‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update (22nd September 2010)

'Heads-Up' Game Store Update (22nd September 2010)

Good afternoon all.

In the spirit of the speedy blue one that graces us this week, I’m going to keep my intro short and sweet. Here we go….

…thanks very much, enjoy this week’s content!

Okay, okay.

(None of you probably read this anyway, and I’m in a rush, much like our blue friend) You can grab Sonic Adventure, the next Deathspank instalment, join a new hero in Blade Kitten, ride the plains again with your posse (or simple race them in the new mode) with more DLC for Red Dead Redemption, and enjoy all the other goodies as listed below. We even have PSP content this week, rejoice

How’s that for concise…and I won’t accept accusations of laziness!

*Deathspank: Things of Virtue for one week only comes bundled with the DLC packs released separately next week.

See you in the comments.

PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go)

Special Offers

(Offer prices available until the 29th of September)

  • PAIN (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
  • PAIN – Amusement Park (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)
  • PAIN – Movie Studio (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)
  • Peggle (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
  • Mega Man 10 (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
  • Age of Booty (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
  • World of Pool (PSP) (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £4.79/€5.99)
  • Stateshift (PSP) (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £4.79/€5.99)
  • WWII: Battle Over the Pacific (PSP) (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £4.79/€5.99)
  • Vibes (mini) (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £2.49/€2.99)

Permanent Price Reduction

  • Hive Sweeper (mini) (was – £3.49/€3.99 now – £1.24/€1.49)

Downloadable Games (PS3)

  • Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue (For one week only the game is bundled with the DLC packs released next week) (£9.99/€12.99) Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: All locales

  • Sonic Adventure (£6.29/€7.99) Rating: PEGI 7

Availability: All locales

  • Sky Fighter (£7.99/€9.99) Rating: PEGI 7

Availability: All locales

Trial and Unlock (PS3)

  • Blade Kitten (Trial free, Unlock Key £9.99/€12.99) Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: Not available in Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal or Russia

Downloadable Games (PSP)

  • Ace Combat: Joint Assault (Releasing Friday 24th Sept) (£19.99/€24.99) Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: All locales

  • Zuma (£6.29/€7.99) Rating: PEGI 3

Availability: All locales

  • 101-in-1 Megamix (£11.99/€14.99) Rating: PEGI 3

Availability: Not available in Australia and New Zealand

minis (PS3/PSP)

  • Arcade Sports: Bowling & Air Hockey (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 7

Availability: Not available in Croatia, India, Slovenia and Turkey

Demos (PS3)

  • NBA Elite 11 Rating: PEGI 3

Availability: Not available in Russia

  • Summer Challenge – Athletics Tournament Rating: PEGI 3

Availability: Only available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and UK

Demos (PSP)

  • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: All locales

Add-On Game Content (PS3)

  • Red Dead Redemption – Liars and Cheats (released Tuesday 21st Sept) (£7.99/€9.99) Rating: PEGI 18

Availability: All locales

  • Skate 3 – San Van Party Pack (£5.10/€6.49) Rating: PEGI 16

Availability: All locales

  • Buzz! Quiz TV – The ’80s Quiz (£3.99/€4.99) Rating: PEGI 7

Availability: Only available in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Spain and UK

  • Rock Band
    • ‘Legend’ (Album) by Bob Marley (£9.99/€14.99) (contains all the tracks listed below)
    • ‘Buffalo Soldier’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Could You be Loved’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Exodus’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Is This Love’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Jamming’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘No Woman No Cry’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘One Love/People Get Ready’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Redemption Song’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Stir It Up’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Three Little Birds’ (£1.86/€1.49)
    • ‘Waiting In Vain’ (£1.86/€1.49)

Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: Not available in Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and UAE

