Exclusive Content For PlayStation Plus Members

Hi Guys, I’m really excited to reveal an exclusive treat for PlayStation Plus members.

From today, you will be able to play the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo. This great new demo is exclusively early to Plus members for one week and is released for everyone else on 29 September.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog.EU as we have another very special exclusive coming before the end of September…

Update: We have also added a new premium theme for you to download for free. The After Burner Climax premium theme is available today from the Plus section of PlayStation Store.

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Any news, when you are going to bring PlayStation Store to Slovakia? We can not even play NHL 11 online, because the online pass needs to be activated via PS Store… Very clever Move…

aaaawww not available for The Netherlands?

Cool will try it out!

Carnivius_Prime 22 September, 2010 @ 10:09

ah, looks interesting. You still need to get the PS1 games onto the store :)

AWESOME!! This is the game I am most interested in right now. Still no plus logo on my avatar then :(


It should be coming ASAP, sorry!! Will check out what the problem is


In Kojima I believe

Hopefully this is not the only content we get this week. US plus members got 3 games this week and a whole load of other content.


Keep an eye out ;-)

Veryy Nice :D

Now if only Konami would tell us in the EU if we are getting a CE version of the game

Not really interested in this game but i’ll download it for the lulz!


What time does it go up? Is it with the Store update or earlier?

I hate to ask:

Please confirm the Demo for German Plus Subscribers.


Hi, I’m afraid we couldn’t get this one on the store for Germany but all you need to do is turn your Automatic downloads on to get it. If you don’t have this on normally then simply switch it back off after. Apologies, we are working on a solution for this

Oh, Nice! Can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

Like this is awesome will be checking this later today for sure..!!

nice! interested to see what this has turned out like


I hope Plus will be available for Russia someday.

I swear if this demo downloads automatically onto my system I will go bonkers! I do not want it. We want the option to choose wether we want demos downloaded automatically to our systems. I have exceed my download limit for the month.


Hi, don’t worry, we have listened to all your comments about this and are looking into weather its possible. As soon as I have some news I will let you know


When will we be getting betas? Would of been good to be in the LPB 2 one. Thanks for the demo.


Haven’t got the foggiest what it is, but thanks.


Call yourself a gamer? Pah ;)

This is going to be one of the best action games of the year!

@ iorkara

Why not simply turn off your automatic downloads it is a extra service..
You can not blame Sony for the way Internet providers behave.. For instance we in the Netherlands don’t have a limit on our downloads and we have not had this for years now.. It is possible but i think your Internet provider is slacking in this case..


I mean LBP 2. Sorry.

Carnivius_Prime 22 September, 2010 @ 10:29

Hm my Plus icon still ain’t showing. Doesn’t matter, mine runs out in week or so anyways. Must say this is the first time-exclusive demo on Plus that has appealed to me in any way at all. This is one of the games I’ve most been looking forward to trying and was worried it got forgotten under coverage of tons of stuff I just don’t care about such as Killzone and Gran Turismo.

YES! Was just thinking about this one. Well done boys. Keep the treats coming.

@iorkara turn automatic downloads off then!

on topic….. this is awesome.

I waited for this game. thanks for the demo


Sweet! Looking forward to this. :D

I want Automatic downloads on because I want the patches downloaded automatically. It does NOT say Demos. Have a look on the Automatic Download section description.

got a 3 month code for free and had a sample of plus and tbh i doubt i will be parting with cash to renew as it needs FEATURES not just early demos as perks i mean if i wanted that i would buy xbox live, get a grip with adding features or lose customers james


Hi, thanks for the suggestions. We really have taken all the suggestions from the blog and fed them back. Plus us definitely an evolving service and well worth staying a member of. Will Let you know as soon as I get news on the feature side

Although Castlevania is not my type of game, I’m really glad that Plus seems to be improving. And one more surprise this month! Keep’em coming! :D

Will this be available in Belgium?


