Introducing SkyFighter

It seems that I just can’t keep away from our favourite blog and, like a comic book villain, I just keep coming back. Scott here again from TikGames-Creat Studios, happy to let you all know about our latest game for PSN, SkyFighter, now available in Europe for €9.99/£7.99.

Are you brave enough to take on the best of the best? Are your flying skills good enough for the elite SkyFighter airborne squadron? If so, then prepare to engage the hostile enemy fleet in side-scrolling aerial combat. Day or night, over land or sea, SkyFighter’s fast-paced missions will enlist you to bomb the enemy’s equipment and fortifications, shoot down their fighters with your machine gun and destroy their hostile bombers with your missiles.

Introducing SkyFighter

Pilot all kinds of aircraft, from light, aerobatic, manoeuvrable fighters to the devastating flying fortress. The action isn’t all dogfights, either. Stealth Missions require you to take cover in clouds, avoid search lights and dodge floating air mines. Prepare to battle heavily armoured trains, powerful battleships and even the monstrous enemy fortress.

Be sure to make some room on the couch for local multiplayer. Recruit a partner for two player Campaign Mode. Or, when you need a break from performing missions and saving the world, gather your friends and show them how you dominant you are. In the Dogfight Mode, up to eight players can test their stunt flying skills and determine who really rules the skies.

Introducing SkyFighter

Introducing SkyFighter

SkyFighter supports full 1080p High Definition, custom music and SIXAXIS controls. You can even shake your controller to extinguish the flames when your plane is on fire!

Everyone at TikGames and Creat Studios is thrilled to bring our eleventh (yes, eleventh!) title to PlayStation Network. We do hope you enjoy the high-flying action of SkyFighter, and we want to know what you think. Please check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, @CreatStudios, and stop by our websites, TikGames Creat Studios. We’re always listening, and we couldn’t do what we love without you!

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looks fun but a bit simple for £7.99. If it gets a discount I will probably buy it.

Carnivius_Prime 23 September, 2010 @ 17:12

Looks pretty darn nice. The way the planes move sorta reminds of the old Dogfight/Biplane 2 player game and good ol’ Jetstrike on Amiga. Very tempted though short on cash this week.


Thanks for the kind words, Carnivus_Prime. We hope that you’re able to check it out soon.

That looks very interesting. Seems like Jetstrike meets MiniSquadron.

Co-op campaign via local multiplayer? Awesome.


Glad that you like what you see, Selachi. Co-op campaign and a dogfight free-for-all, too. Please let us know what you think after you have a chance to play.

i’ll be buying it just cause your lucky blade kitten diden’t come out in my country cause playstation europe store is a fail so your lucky i’ll be buying this instead then.


We’ll happily be part of the decision making process that includes Blade Kitten, dgnfly. Please drop us a line and let us know your impressions of SkyFighter.

seems fun, but at 10€ price i’ll need a demo to decide.

can you only play 2 player co-op ?


Yes, Co-op is only 2 players, aalekevin. Dogfight Mode is up to 8 players.

and how long is the campagin?


That’s a tough question to answer, aalekevin. Are you asking how many levels there are, or how long it would likely take to finish? And then there’s Trophy collection, too.

Reminds me of Wings of Fury for the Amiga 500, in a more modern version of course. The heavy nostalgia in me right now, will probably make me go download it right now.


Wings of Fury! That’s some serious nostalgia, DanielMeier! We’ll take that as a compliment. There is definitely a retro vibe to SkyFighter, and we hope that all the old-school gamers enjoy it. Please let us know what you think.

Art is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I would buy this over any PSN title this week but I’m back at uni… broke. :(


Thank you very much, Saber_IV. Save up those pennies! The fun will indeed be worth it. :-)

Is this coming to US ???
Seems interesting.


Yes, HaMmOdy, SkyFighter will launch in the US shortly. Stay tuned for an announcement.

