PlayStation Home: Heroes and Villains!

The PlayStation Home weekly update blog post – coming to you this week from San Francisco! I’m here for meetings with the American team to discuss a range of future initiatives. Unfortunately that means I’m a little displaced in time from the EU team and writing with jetlag, so please excuse any lack of specific details this week.

I’ll get started this week with news that I know will make some of you happy: we have our first batch of the great costumes that have been released in America recently. Whether you’re into fighting crime as a masked hero, or causing mayhem as a villain, we’ve got you (spandex) covered! On the hero side there’s Captain Inflame-o, The Epsilon Viper and Nocturne, facing off against the villainous Wild Scarlet, Red Raven and Cyborg. Keeping an eye on all of them from a dirty alleyway is the Hobo… deadly assassin in disguise, or just a man down on his luck?

PlayStation Home: Heroes and Villains! PlayStation Home: Heroes and Villains!

PlayStation Home: hobo

VEEMEE‘s latest animal-themed costume items have proven to be a hit, and this week sees the second release. Check out the V-store for the latest creatures, including vicious looking draconic pieces.

Lockwood’s dropping some more female clothing this week. The latest in fashion from Lockwood is described as “rock chick” and includes a range of gloves and new tops. I’ll let the screenshot do the talking:

PlayStation Home: Crop Tops

To finish off quickly, we also have costumes for The Last Airbender and a small LocoRoco update. Yup, there’s another unusual item to wear on your head!

PlayStation Home: yokke

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A very light update then.

Sweet update wonder what the The Last Airbender costumes look like.

on a side note you going to the Eurogamer Expo Thy?


Probably not at the Expo – I don’t get back to the UK until late morning on Saturday.

Not been interested in HOME for ages, I still think if Phil was pioneering the project it would be in a better state. Still, I’m glad to see SONY constantly updating it.


Yerrrrr the hero and villains outfit :) cannot wait 2 slip into my spandex and keep the streets of home safe from crime :) was hoping 4 lake house this week :( but this a good update

HI alex HOME milk-cow Rep :D

any plans for SCEE 15th anniversary today with-in the Milk cow er Mean Home as The SCEE store team have completely forgot the date & such No content to Mark a very special occasion don‘t you agree. :|

nice update alex it a shame nothing was a something dun abt the playstion birthday today :( oh well i guess we will have to wait intill the 25th birthday lol. :(

Nice update :), but when are lockwood releasing their back-catalogue of male jeans. There’s only about 5 or 6 on the store at the moment :(.

1. Are The Last Airbender outfits freebies? 2. Will we be receiving the commemorative PlayStation ornament that was mentioned a while ago to celebrate the 15th anniversary? 3. Did you remember to wear some flowers in your hair? :D


1. Can’t confirm right now as I’m a bit distant from the team.

2. I’ve not heard anything, just yet, but I’ll check as soon as I get back into the office next week.

3. Nope :), but I did enjoy a wonderful dinner at a seaside restaurant last night. Weather here is wonderful this week!


Sounds like supers that never made the final cut with DC or Marvel. Who are these guys supposed to be? Also, is there any chance of us getting Marvel heroes and villians that doesnt include having no life and playing a game over and over to make top 10? seriously.


That would be up to Marvel, as we can’t use their IP without their permission.


When will we hear more about the upcoming Steampunk Space.

Alex could you ask the US Team about the many apartments we’ve reguested that they’ve created please.

Have a nice holiday by the way

Im sure that Hobo’s shoes look familiar. Fact hobo gloss. It comes from Ho boys which where transient employment seeking farm work at harvest and planting times whom took to country roads getting a days work here, a months there. Gloss hoax is from hocus pocus. Meh anyway summers coming and as 25 odd perspaces are not enoughh for me and Im half greek,m I’d love to see both Santorini spaces in eu Home. And the Waterfall cabin space too. And that awful screen needs to quieeten up in Home shopping centre, particularly when trying to load and browse Theads which it interferes with loading times, not to mention the constant repitition is mind skullingly awaful. No I’m not turning all 3 volume dials down each time. Its a hassle. Male skiJaclets would be nice, and a way to order our wardrobes and chuck things or give stuff away(like ho-boy shoes)

i like dat sea-sidey place, eh?

Can You spot the difference between our Post & SCEA Post of Home They Useing same pictures But?

Unbelievable as a certain game is out next week Shame on SCEE. Shame on konami. :/

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