Hi, as far as I know, yes. If you can’t find it on the Store then simply turn your auto downloads on and you will get it soon. Thanks

This game looks sick! alot of action games these days are taking inspiration from God of War Santa Monica should be proud


really looking forward to this


Nice one.


I can wait a week (even though I am a huge Castlevania fan), I’m still not convinced by PSN+…

This will be interesting to try out. I appreciate the fact that Plus members are getting extra treats, but I can’t help but think that if Plus didn’t exist today would have been the normal day for the release of the demo anyway.

CookieMonsterES 22 September, 2010 @ 10:54

Really nice! thanks James, looking forward to it.

Can’t wait for this one, even if it is out on the same day as Enslaved, another awesome action title.


Hi James,

I’m still not convinced to buy into PS+ I’m afraid… The main problem lies with already owning the majority of the content listed (as will many other potential Ps+ buyers) where as I can just cherry pick the best content throughout the year to what suits me. There really needs to be more incentive to make this more appealing to purchase, it just isn’t big & bold enough!
How about bundling in First Play into the deal?
Adding movie/music content?
Cross game chat?
Backwards PS1/PS2 compatability? (this REALLY needs to happen)
Weekly updates to PS+ to prevent buying an item that might become free or on offer later?
In game exclusives (extra characters, weapons, cars etc for various SONY developed games)
Parity with U.S PS+
I regret to say that at the moment the PS+ club just doesn’t feel exclusive enough but very much work in progress, so for the time being I’ll wait & be very happy with my free PSN service…


Hi, sorry the service isn’t appealing to you at the min. Obviously our main problem is that some people will own much of the games even though we are trying hard to get the best older games and also include as much new content as possible. I take all you rfeedback though and assure that Plus is evolving as we speak. Hopefully it will become big & bold enough to tempt you soon?!
Glad you are happy with the free PSN in the mean time though. Keep enjoying it ;-)

@17: Download limit? Does that still exist?

Looking forward to the demo!

WHY MY AVATAR DOESNT HAVE PLUS SIGN?ps+ us has 2 games free this week,its already the update for them or more slaps on ps+ eu faces?

Wooo! Im so excited… and I just cant hide it.. I know, I know, I know, I know that I want you, I want youuuuu CASTLEVANIA…

Off topic but YOU really need to communicate that the PSN is having maintainance with 99% of PS3 users who don’t check this blog and other websites. Just type in PS3 into the search on Facebook. Everything thinks either the PS3 has deleted data, crashed or has been hacked because it cant login. You need to put a message on the PS3 system a couple of days before and during it so people are aware.

Will this be updated with the usual store update?


No, this is just for Plus so will be in the Plus section ASAP

PixelJunk lifelike, how long until it’s released and can it be used WITHOUT Move?

Oh..and will there be Home content for Castlevania?

allowing plus users to change their psn name for free is surely an easy feature you guys can add , japan can do it and also why cant you add movies to plus so we can have at least 1 rental a month ,theres so many options you guys could use with plus but you always make wrong moves and just give people old tat that isnt selling anymore


Hi James,

Can we we expect more response from you this time? Yor recent blog posts have not yielded much comeback from you which I find very surprising, as PSN+ really still needs a lot of work for it to be a success.

I’ve listed your response rates to several previous posts of yours,

two exclusive demos for playstation plus members blog : – 157 comments – 7 replies
new playstation plus sign up offer and content for september and october : – 631 comments – 11 replies
more exclusive extras for playstation plus members : – 125 comments – 12 replies


Hi, thanks for the detailed feedback. Apologies that I haven’t been up to the ususal standard on replies recently but things are really busy here, part of that is working on making Plus a better service based on all the blog feedback.
We really value your constructive feedback on here though so please keep it up and I will try to make sure I reply to as many actual questions as possible. Cheers


I dont know if this is already asked but the
PsOne game “Fade to black” could that one make it
to the store one day? :)


I don’t remember seeing that requested so I will add it to the list for you! ;-)

Nice! I will defo give it a go ;)

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