  • Rock Band Network
    • ‘Chelsea’ by The Summer Set (£0.59/€0.79)
    • ‘Crash Years’ by The New Pornographers (£0.99/€1.49)
    • ‘Packet Flier’ by Terrorhorse (£0.59/€0.79)
    • ‘Swallow the Razor’ by Exodus (£0.99/€1.49)
    • ‘Step Up (I’m On It)’ by Maylene & The Sons of Disaster (£0.99/€1.49)

Rating: PEGI 12

Availability: Not available in Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and UAE

FirstPlay (PS3)

  • FirstPlay Episode 025 (£0.99/€1.20)

Availability: Ireland and UK only

Videos (PS3)

  • Dead Nation Have it Your Way Trailer
  • Dragon Age 2 Destiny Countdown
  • Bulletstorm E3 Trailer
  • Ferrari: The Race Experience Intro Video
  • Tumble Trailer
  • Heavy Rain Developer Interview
  • F1 2010 Developer Diary 1 -5

Dynamic Themes (PS3)

  • Sports Champions (£1.59/€1.99)

Premium Themes (PS3)

  • Von Chrono –
    • A Pirate’s Booty (£1.19/€1.49)
    • Skull Bash (£1.19/€1.49)
    • Sushi (£1.19/€1.49)

Themes (PS3)

  • Sports Champions – (free)
    • Sports Champions
    • Disc Golf
    • Gladiator Duel
    • Beach Volleyball
    • Archery
    • Bocce
    • Table Tennis

Avatars (PS3)

  • Super Street Fighter IV – (£0.20/€0.25 each)
    • Akuma
    • Cody
    • Deejay
  • Sports Champions – (£0.20/€0.25 each)
    • Dallas
    • Giselle
    • Tatapu
    • Rin
    • Kenji
    • Kat
    • Belle
    • Jackson
    • Connor
    • Boomer
    • Avatar Set 2 (includes all the above) (£1.59/€1.99)

Wallpapers (PS3)

  • Top Gun
  • Kung Fu Rider x5 Wallpapers
1 Author replies

Hi mike, 2nd great store update in a row great job. Next week going to be great as well with Borderlands DLC and Lara Croft GOL. Sorry to ask all the time but any news on Castle Crashers and when will blade kitten be out? Thanks

Blade Kitten is out THIS week (it’s a trial and unlock) ;)

Sonic Adventure!!!! Yayks :D

supercoolmanchu 22 September, 2010 @ 13:01

Nice update :-) When can we actually put our hands on Dead Nation?

No Rock Band Sale?

Still no Castle Crashers. Maybe next week, one month after the USA release. :(

Anything you can tell Us about it?

Good one. :) Is there any chance, that we’ll get those import PS1 games feature, like they do on the US store?

Not bad update but no Jap Import PSOne games like US Store???

I have been looking into this as of this week. Nobody had ever brought this to our attention previously, so I only heard about this the other day. I’m not making any promises but we’re going to do what we can :)

Does the demo mean we are finally getting Lunar: Silver Star Harmony over here? Because if so……hell yeah :D

Where is the F1 2010 Demo?


Sorry blade kitten is out.


No worries :)


No DJ hero 2 demo? ah well looks like i will have to create a USA account and download it off there store then

Still no Phantasy Star Portable 2. We’ve not even had the demo like they got in the US and Japan!


Cool to see Sonic Adventure pop up. Any news on Bloody Roar II and the rest of the Tomb Raider games?

Wow, no plus content, no move content. :( sports champions and tumble mag and halo reach until next week for me then.

Mike you have made my day,
It’s raining avatars! :D
Thank you ever so much, I mean that :)

hay what about the mag and hevay rain update’s 4 move?

Hi Mike,

Do you have any news on the DJ Hero 2 demo ?


Sweet update keep it cool

Sonic FTW

Oooh, MORE Skate 3 DLC.

On the subject of which – I upgrade my hard drive in my PS3 and now I can’t get my Skate 3 Share Pack back without paying for it again – I had a one-off code in the box that I used but, since upgrading the HD, it won’t (obviously) let me use it again. Bit annoyed that the only apparent way of getting it back is to buy it. Buy it, after already getting it for free.


