PlayStation Home: LOOT Store Opens, With Cabin Boy!

We’re updating the Shopping Centre this week, as LOOT move in with their own store. Replacing the Diesel store, the LOOT store is a massive vault where you’ll be able to pick up everything LOOT related. Launching concurrently with the new store is LOOT’s arcade game Cabin Boy, which can be added to any personal space. Even better, the furniture piece is now available in two styles to choose from! Cabin Boy challenges you to a retro game involving juggling multiple tasks – such as catching fish – to post the highest score you can. And keep an eye out for more to come soon!

PlayStation Home: cabinboy PlayStation Home: LOOT Store Opens

Also available in PlayStation Home this week is a new hairstyle from Lockwood. For furnishing your apartment there’s a pair of wonderfully detailed Sun and Earth lamps. From Sodium there’s new teleporter pads that you can place in your personal space to get from one side to the other faster than ever before.

PlayStation Home: Katie PlayStation Home: lamps

Looking for something new to decorate your personal space and a fan of Street Fighter 4? Good news this week, then, as the Street Fighter 4 statuettes have arrived! There’s a huge collection of characters to choose from – or collect them all!

PlayStation Home: Street Fighter 4 statuettes

Check out Alter Ego this week for a range of Top Gun outfits, including flight suits of the iconic characters Maverick, Goose and Iceman alongside khaki and dress uniforms. Finally, Dead Rising 2 shuffles its way into the stores, with a selection of clothing and unique weapon ornaments.

PlayStation Home: Dead Rising 2 - clothing and unique weapon ornaments

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Who wants a Golden Trout? :D

Anything above 50p and those SF4 figures are too much money!

If they where avater size then fine but tiny ones such as those you can bearly see ’em. As for the rest of the update….


Can you tell the store team that DeathSpank ISN’T there?

C’mon guys, where is the 3+ way phonecall!?

Talking in home in the apartments has that ridiculous echo which doesn’t sound realistic at all. I’d rather talk to people with a phonecall but I have two friends I want to talk to, not just one.


Voice chat is a client feature and as such not something you’ll in the weekly content updates.

Hi Alex !

1) What about the old lockwood stuff already available in the US (hairstyles and clothes), any plans to be released on the EU Home?

2) Any plans to see a “costumes” store in the shopping center too like in the US ?


1. Yes, we’re working on that with the Lockwood team. we released a sizable amount just last week.

2. Check out Alter Ego :)

Is the diesel content staying or being removed?

Another quick question are there any more apartments coming soon?

Another good update by the way Alex


Diesel content is being moved to Threads.

Let me guess all the clothes apart from the hair style are male only? sounds that way. Dose the team ever learn?


We can only release what we have available. Last week was dominated by female attire.

Not bad. Might get the game for the personal space, depending on price of course.

Very good update.

Nice update.

All the Shopping Centre needs now is a Take Away store (to deliver real life food) get Pizza Hut to sign up !

I wonder why the Loot store comes to replace Diesel and why not threads 2, after all threads 2 its pratically empty and its useless there.


More Shopping Centre updates are coming.

Good update :0 it’s very nice to see a new store opening :D

@DarK_EviL actually, we already have a costume shop, Alter Ego started off by stocking fancy dress type things, but now any game costumes appear in there rather than the Threads shop.

@VitalogyPJ Diesel just has over-priced clothes in it, Threads II is there to do sales, but it hasn’t been stocked properly yet. All the Diesel clothes can be put into Threads, so it has no reason to be there.

next we just need a replacement for Ligne Roset and the V-Shirt store.

joshualeuty96-2- 22 September, 2010 @ 17:36

Good update today! :)

Sorry Alex, I didn’t know anywhere else where I would be heard.


No worries :). Short replies as I’m on the train using a smart phone. We’ll make announcements related to future client updates when they are closer to release.

Thanks for the answers ^^

When you get of the train found out when will Namco be comming, if you think we stay quite about it then there be no need to release it you be wrong.

Now about these pictures frames you said on the forums that you need 6 months to find out when/if we get em or Not any news ;)


With regards the Namco public space, the only thing I can share at the current time is that the developer have not provided us with a version for SCEE release. Until we have that, we can’t publish the space.

now that we are getting the loot store does that mean we are gonna get the correct pricing for the ghostbusters items and the also the missing items as part of the ghostbusters apartment.

edit: I will give this update a 7 & a half/10 :D


good update :) like the look of the dead rising stuff and dead rising 2 out friday 2 :) … any news on more costumes as usa can loads :( like the sandman and cyborg


We have our first batch of the latests costumes released for SCEA coming soon, although I’ll need to check to find out which ones specifically.

Have you been to the Alter Ego store recently? This is our version of the SCEA Costumes store and we have quite a collection available there.

Any new spaces coming soon?

:s $86 for the full SFIV ornament set? i’ve seen Super SFIV for $25.

but yeah, decent update.
I hope we get a new minigame for the HS soon!

Are we going to get anymore Tekken costumes? coz I’d really love a King mask/head.

Any chance of getting more loco rocos (besides Kulche) for Loco Island?

Lastly, is Castlevania: LOS getting Home content?

thanks alex for the news

The Lake house apartment in USA will be available in europe too?


It will be. Exact date uncertain at the moment, as it hasn’t been locally QA’d yet. Not far away though.

Haha! the teddy bear

Yay, LOOT arrives. lol i put that teddy in my save house. i gotta have the Chuck Greene outfit.

I think Capcom London team made a mistake in Zombrex edition. they couldn’t have added an dynamic theme voucher?
obviously i’m into design if i buy this edition. you’d expect an acknowledgement of that. how do you reckon my chanches if i ask them politely for a theme code?


Can you make more free stuff? and I haven’t visited on home for longs time.. Every time I visit, it needs update.. argh.

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