It looks like a really fun game. I might pick it up in a few months when I’m finished with all the retail games I’ve been anticipating. Theres too many this Fall season


Thank you, geddesmond2. I agree that there are a great number of quality games on their way. We hope you take the time to purchase and play SkyFighter, and be sure to send us a note to tell us what you think of it.

Is there are any particular reason the game doesn’t have a demo? At the least there should be a trial version that unlocks the full game.


I can’t comment on unannounced products, Kenshin71. But please stay tuned. You’ll be pleased. :-)

€9.99 seems a bit steep, but it sure looks interesting. I’ll probably get it anyway.

Still dreaming about a full remake of Jetstrike (developers please make note!)!


Jetstrike, eh? That’s some serious old-school coolness, Solero84! We hope you enjoy SkyFighter. Please tell us what you think after you’ve played it.

Can you confirm that there’s no PSN multiplayer? That would be a deal-breaker for me, though in all other ways it looks right up my alley.


Jerryhat, are you asking about any multi-player, or online multi-player?

No, SkyFighter does not feature online multi-player. But if there is enough demand for it, you never know…

For local multi-player, there are 2 modes: Co-op Campaign Mode for 2 players, and Dogfight Mode for 8!


Scott: I adore your marketing and i know people buy your games partly bcause of it too.
Sky Fighter is yet another good game and i recomend it to everyone & especially to all Amiga guys here who loved Wings Of Fury and Jetstrike.

To everyone who ask about Jetstrike remake etc, Rasputin (The owner of the kult hit game) is long gone but, i am sure i could do a remake of sorts (i was part of the cd32 port team) but its such a huge job and risky. (Would it even sell?)


Thanks for the sentiment, AmigaGuru_NO. Everyone at TikGames and Creat Studios enjoys connecting with our fellow gamers. If we can’t reach out and learn more about what you want, then what’s the point?

And I appreciate the insight into Jetstrike and Rasputin. So many classic 80’s and 90’s games are floating about in the ether, waiting to be rediscovered.

Wow, look at the amazing power of the PS3.

looks good. really love the games you put out. still gotta pick up planet mini golf which i loved when involved with the beta. has sky fighter got Move support as it looks like something that could work with the game?


Thank you, Dante_Zero. We hope you enjoy it.

No Move support… yet. But stay tuned. :-)

dammit just realised planet mini golf is zen. i love their stuff too. lol


As do we. Just being confused with them is an honor.

There are a great number of amazing developers making great games for PSN, and we’re thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant, hard-working and creative community.

This game looks fantastic, nice work Creat Studios devs! Can’t go wrong with a sparkly 60 FPS retro style bulletfest.

I’m 99% sure I’ll be purchasing this, but a demo would be nice, just to make sure the risk of “thrown controller at TV in frustration” is low. ;)


That is very kind of you, NRX1000. We’re big fans of “bulletfests” and hope that you enjoy SkyFighter. Please be sure to let us know how you like it.

in my defense i have been playing sports champions for the last two hours. with two controllers i might add. lol


Yikes! So… how do you like it?

tally ho chaps,bogeys at 6 oclock.


Best of luck to you, brave pilot!

I was just about sold when I read it was a side scrolling plane fighting game.

Then I read this.

“SkyFighter supports full 1080p High Definition, custom music and SIXAXIS controls.”

That, along with it being a Tiki-Creat game and remembering how much I loved Smash Cars, I think I’m gonna have to pick this up especially since it has co-op and everything else.

Thank you for including things like custom soundtracks Scott, it seems like such a small thing but to a lot of us it’s a really great feature to have.

You guys are awesome


Why, thank you, Demonized. Our awesomeness is but a reflection of such awesome gamers like yourself. Without you all, we’re just a bunch of geeks playing with expensive equipment.

Please be sure to let us know your thoughts about SkyFighter. We’ve made a point to allow for custom music in all of our titles. As proud as we are of our music selections, we know that everyone has their own taste. Why not let you choose what you listen to?