Any advice gratefully received (or referal to where I can ask to have this sorted out!).


Hi Mike,

Any chance of an update to the PSN service to include working voice chat in every game, so these online titles can actually be *played* online? Thanks.

Where is the DLC “Director’s Cut” for Sonic Adventure?!

3 street fighter avatars lmao really are getting drip fed , scee passed up on jap imports section i see aswell . TYPICAL have no clue what gamers want

Sonic Adventure…

The game I always saw being played by older kids at stores but couldn’t play because I couldn’t afford a Dreamscast.

It’s great to have the chance to play the game that has always left me wondering…

Thanks, Mike! Any more Dreamcast games coming soon?

DeathSpank,Sonic Adventure and Monkey Island 2 (while it’s £3.99) for me this week.

Thanks Mike :D

Nothing for my Psp this week, but thats not a complaint, theres a lot on offer, I just don’t have any money!

Do you know anything of the Pinball Heroes High speed pack bug. The trophies in game don’t come up and are listed instead as text 0, text 1 etc. It was picked up 3 months ago by the Americans and they released a patch for it. Is there any patch for our one or has it been fixed?

where is playmemories?


Yes a video of Ferrari: The Race Experience!!! Finally I’ll be able to see what this game looks like. Don’t worry Mike, I’ll quit my crying and wringing from now on ;).


Good store update but nothing for me :\

Mike, any more word on ferrari the rave experience and blacklight tango down??


That would be a strange game wouldn’t it, Ferrari the Rave experience :P


You’re joking about Blade Kitten right?

Sup mike, yesterday you said on a replied post that Cross gamw chat is on the “PSN Store”. Where is it????


Erm what!? No I didn’t.


When Poland?!!
ooops wrong topic :P

I think “new” Deathsp*nk should be at least 50% cheaper for buyers of 1st one. It’s almost same game!

And still no Castle Crashers.

is the Castlevenia demo up?

Deathspank, Sky Fighter and i might have to get some of that Sports Champions stuff to what a great PSmove game..

BTW Will the update be around 3 bst again?

@gav-me I think it was delayed until the 6th of October for Europe.

Nice update this week, interested in DeathSpank and Sonic Adventure.

Anymore news on Castle Crashers aswell? :P

*sigh* last post is being moderated so ill add it to this post.

“DeathS.p.a.n.k,Sonic Adventure and Monkey Island 2 (while it’s £3.99) for me this week.

Thanks Mike :D “

You state that the DLC for Read Dead Redemption (Liars and Cheats) is at €9.99, so why is it at €17.39 in France ?


That’s being amended as I type.

Damn! I forgot I can’t say Death S. in the comments!

Oh, I also wanted to ask whether we’re ever getting Japanese imports as well or not.

Do you have the Time Crisis Move demo on the radar yet?

Nice. Ace Assault is on my list. Just need to turn off the internet monitoring at work so I can download it :)


Any chance of contacting Capcom to lower the price of the PSP game ‘Fate Unlimited Codes’? Its over a year old and still £23.99

those street fighter avatars really are on life support drip feed arent they .


Where’s Castle Crashers?? :(

What about Castle Crashers? Will we get it next week? :<

hmm dont we get the Sonic Adventure DX add on content?


holy,,Lunar: Silver Star Harmony demo?

i was gonna import the game but whens the uk release?

very surprised

US got a new app “Play Memories (free)”, we won’t get it ?

Phantasy Star Portable 2 is due out on 6th October for PSN.


Whoa great update! Has the Summer Challange Demo Move support?

Sports Champions Dynamic Theme should be free for Plus Subscribers! :)

Pops for the Sonic Adventure Price! Normally when a Game Costs 9,99 Dollar in the US Store, here is the Price 9,99 Euro. 7,99 Euro is a fair Price!

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