inFAMOUS 2 – Welcome To New Marais

As some of you may be aware, the awesome 2D comic book style cut-scenes from inFAMOUS have returned in inFAMOUS 2 (only this time, they’re much much prettier ;)).

Below is one of the early cut-scenes from the game, “Welcome to New Marais” – which is the introduction to Cole’s new playground.

This was premiered at Eurogamer Expo last Friday. Check it out


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Amazing, Looking forward for this game.

Played this at the Eurogamer Expo on Saturday, absolutely fantastic demo and made me very excited to play the full game.

“inFAMOUS have returned to inFAMOUS 2 (only this time, they’re much much prettier ;) )”

Sentence doesn’t make sense…

James Gallagher 06 October, 2010 @ 17:13

The first line of text got nicked, somehow. Fixing now.

Actually this trailer premiered at Sucker Punch’s Comic Con San Diego panel.

Elliott Linger 06 October, 2010 @ 17:53

That was a montage trailer, this one is the final version you’ll see in game :)

they need to get Coles voice actor from the first back

changing his appearance back to the old cole but keeping the same actor is just stupid

That was awesome. So glad they kept the comic book style cutscenes to tell the story. Cannot wait for this!

Elliott Linger 06 October, 2010 @ 17:55

Me too – Sucker Punch have done an awesome job with these cut scenes

OMG! Looks awesome! Just recently bought the 1st, loved it left me wanting more! When is this released?? I NEED IT! LOL

Please add multiplayer this time. Please!!! It would be so cool! :D

Cant wait for this will there be a demo?

Is it Move compatible?

I know some people complain about the new actor but I really can’t see why. He does a great job, as well as possessing all the characteristics in his voice that suit Cole. The difference is minimal, but an improvement in my opinion.

It’s nice to know that Cole has gotten over his sore throat from the first game, but who is doing the soundtrack since Amon Tobin left?

Carnivius_Prime 06 October, 2010 @ 18:21

Keeps failing to appear for me. No idea why. Doesn’t matter. Even just based on how much I enjoyed the first game this is already on my most wanted list of upcoming games along with LBP2 and the new Motorstorm.

#10, or k-man450, YES IT WILL HAVE MOVE SUPPORT!

what shall i say…

i´m glad Cole looks like Cole again, but still the new Voice sucks…
but i think its better to have the old Cole with a new voice as a new cole with a new voice…

but still i would be much happier if he would sound like the Man he was in the first Infamous…now he sounds ummmm…like a ****

So, the voice actor of Cole will remain the same for the Old Young Cole in the final version?

i watched most of that before, but the voice seemed to have changed from last time, maybe changed to be more like the first Cole, i trust that suckerpunch know what they are doing.

They still should’ve hired the first voice actor. That heavy/deep/grunting voice was amazing and f*ing angry! I loved that!

Why can’t they have an option as to which Cole you want to look like. I loved the E3 version, and hate the old/new look.



That is NOT coles voice. -_-

He just sounds like an arrogant tw*t. Someone I don’t wish to play as.

Why have you ruined cole sucker punch? WHY?!

Awesome! Really looking forward to it!


Bring back old voice!!
And make “new” old Cole more badass!
After what happened in 1st game he should be even more badass.
and I think some tatoo of Trish on arm will look good. ;)

But even’s still a awesome game!


Must buy! Love to see the splatter back in the cut scenes :D Also the voice acting is much better now compared to the first trailer XD


This must be THE most iritating voice actor of all times! Guy sounds like a total douche!

Bring back the old guy, new one is simply disgusting!

Looks better then when it was first released, And much better then the new DMC yet everything looks better then that! :D ROCK ON COLE

I ended up preferring the old new old Cole,But the new old new old old Cole is good.
I think the new VO artist has better emotion in the delivery,seems he could play out a different good/bad cole depending on the players karma,didnt feel that from the first dude,but then again we only heard him as the old old Cole,

Looks really nice, but please keep the game single player :-)


Whats wrong with a little multiplayer?


Will this be rated 18+/M?

yepee!!!! is this game gonna be in ps store caz i bought infamous from ps store…


It just doesn’t fit a game like inFamous. Multiplayer is for Racing games and shooters. Not for action/adventure. But thats just my opinion ;-).


POW,RIGHT IN THE KISSER. waiting for this ever since i finished the first, i smell a early trial for plus users?

cannot wait, shame there is no spicific date


Ant chance of including the various unused Cole redesigns as unlockable skins in the final game? I honestly prefer them to what you guys are going with at the moment.

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