Digital Comics Store Update (29th September 2010)

Digital Comics Store Update (29th September 2010)

Hello again! As winter encroaches on the northern hemisphere what better excuse than to stay indoors and read some comics? Plus, with Digital Comics you don’t even need to leave the house to go to the shops.

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got in store:

One of DC’s bestselling titles makes its debut with the first 6 issues of Grant Morrison’s JLA. It features all your favourite superheroes including Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman.

If you’ve not checked out Jeff Smith’s multi award winning Bone yet, now might be the time. Today we release a new bundle featuring the first 6 issues at the reduced price of £5.59/€6.99.

For the brave amongst you we have all 5 issues of Silent Hill: Dead/Alive which features an incredibly evil 8 year old girl.

For Aardman fans both Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit return to the store for more hilarious adventures.

Finally you can download a free 10 page preview of DC’s Green Lantern Emerald Warriors.

  • 2000AD PROG #1699 2000AD
  • Batman #657, #658 & #663 DC
  • Bone #6 Cartoon Books
  • Bone Bundle #1-#6 Cartoon Books
  • Dual #2 DC
  • Eega Beeva and the Loving Misadventure Disney
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 DC
  • High Moon #10 DC
  • I Rule The Night #3 DC
  • JLA #1-#6 DC
  • Jonah Hex #24 DC
  • Jurassic Park #3 IDW
  • Midnight Kiss #2 Markosia
  • The Mighty Avengers (2007) #12-#16 Marvel
  • Powers (2000) #21 & #22 Icon
  • RASL #6 Cartoon Books
  • Sandman #3 DC
  • Scrooge McDuck and The Quarters of Nobility #1 & #2 Disney
  • Shaun the Sheep #6 Titan
  • Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1 – #5 IDW
  • Smoke & Mirror #1 Markosia
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney
  • Sonic Universe #13 & #14 Archie
  • Star Trek: The Movie Adaptation #5 & #6 IDW
  • Superman / Batman #30 DC
  • Supertron #2 DC
  • Victorian Undead #5 DC
  • Wallace and Gromit Comic #11 – #14 Titan
  • Welcome To Tranquility #5 DC
  • Witch & Wizard #4 IDW
  • Wolverine (1982) #3 & #4 Marvel

Please visit for prices or to see the whole catalogue.

P.S. Those of you who have already downloaded Eternal Decent #3, IDW have updated the file to contain some extra audio. Just delete your local copy and redownload from the store to access the new content.

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Not to much to talk about today, so Just thanks for answering all our questions all the time. and here are my questions. ;)

The good old questions:
Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
Comics reader for PS3
And Crossregion gifting?

Hello Shadowdragoon, as you may have guessed, there are still no answers to these questions. One day I hope to have good news for you…

Glad to see JLA here and a new Green Lantern. Shame there is no Y this week :( but still enough to keep me occupied


any news on the next installment of Dragon age?

Are these available on the PS3, or just PSP?

Currently they are only on the PSP. But we hope one day to have them displayed in all their HD glory.

More Powers this week? Nice :)

Great to see Grant Morrison’s JLA being released by DC to, but what on earth at DC doing with how they are publishing Green Lantern? It’s all over the place! Green Lantern has been on this massive story arch since Rebirth, but instead of following that in order with the digital releases they are jumping from one part to other. How is anyone meant to be able to properly follow the story?

Hey Ravenblade86, if you are referring to the Emerald Warriors release today, it’s only a 10 page free promo. Probably to drive traffic to retail stores.

Give us a release date or atleast say if it’s coming this year to other countries.


Welcome back Pete.
Kind of strange that it is not Pauline that answers now.

Cheers, I’ll let Pauline know that you miss her.
We’ve been really busy recently so I rarely get the pleasure of talking to you guys.


Ah ok, that makes a bit more sense. They have still be all over the place with how they have been releasing Green Lantern though. What did we get, Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origins and then No Fear?

TBH it confuses me too!

Hope Sony will release this Comic store soon for The Netherlands :(


is there any chance that we might be getting some manga soon?




Winter encroaches also in Belgium, but I still have to leave the house to go the shops to buy some comics to read.
At least Mubi will keep me indoor to watch some movies. (I hope they still release in october, haven’t heard any recent news about it)


I’ve been playing with the beta code – looks like an amazing service and I’m glad they are sharing the love across Europe!

So do I


whoops that was meant to be in response to @NL-ENZYME17

I really hope the rest of europe get to enjoy these someday soon.

More Manga and more Bundle Please! :) :)
Loving the comics, but I will need to buy a bigger Memory Card soon! (Wanna keep them all with me all the time)


heh! Glad to see a S.A. here on the blog. You need to tell more of your countrymen about the service! More bundles are on the way.


It would be AMAZING if you guys eventually brought HD comics to PS3. I’m very intersted in reading some comics (I never got to read comics when I was younger! :P ) & I don’t own a PSP :|

we want comics on ps3! :)


We do too!

is pauline coming back? she was cool.
uh, not that you’re not pete, just…

uh, anyway, moving on :)

nice to see wonder woman in some capacity, shame it’s not her own title but hey, better than nothing.

so i guess i’ll be checking out JLA.

another decent update, as they usually are, and i mean that, if anything there’s too much stuff there, if i bought everything i wanted it would cost me a fortune.

only one thing concerns me though, what happened to y the last man?


Hey! Don’t worry, Pauline is definitely cooler than me and will be back!
I do believe that Wonder Woman will be on the store very soon, & Y The Last Man will be back next week.

I’m getting tired of waiting for some news about when this will be available for the rest of the world

Hmm, no Y: the last man this week?


He’ll be back next week

thanks pete, you know you’re cool too right? ;)


you’re just saying that because I’ve promised you some Wonder Woman!

Thanks for the reply Pete. Also any chance of seeing Strangers in Paradise on the shop?

mostly that, but not just that. :)

i just had an idea that could be incorporated into a future version of the reader, how about some sort of built in store.

so you can buy issues from within the reader application itself, it’d be handy for when you’re reading a series and you get to the end of th last issue you have and you could provide a link to the next issue on the store.

on second thoughts, anything that makes it easier for me to buy the comics is probably not a good idea. :)
at least not as far as my finances are concerned.


Hmm, Found a little annoyance in the Comics reader, or more correctly in the music player it got. It do not support Japanese writing, making some of my music appear named like ???????, Is it possible that further version gets more language supports?

Just give us something a date or a year. The silence is killing me. You should never have said it would come to rest of Europe. Come on how hard can it be to give us some comics. You can get all those on the torrents, but the people that want to pay can’t. Thats just stupid.


loving the comics guys, my problem is there is just so much to choose from lol, seriously tho can we get the ability to download and view the comic store on the PS3 even if we cant read them on the PS3 yet. also if we do the PS3 way how about if i subscribe to a series the playstation plus auto downloads the issues for me saving me the hastle… not a bad idea huh.

much love guys

Since the amazing Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3, any chance of the Mass Effect comics?

A bit of Tintin and Asterix wouldn’t go a miss either.

i luved wallace and gromit, but i nvr new dat there were comicz based on em! XO

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