Carnivius_Prime 23 September, 2010 @ 20:02

I’d like to put up my hand for online multiplayer modes. I simply just don’t get to have people over enough as it’s too much hassle and so little time these days whereas with online you can always get players and also easier to get your ps3 owning friends join too. My fave PSN game recently was Shank and the two player mode in that had all new levels and bosses compared to the one player but I’ve not been able to get to play it cos I have no one local about and there’s no online function. I really feel that, as much as I love offline multiplayer when I’m able to get to play those modes, every game with multiplayer these days should also offer online as a standard.


Carnivius_Prime, please accept a heartfelt thank you for the suggestion. I will be sure to pass it along to the development team, and include your explanation, too.

While we can’t do everything, we do our best to listen to such feedback. Players frequently asked for split-screen on Smash Cars, so we added it onto the Virus Run DLC. Many also asked about a level editor for Cuboid, so we built one. And we’ve been sent a lot (and I mean a LOT) of requests for Mushroom Wars, so stay tuned for some news about that, too.

I meant what I wrote in the blog. We can’t do what we do without you all, so thank you, and keep the suggestions coming.

looks good


Thanks, topshoto9!

reminds me of looping, i’m ageing myself by mentioning it, but it was one of the first video games i ever played.

it didn’t look anywhere near as pretty as this game does though. :)


Thanks, HazelAM. We do try to make it pretty! :-)

Usaly not my type of game but the animations and style of it all wil probably make me buy it. Thanks for bringing yet a great game to the PSN!


We’re thrilled that you hope to buy it, LarZen. Please let us know how you like it.


I have 1 question,
I going to buy a converter to play with my Dualshock 2 on PS3, but it doesn’t have sixaxis. Can I still play the game in co-op, or I will need 2 DS3?


Great question, Croopnick_PL.

You will *not* need a Six Axis to play the game. But if you have one, it offers an extra layer of fun.

The can be played with any of the available PlayStation 3 standard controllers. (But not Move… yet.)

wauw i love this game it feels really old school it’s beautiful art style it’s definantly worth the money for anybody who likes old school this game feels like one with great graphics.


Why, thank you, dgnfly! As I mentioned earlier, we certainly went for an old-school vibe. Please be sure to tell us what you think after you play SkyFighter.

for ppl saying the game is a bit pricey just think about how stupid most off you were 2 pay 15 buck for call of duty map pack that were just old maps.

i played it dude that’s why i am saying it’s worth the money i bought it after my first comment.


Well… any other impressions? The SkyFighter team is eager to know!

i never worry about the price off these type off games cause if you look at the big devlopers they ask the same price for a stupid add-on that could have been included on the disc when you see games like this full psn games you basicly pay for a game build from the ground up


Scot jusus chris this look fantstic i will get this game but Scot do may be know a release date for TerRover


Thanks, DutchGameGod21. We hope you enjoy it.

We’re still waiting for a final release date for TerRover in the EU. Our amazing partners at Sony Online Entertainment should have news very, very soon. Thanks for your interest!


I’m glad you put this on the blog Scott, I’d overlooked Sky Fighter because I was looking forward to Sonic, Blade Kitten and more Deathsp*ank. I shouldn’t have really but I bought it after watching the video.

I love the Art style and the game is addicitive and a lot of fun. Great job guys.

I might have to check out your other games I’ve missed. I’ve played a few of your games
and I’ve enjoyed them all. Magic Orbz is probably my favourite since I grew up hooked on Arkanoid.

I’d also like to know when we’ll see TerRover. I played the demo a while back and I liked it. It’s fun, frustrating but fun all the same. It’s almost got that PixelJunk feel to it.


Wow, thank you very much, Darkscorpius! We’re thrilled that you picked it up and enjoy it.

We have lot of PSN titles now… in fact, SkyFighter is our 11th. (Well, 10th in Europe, where TerRover will be number 11.)

