God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Origins” Trailer and Bonus Content

Hope you’ve all enjoyed unleashing chaos in the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo available on PlayStation Store.

As we move closer to the launch of the game in PAL regions, we thought it only fair to share even more amazing gameplay footage. Check out the latest “Origins” trailer which provides a glimpse of the endless nightmares that continue to haunt Kratos.

You will notice that Kratos’ brother Deimos makes an appearance in the trailer. To reward all of God of War fans who purchase the game, I’m really excited to tell you that will receive an EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD voucher in the Ghost of Sparta box that unlocks the Deimos character skin for God of War III on PS3.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Pre-order Skin

So relive the God of War III experience like never before as you get to PLAY as Kratos’ brother, Deimos, who benefits from enhanced combat damage and 4x the Health, Magic and Gold Orbs, giving you the ultimate rage-fuelled Spartan!

For those who own a PSP GO, don’t worry we have made sure you’ll get the Deimos skin when you purchase God of War: Ghost of Sparta from the PlayStation Store as well.

If you have comments for the studio then please let me know and make sure you stay tuned for further updates.

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addyjones1234 07 October, 2010 @ 17:33

EU release date, price and preorder(including PSPgo) details please ;)

no release date yet
this is madness


Hi pn3b0y good question,5th November for UK and Ireland, 4th November in Australia & New Zealand and 3rd November for the rest of PAL regions.

OMGOMGOMG!!!! :D I litterally jumped up and down when I saw this its my fav game franchise PLEASE!!! tell me we get the Kratos Avatar aswell

European_Gamer 07 October, 2010 @ 17:42

When will you make a game based on the nordic or egyptian mythology?

almighty-slayer 07 October, 2010 @ 17:46

A release date would be far more useful.


will we get the same psp bundle with god of war ghost of sparta as US? and with the same pre-order bonus?

AngelVsMadman 07 October, 2010 @ 17:52

nice to have Deimos, but i want the other US pre-order goodies, like the PS3 dyn. theme & Soundtrack

No collector’s edition for us then?


Is there any limit for how long the Deimos skin will be available ??


Hi sraotbainns, good news no time restrictions for the offer on the Deimos skin.

Devilhunter_PS 07 October, 2010 @ 18:32

so the deimos dlc will come with every copy of the game huh?hwhat about the preorder bonuses that are available for the US,will we be able to get those as well?

Kratos’s brother? :|
Everyone was expecting a new full game with him as new main character of the new start for the GoW saga.

I’m astonished. :|

devilwithoutfear 07 October, 2010 @ 18:51

does Ghost of Sparta contain the same dutch voice actors in GOWIII?


Sorry devilwithoutfear they don’t make it for Ghost of Sparta.


Will the NA pre-order bonuses (PS3/PSP themes, soundtracks, etc) be available in the EU after the release of the game?

Coolio, looks great. I remember in the extras of GoW that they had a story planned for Kratos and his brother, it’s cool to see they’re exploring that story in this game.

Also is the GoWIII Deimos skin purely cosmetic or does it have any different attributes or yield certain bonuses like others do? And on a related note will we ever be able to get/purchase all the GoWIII character skins? Because it sucks that there were other editions that had the extras and multiple retailers offered a different skin for pre-ordering from them and one required buying a dozen Slurpees from 7-11 in the US etc… it’d be nice to be able to have all the different character skins.

Great! :D A reason to play through gow3 again, again, again… not that i need it though :D

But but but!!!!!!!, what about all the pre order stuff they get in north america? do we get any of that?

Looking forward to this!

Great trailer, really looking forward to this.


Glad you like the trailer bap10 :)

in the frame of video that is showing before you click play the character on the left looks a lot like Sam Witwer (aka Starkiller from Force Unleashed).

Amazing trailer. I hope the story turns out to be a deep one. The part where Kratos shuts up Athena is just SWEET! I didn’t like her role in God Of War 3.

Deimos, sound like ‘demon’. Very cool.

um…..how about some skins for the psp game as well? im buying it anyway


#4 That would be awesome

#4: David Jaffe talked about God Of war 3 originally going that way. I really thought that ending would be more fitting to the trilogy. But Maby some day we will get God Of War 4 to end that way :P.

wow is all I can say way to push the psp to its limits looks better then some current gen games

what about those who don’t have a psp at all, will this dlc be available for sale later?

Will the download version have the skin for non-Go downloaders? I imagine yes, but I wanted to check before I waste my money.


Do we (Australians) get this Deimos Skin, and do we get the pre-order incentive (PSN Avatar, PS3 Dynamic Theme, God of War Documentary etc.)?

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :D the family off Kratos interesting story

Devilhunter_PS 08 October, 2010 @ 09:56

will the rest preorder bonuses become available in europe?

I’m really excited about this game! The demo was great and I just can’t wait for it to be released :D

Meh, kratos’s brother as a skin?

I am really not enthralled by this. The lore of his brother is a hugely untapped part of the mythos of GOW. If anything his brother might’ve eventuated at some point into being a huge boss battle and a really emotionally engaging conflict.

Instead, we get this. My view of Ghost of Sparta as just a cheap grab to keep GOW in the public eye has gone up, instead of it being an actual engaging instalment.

I stand corrected (just watched the brilliant trailer, jumped to silly conclusion! Still think the skin idea of GOWIII is a silly idea, but some people just need their gimmicks I guess.

Keep up the goodwork Ready at Dawn, looks like your shaping a just fine instalment to the series.


finally, we getta find out bout his bro, and we dont have 2 play as a bold hed now =D


You know what BalramRules, like 50,000 people already asked that question so I think that all future comments (if you’re feeling helpful and/or useful) should refer to that question, that way their bound to answer it at some point.


I’m looking forward to this game. It’s a shame though, that there is still no answer on whether the EU will be getting the special edition that NA will be getting.


I actually went on the American site and it turns out you can pre order it with the whole dlc package plus another dlc for an arena back drop. Just get it from EB games online (its the Australian game stop) delivered right to your door, the delivery coasts $30.00 but you can pick it up at a store! just like in god of war 3, there is always hope…


P.S. try and spread this around as much as you can so that no one misses out, Cyclops smile o).


weird that this psp game is already out on download sites and official release coming this november

how about shooting yourself in the foot ….


Can you get that download with the skin and the rest of the dlc….

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