teaser/trailer for Project Dark…or maybe for Journey?





This! :D

definitely getting the team ico collection, but only for ICO.

i found it far far superior to shadow of the colossus, which i thought, and still think having tried it again the other day, extremely overrated and dull.

So brilliant, I look forward to these 3 games a lot :)

Easily two of the best games i’ve ever played, absolute day one buy for me brilliant news!


I always wanted to play Ico and SoC… however watching that dog-bird-rat-chicken thing gives me the weirdest feeling… I’m used to Final Fantasy weirdness of creatures but this one takes the prize!

Will def be getting the Ico/ Soc compilation though, hope it as been given the GoW treatment so it looks even more epic.

give me now!!!!!! can’t wait 2 many crappy games these days i yearn for the good old classics.

Hope we don’t have to wait on the collection like we had to for God of War. Can’t wait to get my hands on them again (both PS2 versions have a special place in my heart and game collection)

And every time I see more of Last Guardian I’m more and more convinced this will be one of the greatest games of this generation.

Great stuff, I shall be playing these 2 again:)

Important for any Team ICO newbies to note that the screenshots are actually from Shadow of the Colossus (first 3) and ICO (last 3).
There are no screenshots from Last Guardian up there…

@Focalpoint – While I still enjoyed SotC, I did think that ICO was my favourite of the two. One of the few games to have really embraced – and nailed – the ‘no screen clutter’ approach to games.
Utterly stunning and can’t wait for the HD treatment.


Sweet as… Looking forward to the L~ast Guardian. As for the SotC/ICO collection, it’s about time they comfirmed this. It’s all we’ve wanted since the GoW collection was announced. I still own both games for the PS2 but I’ll be getting the collection anyway. Now I just need a 3D TV…

A HD remake of Ico & Shadow – THIS is the news we want to hear!
Now please can you ask Konami to work on that Metal Gear Solid HD collection as I’d really like to earn some Trophies for MGS4?

@Sid Shuman re @X201.
I know you didn’t mean any harm but X201 is EXACTLY right.
The reason PS EU blog visitors come here and to the US blog is because the UK, AU, and EU we have our own variation of the English language and our own unique cultures. The only thing I know about Thanksgiving is what I’ve learnt watching episodes of Friends. Here we spell colour with a U, and realise with an S, and football is a sport played by using the FOOT to kick a BALL.

Acceptable alternatives to Holiday: You could say that a game is being released ‘this Autumn’ or ‘this Christmas.’ These terms refer to Autumn season and Christmas season and are universally used and understood here. Cheers!

Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection = Must Buy

The Last Guardian Trailer seems a Director’s Cut of the debut trailer. :(
I hoped to see something about the gameplay or at least some new mechanics… :(


I will buy them ALL :P Nice 1 sony.

How about a ‘TimeSplitters’ collection? :P (i doubt it tho) :-(

DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This collection is what I need, since both games fetch a pretty penny on ebay. I’ll save money, they’ll be in glourous HD widescreen and everyone wins!!! Thanks Sony.

Excsue my ignorance but i have never played ico or shaddow of colosus.

Can anyone tell me what there are about and what the fuss is about with these titles.


Will the trailers be available in the PSN store?

lol this was already leaked about ICO+shadow of the colossus. New news please

*squeals like a girl*-*cough* i mean, that’s great news! :)

I love the playful tone of this trailer, though I’m sure it’ll manage to be just as emotionally charged as the first two, that did so with such little character interaction and without the need for dialog.

As with all the previous screens we’ve seen the lighting effects in this game are fantastic!

I can’t wait to relive Ico and SotC then get to playing TLG. With the GoW collection we had to wait aaaaages to get them compared to the US (we got the Collection about 5 months after the US iirc), they had them well in advance of God of War III yet we had to wait until GoWIII came out (and wel also got GoWIII a month later), will it be the same with the Ico and SotC release too? I hope not.

we better not have to wait for this collection like we did the god of war collection, that’s all i’m saying.

five months and no explanation, still waiting on that by the way.

i’ll buy them all ^^

Getting both geheh

another 3(just 2 discs and hopefully ICO & SotC will be priced like the GOW collection, but still at this rate i will go bankrupt really fast!) games for me…

cant wait X)

Looks like an amazing game.

It’s great that The Team ICO Collection has been officially confirmed and that The Last Guardian is progressing well.

Please SCEE, don’t clutter the cover like the Sly Collection. Keep it simple and arty like the original ICO Cover.

twistedintoform 16 September, 2010 @ 20:32

>> we better not have to wait for this collection like we did the
>> god of war collection, that’s all i’m saying.
>> five months and no explanation, still waiting on that by the way.

maybe they didn’t have high expectations for it in europe and released it when it wasn’t up against the xmas AAA-games. as it turned out, EU sales were poor anyway.

US sales : 1.15m
EU sales : 0.25m

My most anticipated title on the PS3, every time I see anything new from The Last Guardian I become even more excited for the game.


I’ll definitely be buying the ICO and SotC collection even though I own both games on PS2 already. I’d love an excuse to play through them both again.

Shadow of the Colossus is Great!!!The grafics(for ps2) were very good!I love this game!I will buy It 100%!I heard the game ICO before long time ago but never tried it!Is it good?I hope to see SOC with Playstation Move too!=) Great job Sony!!!

If you’re going to post on the EU blog, it would be nice if you could use European rather than American terms to define release dates.

‘Holiday’ is not a term people in Europe are particularly familiar with, those of us that do know only do because of keeping up with American entertainment media – i.e. when new movie trailer is released etc. In Europe we don’t say ‘holiday’ to refer to the Christmas period – we refer to it as Christmas!

Saying Holiday 2011 on the EU blog makes about as much sense as saying ‘released on Boxing Day 2011!’ on the US blog. How many readers will know wtf you’re talking about?

Americanisation is so irritating.

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