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Check out the first half of our two-part ‘making of’ video for Heavy Rain Move Edition. Heavy Rain writer/director David Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere from Quantic Dream look back on the success of Heavy Rain and provide an insight into the upcoming Move Edition, that some of you may have already played if you own the original and downloaded the patch.

Part two coming next week….

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True 1:1 did I hear in the vid? …hm, a bit of false advertising?
It’s mostly gestures from what I’ve played and some gestures are done badly.
Like when you knock on a door, the character knocks repeatedly and you only do one gesture (not very 1:1…).

Takes you out of the game.
But so far, I’d say about 85% of it feels natural and fun.

We need a Heavy Rain 2 that reaaally gets developed with MOVE in mind, true 1:1 actions, not gesture based stuff, but I know, won’t happen.

It sucks you made them stop developing the DLC to make the movep atch. Would have much preferred the DLC

We want more DLC.

I agree with BiosNova. I do have PS Move and played Heavy Rain with it… it’s alright I guess. But I wanted Quantic Dream to clear up some of the storylines, specifically Jayden’s.

lol 1:1? more like motion gesture >.<

More Heavy Rain DLC, please.

Will the UK version(ordered from have Finnish subtitles?

hopefully sony’s fanbase surpasses the 360’s and even possibley the wii’s/ps2’s in absolutely every region, so dat sony can make da best of da gamez dat they sell X)

I played heavy rain a few times, tried with move as well, its good but dunno why dont feel like playing much maybe its cuz the game is dark and depressing :(

DLC please


getting my move controller tommorow!!:D

cant wait to saw of my finger in true 1:1

agree with everyone here, tried the demo and it is not 1to1… its the same as using a pad, but with maybe a tiny bit more variety. at least u can use the analogue stick to walk now though, better than the old driving game controls… don’t need more dlc though, would create more plot holes than it would fill

Look Sony its obvious why you decided to do this Move edition rather than DLC it because you had no killer app for the Move on release. So rather than getting something like Socom ready for the launch you made Quantic Dream cancel they’re DLC plan.

Move add on is gettig some medeocer reviews. It´s a same all that talent is waisted on move and not on some awesome DLC. This doesn´t do anything for the otherwise awesome game.

Got Move edition preordered. While it is based on gestures that can be difficult to understand at times, I will say that the Shelby fight scene is much more exciting with Move than it is without. Actually panicking to move at the right times and tiring yourself out in order to survive really adds to the onscreen danger.

I think I echo the many in that I feel while interesting, the move patch upon a bit of a playthrough (I’ve platinumed the entire game so couldn’t bring myself to even do a full game with move) doesn’t truely add much other than an interface.

The extra chronicles and story content were and would have greatly enriched our experience. We as a community greatly supported Heavy Rain. Sony should support Quantic Dreams and Heavy Rain itself so that it can be experienced the way it was intended. Through the release of the final episodic content. I and many fans deserve it. Its not like it didn’t sell well, and there is mostly likely even a 2nd push even behind this move edition. There isn’t even a financial rationale behind not giving us the content which was supposed to have been given.

I wanted to enjoy playing Heavy Rain with Move, but really I can’t, I hate it. It just feels like the Move compatability has been cheaply “tacked on”.

Now I’m just waiting for an Assault Rifle Move peripheral to play MAG in the way I dreamed of :-D

@ FatTrousers

Search PS3 Battle rifle, it looks quite good.


I played a couple of hours last night. If it was the first time I’d tried the game I think I’d probably have appreciated the new functionality, but having to re-learn a completely new controller scheme was actually quite frustrating.
As I really liked ‘The Taxidermist’ episode, I’d have much preferred the DLC instead. Sorry.

the move controls are horrible, i tried the move demo and i spent the 1st 2 minutes struggling to get the on screen indications to work :( i prefer my special edition copy of heavy rain over this thanks, they should concentrate on removing the copy protection on the save file more than anything else!

I traded my special edition the day Move came out,No DLC meant I couldn’t keep it,same as I never thought I would get rid of it.

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