Glad that you’re enjoying Magic Orbz. Might I recommend Smash Cars, Mushroom Wars or Hamsterball?

If you’re taking requests then Move support for Mahjong Tales would be amazing… *wink wink nudge nudge* Using the Move like a mouse with an on screen pointer would make that game a lot smoother and natural to play I think.

I’ll definitely check out SkyFighter though based solely on your reputation as amazing devs – can’t beat a quality PSN game. I am sure I spend more time on pick-up-and-play PSN titles than I do on the big budget disc-based games!


Move for Mahjong Tales… hmmm. Honestly, I don’t know if our team has considered it, so I will be sure to pass it along. It’s a very cool idea.

Thanks for the kind words about SkyFighter. Please let us know your thoughts when you check it out.

No Demo = No Sale


I hear you, Wraxend, and that’s fair enough. Everyone responds differently to different games, and sometimes you need to try before you buy.

Stay tuned. You’ll be pleased.


Looks like a pretty cool game but I think a need a demo before I hand over my cash.


Thanks, makingdamage. See the above post. :-)

Looks gorgeous! Like remake of awesome Wings of Fury. Waiting for demo.


Noticing a trend here…

Bought the game, just waiting for it to download :)

Slightly annoyed after I bought it to find out that the US will get it for $10, which is a bit unfair, but I suppose we get this one first :p


Wow, thanks so much, Talvin. Please let me know what you think.

I understand your frustrations regarding the international pricing, but it’s not something that we control. Fact is, it’s all much too complicated for my poor little brain to figure out.

well overal the game is very simple 2 play just like those old school games i like that it plays very close 2 those type off games the art style and look make it high qualiy game it’s really awesome you guys included custom music not many game make use off the that same goes for the sixaxis this game makes it feel it’s using almost everything possible what most big developers overlook only big problem that i saw was it doesen’t have multiplayer online that would have made the game more awesome especialy if you made it co-op.

i kinda understand also why you diden’t include multiplayer online cause i bought psn games like alien breed and anarchy rush hour and nobody really plays them online. P.S:srry for my bad writing my keyboard is actually busted some times it won’t responde.


Now that’s feedback! Thank you, dgnfly!

I really appreciate your request for online multiplayer. As I wrote above, if we get enough demand for it, it’s always a possibility.

Just wondering how many trophy’s it has,as i’ve looked everywhere to find the answer but the usual sites haven’t got this game on their lists yet.It really does look a brilliant game,hence me asking how many trophy’s it has before i buy it.


I’m not sure, Sm*ckhead. I’ll ask the producer.

Cheers for the reply Scott :)

Just done the first few missions, very good game and very well polished (like most of Creat/Tik games tend to be). Quite challenging too, maybe its because all the old school games mentioned here were before my time lol.

I’ll second what Sazzrah said, a move compatible Mahjong would be good, especially with some new levels :p

Sweet graphics

I’m interested to know how long the game is and if it loops back to the beginning but at a harder level of difficulty once you get through as these types of games are all about getting a higher score than the next guy.

So, forgetting trophies, from start to finish how long to get through?
Alternatively, how many levels?

I don’t want to get burnt like I id with CAPCOM’s PSN release of 1942 where the game took about 30 mins to beat. Sure it looked great but felt more like a demo than a full PSN game.

LordOfThePies80 25 September, 2010 @ 12:43

Another great looking game tik chaps. Unfortunately I’ve decided to leave the games without online multiplayer well alone.
The lack of online multiplayer on games such as joe danger, burn zombie burn etc… kinda ruined the lasting appeal for me.
I’ll be eagerly keeping my eyes peeled for any update.
Big fan of magic orbs and smash cars. Good luck with this 1.

This game has “Triplane Turmoil” written all over it :)

Yeah, sorry guys but I really do think online multiplayer is essential for a title like this. I wish you all the best with the game though, it looks really cool.

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