New LittleBigPlanet 2 Featurette – Bounce Pads!

I’m sure many of you guys will have spotted fan videos of some of the amazing creations coming out of the current LittleBigPlanet 2 beta trial – and if not, next week I’ll be linking to some of the most utterly awesome of them. In the meantime though, here’s a brand new official LBP 2 video to finish off your week – Bounce Pads!

This is one of a series of videos highlighting some of the cool individual gameplay features of LBP 2. Bounce Pads might seem like a simple addition, but they bring a whole range of new fun – from classic platforming action to more adventurous uses. Look out for plenty more of these featurettes to come in the future.

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How can we get beta?

will the lbp psp levels that are mentioned on the us blog becoming to eu and will they be paid or free, also any chance of getting a lbp2 beta code since i bought a ton of dlc over the 2 years


Hi pn3b0y – as wizball-23 has already mentioned below, the ‘Kindred’ series of LBP PSP levels are 100% community-made, created by an amazing team of LBP PSP creators.

We do know that you and many others are desperate to get on the Beta Trial, but I’m afraid that right now we can’t expand the EU beta any further – apologies for that.

The US are getting more Beta invites, is the UK and Europe getting the same? In what timeframe?


Hi PeetFeet – The current beta trial actually began with the EU, and the invites going out soon in the US are to bring them up to the same level as Europe. As things stand we’re not able to expand the EU trial any further, I’m afraid, but we are looking at ways to try to give more people a chance to get their hands on LBP 2 soon, so stay tuned.


My littleBigPlanet sense was tingeling, just felt like there was something intresting about it on the web right now ^^

My first thought when i saw the hippie costume was: “Totaly rad dude!”

Also: Kan i haz beta pweety pwees wit a cerry on top!

Now tell me what that song is called, it is magical! :)
There are truly some music lovers over at Media Molecule, they always pick the most suitable tracks to go with their videos.


Glad you like it! I’ll have to check the title as I don’t know it for sure – and you’re right, the music taste over at Media Molecule is finely honed :)

Amherst_Wind_4 08 October, 2010 @ 20:16

We really need to get the beta onto the playstation store for everyone, or at least send out a LOT more invites. I think its the least you can do considering the delay, get on it please!


Hey Amherst_Wind_4 – we’d love to be able to open up the Beta Trial to everyone right now (especially considering how understanding LBP fans have been about the move in release date). But because the trial is taking place to test the stability of specific parts of the game, we need to start off with limited numbers.

As I said above though, your enthusiasm to get involved is not going unnoticed. :)


Wow that looks freakin awesome! :D You guys at MM knows how to produce kick ass trailers. Yeah as Mac11em said, the song rocks! what is called? :)

thanks Alex to share this, and can’t wait to play the full game!


please, please, when will we get collectors edition info for eu !?

BoH3MiaNRhAPSdY 08 October, 2010 @ 20:37

No lbp for xmas :( ah well ill see u janaury

Looking awesome, LittleBigPlanet always succeeds in putting a smile on your face :)


Great to hear that, glad you liked it :)

Nice trailer !
The music is good as always. ^^


So, with bounce pads can we edit how far up they go?


Yes indeed :)


Next up is,creatinator and power gloves trailer lol. The trailer was good but i already seen them in beta footages.


Awesome Video! ;)

Gorgeous as always


@pn3b0y: Do you mean the “Kindred” series of levels, that was mentioned in the most recent LBP update on the US blog?

If you do — my understanding is that the levels in question are just user-created levels, and will be available to everyone from the Community Moon, the same as any other user-created level.

(I say “just” user-created levels, but if you look at the list of creators involved… it’s like the LittleBigPlanet PSP community’s version of the JLA…)


AS I mentioned above, you’re absolutely right wizball-23 – and I love the phrase “LittleBigPlanet PSP community’s version of the JLA” They should all get some t-shirts made :)


The music at the end (being the intro music in Australia for the Cricket, for those unaware) has me in the mood for summer and CRICKET!

… and LBP2 of course…

You guys must have so much fun making these trailers. I posted this on FB before I even watched it, I just knew it would be good. The LBP trailers never fail to disappoint.


You’re right, working on LBP definitely brings a smile to the face. Glad you like the trailer! :)

Phoenixfire90 09 October, 2010 @ 06:41

Firstly I can comfirm that EU Beta’s already happening, and they’ve already contacted people 4 it (including me).
At the time no more EU people will be let in.
Secondly, love the way Mm do these trailers like movies, first was Tarzan: King of the ‘Sacks’ and now this, love the music.

Makes me wanna pop into create mode and go wild with the new tools… can’t wait for January!

bounce! bounce!

No beta for PS+…?


Hopefully there’ll be teleports now, so that you can complete levels where you have to die to progress, without dying, (being able to show off to your friends that you actually aced their level) =D

I really wish they wouldn’t put those videos out.
Because i want the game more !!


Sorry! ;) We just can’t help it, there’s so much cool stuff to show…!


Yay! That makes LBP 2 to be LBP 2!! :D

but these new invitations will be available for USA and Europe or just USA?


Hey TheMatty – Invitations are going out to US players soon to catch them up with Europe, as the beta trial started here first. Right now, we’re not able to open up the European beta trial any further, I’m afraid.


The ‘Contact Form’ link at the bottom of other blog posts older than 30 days is broken.


It just takes you to the top of the page.

If I could find on your site, some other way to contact you about this rather than just replying to a random blog, I would.

I can’t wait for Little Big Planet 2!!!It is AMAZING!Good work Sony!Playsttaion 3 the game is just the START!

lokusbewohner 10 October, 2010 @ 20:44

What is the Song name?


will we be able to have more than 4 friends in one game?


Hey SpeedyOLLY – LBP 2 lets you Play and Create with up to 3 other friends, but no more I’m afraid. More than 4 Sackboys at once would be too much awesomeness for anybody’s TV to handle ;-)

Will there be more beta keys distributed?

Sorry I did read trough the comments and it seems like I will have to wait :-). Also guys please check out my CHEOPS level and my CHEOPS SOLUTION level.

I’m still waiting for song name! :D BTW If this game will be better than LBP 1 it will be… i can’t find word to describe it’s awesomeness.

Followed the first game all from the start. I love the way MM works as I can see from outside. A small team capable of creating such a masterpiece is amazing! I was amazed and went in to a spin when I first heard of LBP 2 and I’m still spinning. I’m hoping for a beta spot also, but the wait for January will be no problem. because I know it will be awesome! Go Media Molecule! Love you guys!

Do you have any specific date or a more specific way to tell if your in the US beta or not? It would really help to know if I’m in or not, or when the beta’s going out.

Looks amazing! Can’t wait for some more featurettes! Shame about the beta in UK, I guess the anticipation will make it all the better!

Thanks for sharing this!


Alex!!! Please please please please please can you let me know the track name. Its killing me

AAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH I LOVE LBP AND YOU DIDNT GIVE ME THE CODE WWWWHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! i would die for beta cant you put it on the ps store for all lbp fans pleeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeeee

hello,Alex Pavey could you please send me the beta cause i have been working vary hard an my levels and im gonna die if i keep waiting- robot126 out!

also im making a level about lbp2 so i need lots of information to get the creator tophy,feel the love trophy and well yah and it seems that lbp2 that you have an arcade in your pod??

MutilatedDrag0n 05 November, 2010 @ 08:08

This looks absolutely fantastic, cannot wait until this comes out. Can’t believe I missed the beta calling as well, would have loved to get my hands on some of the brilliant stuff you guys have done for the second game.

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