Introducing Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

It’s Rich from Capcom here today to talk to you about the next Capcom title, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. This will be released on 15 October.

Hopefully you will have already heard of the game, but if you haven’t, here is a quick introduction, in a form that everyone can easily understand . . . a fun fact list!

1) The game takes place during the Sengoku era in Japan. This period between the 15th and early 17th centuries was also known as the warring states period as many warlords and clan vied for control of Japan.

2) The decisive battle during this period took place at Sekigahara in 1600 which cleared the way for Tokugawa Ieyasu to establish the first Shogunate in Japan. This battle is also the main event in the game!

Sekigahara battle

3) All of the characters in the game are based on real historical figures from the Sengoku era . . .

4) But not all of their moves and powers are based on real life abilities (well, strictly speaking we don’t know that but I’m pretty sure they aren’t all possible – check out the video if you don’t believe me).

5) The game is known as Sengoku Basara 3 in Japan.

6) The series has been so popular in Japan that it has spawned a sub-culture of female fans known as ‘Rekiio’ or history women.

7) One of the main characters, Masamune Date, has been used in a poster for a mayoral election in Miyagi, Japan.

Introducing Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

8 ) Next time you’re in Japan you could visit the Sengoku Basara theme park or try your vocal skills at the Sengoku Basara karaoke.

9) There is an anime series based on the game which is from the same animation house as the legendary ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and the anime sequence from ‘Kill Bill: Part 1’.

10) There are over 100 items to collect in the game. These items can be used to improve your abilities, weapons and your allies.

11) You can work with another player in the game to boost your XP and accumulate more of the in game currency as you take on swathes of enemies together.

12) Although your character starts with only one special ‘Basara’ move, you unlock more abilities as your XP increases throughout the game (some of these are truly mental, such as the 17th Century jet-pack attack).

13) The game will be launched on 15 October Europe and Australia (or did I already mention that one?)

You can see the latest trailer from the game below or head over to to find out more about the characters and see them in (true to life) action.

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Played the demo last month on the US PSN store, it’s pretty good, though a tad difficult against bosses.

is that online 2 player co-op or only same console split screen?


It’s seems relly cool just like Dynasty Warriors for PS2.

Just one problem where is co-op online guys? Without online co-op i dont buy this game, because playing alone is boring!!!



any answer to my question?….*crickets*….*tumbleweed blows by*….oh ok

this looks cool. i have only seen the trailer but if it is a cross between monster hunter and shadow of the collosus im in. does it have move support… i mean it is on the wii also.

its pretty awesome i played the demo a couple of weeks ago.

Looks pretty good, but is that English voice acting I hear in the game?
Hopefully there’s option for English subtitles and Japanese voices as real historical figures from the Sengoku era . . probably did not speak English. Original voice acting > Dub.

Gotta check out the demo if there’s one available on one of the stores.

Tried the demo out a few weeks back, I wasnt that impressed tbh. Very repeptitive gameplay, average graphics and annoying/cheesey quotes from the characters. I think if you can get into it though, it will be a long lasting game.


Please make a ninja game next time.

I will not buy this now, although I like it a lot, a purchase for when it drops the price a little.


So it’s a new dynasty warriors basically? Can’t wait.

Now introduce a demo and you may have a potential customer. Don’t introduce a demo and you are sure not to have me as your customer.

I know there’s a demo already, North America has it. The question is: Why don’t we have it?

I find it insulting you’re advertising your game like this without even releasing a demo. I’ve been a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series but I’d already looking for something new. This looks like it but I can’t be sure without trying. I’m also not very eager to create a second account just for a single demo…

Yeah Samurai Warriors on Playstation 3!Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Love Koei Series!YH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Playsttaion 3 The Game Is Just The Start!

@Tenchuwoh: Umm, this is NOT Samurai Warriors and this is NOT KOEI. This is Capcom and Sengoku Basara. I, too, was mistaken the first time I heard about this game.

I never liked Dynasty warriors but this seems somehow a lot better. Similar feeling but the moves are pretty cool and the gameplay somehow seems a lot faster. The game could use few a lot more combos and attacks to lessen the somewhat repeative nature tough.

Demo impressed me quite a bit after managing to clear both the levels. Certainly gave me better impression than dynasty warriors ever has with the flashy moves and insane combos.

The game is not for everyone tough.

Really looking forward to this game, but am kind of sad that the JP voices won’t make it. I guess they had licensing issues or such with that? Still I wouldn’t mind if they provide the JP dub tracks as download-able contents or an update.


WOW this game Looks amazing, im gonna order it right now!

Any plans for some playstation Home content to go along with it?

@ Xiyng:Nevermind the half characters are from Samurai Warriors,the game style is the same!It is a copy!Neverming i just played the demo from US Store and i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!I will buy it the first day it comes!


sony or any 1 will not reply becauce the blog is dead maybe becauce all the ps3 are dead to?


I missed out on Devil Kings so I’ll pick this one up

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