VidZone Update: Chin High, Puff Chest We Get Right To It…

Just a little round up of the amazing new videos we have on this week… First of all we have Mark Ronson’s ludicrously catchy “Bike Song” featuring some very blonde Ronson hair. We also have Madcon asking you whether you are “Freaky like Me” (not like me… that would just be weird…like him…) AND… AND… AND… the AWESOME new single by the Kings of Leon which is entitled “Radioactive” and is AWESOME… oh… I said that already.

Hot New Videos

VidZone Update

So hot you can’t touch them, so new you can’t see them and so videoey that you can’t… eat them? As well as the videos I talked about above videos from John Legend & The Roots and the one and only Santana and many many more of course.

Official Playstation Magazine
They just can’t stop picking videos… well that’s because we asked them to pick loads. Expect a few more weeks of these beautifully eccentric playlists like these from our friends at OPM.

VidZone Update


Artists of the Week

Robbie Williams – Including new single with Gary Barlow ‘Shame’ (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

VidZone Update

Raphael – Featuring new single ‘Bar De L’hôtel’ (France, Belgium, Luxembourg)

VidZone Update

Di-Rect – Featuring new single ‘Natural high’(Netherlands)

VidZone Update

Bakkushan – Featuring new single ‘Springwut’ (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

VidZone Update

One To Watch – Labrinth (UK, Ireland)
Simon Cowell has been looking elsewhere than the bubbling cauldron of talent that is the X-Factor contestants past and present. You can see why he has chosen these guys. They are very very good and deserve the coveted title of VidZone “One to Watch” Featuring single ‘Let The Sunshine’.

VidZone Update

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock (UK, Ireland)
To coincide with the release of the new “Warriors of Rock” release by the boys (and girls) at Guitar Hero, we have a special playlist featuring songs from the game including Motorhead ‘Ace Of Spades’, Thin Lizzy ‘Jailbreak’ and Orianthi ‘Suffocated’ to celebrate. Listen then go and buy the game and become one of your heros.

VidZone Update

Festival Round-Up (UK IE)
With the 14 million of this summer’s festivals a distant (and hazy) memory we thought we would give you one last chance to reminisce before the winter draws in. Featuring footage from Reading 2010, Lovebox 2010 and headliners from this year’s biggest festivals.

VidZone Update: Chin High, Puff Chest We Get Right To It...FESTIVALROUNDUP_EN

Artist of the Week – Professor Green (UK Ireland) – The off colour doctor takes the spotlight to celebrate his new single.

New Playlists – We have Our Favourite Folk Hits made into a playlist for your beardy acoustic viewing pleasure as well as what we consider to be Just Good Tunes, self explanatory… so I will shut up.

Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:

Video Requests
Customer Support

…Choice is there no choice but to get to it… (Artist and title please)… and get to it we did. We love having so many ways to talk to guys and letting you know what we got in store for you, so imagine how excited we were when we were offered the chance to keep you up to date via our own page on Check it out to see what we have featured, like you don’t know already…

I’m off to see how high my chin can really get.

As always… Same time… two weeks… be there.

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I know that You’re sick of ‘WHEN POLAND’ so I’ll ask the other way. Are you talking with polish ZAIKS, I guess, bout pushing this service to our country? Cause it is a little funny when other European countries can watch polish music videos and we can’t…

devilwithoutfear 30 September, 2010 @ 18:31

finally the netherlands has it’s own artist of the week(and I like Di-rect)
I gotta give the Vidzone team a bear for all there hard work.
oh and here’s a short list of my reguest(s)
Britney Spears, You drive me crazy Label- Jive Records
Lena Meyer-Landrut, Touch a new day – Universal Music
and another from Lena, My Cassette Player

why do speek as if Labrinth is more then 1 person? he’s 1 guy?

”You can see why he has chosen these guys. They are very very good”

Labrinth wrote, produced & sang on the track ‘Let The Sunshine’

Its 1 person



Ok Ok, you caught me out. I try and take as much notice of all the music we have on our service, I pride myself in my music knowledge and unfortunately I slipped up on this one. The guy is obviously is so talented I musty have assumed it was more than one person…

Apologies, plurals and Labrinth will never be seen in a sentence together ever again.

quick question to the Vidzone team. Can i use my PS Move controller to Navigate the menu’s? if not are there plans to patch it in? also anychance that vidzone will get anymore social network intergration like posting personal playlist to facebook etc etc. thanks in advance

When Poland ??????????????????????????

When P…………….ink Floyd ? :)

Just love Vidzone. Love it!

….and when Nuclear Blast record label?


Roots Manuva = Chin High or Leftfield = Dusted ;-) I love Leftfield


Nicely done…

I was thinking Chin High… But either will do. They are both awesome

OK , It’s been more than a year now , And this service has not expanded to other countries .
will we ever see it expand ? I doubt it !!!
You will say the typical answer “we are working on expanding the service and as soon as we have something we will announce it”

OK Ki** ** **s. We will never see that here in Saudi Arabia I’m sure , And I won’t be proven wrong


/team world police
Mark Ronsooooonnn!

Much kudos for the Leftfield/Roots Manuva reference in the subject line :)


Hey jonbwfc

Thanks. I love the lyrics quizzes and it seems you guys do too so i will keep them up.

It gives me a chance to subtly talk about the music I love too :)


I’m not going to use VidZone again! EVER! Because it broke my old PS3! I just went to VidZone, then PS3 shutted off and tried to put back on, then camer Yellow Light Of Death :( VIDZONE SHOULD GIVE ME 329€ FOR BUYING SLIM BECAUSE THE APPLICATION!!


When Poland ??????????????????

Where`s Madcon?


vidzone needs to be compatible on all bravia tvs and blu-ray players and perhaps VAIO PCs, Sony Dash systems, android & ericsson mobiles etc.

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