PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 50

Hello everyone,

As you read this, the fiftieth issue of OPM is sitting on the shelves, waiting for you to take it home and open its shiny, gold birthday wallet. Open it up and you’ll discover Kaká’s triumphant face on the cover, welcoming you to a world of top PlayStation news, previews, reviews and features.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 50

And why’s Kaká so happy? Maybe because FIFA 11 gets reviewed. Word from editor Ben Wilson is that it’s “possibly the best football game ever made”. Strong words, especially as we also have a PES 2011 review to challenge it. Among other games getting scored are the astonishingly good Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, the excellent Enslaved: Journey To The West and the slapstick gore of Dead Rising 2.


Because it’s our fiftieth issue we’ve also got a huge feature on the 50 greatest PlayStation games ever, as voted for by you. It’s the definitive list of gaming excellence and you’ll never guess what’s number one. Go on, try… Plus, industry greats like Insomniac’s Ted Price, Irrational Studio’s Ken Levine and Hideo Kojima drop by to say happy birthday and steal our cake.

The 50 greatest PlayStation games ever

Then there’s our exhaustive feature on Call Of Duty: Black Ops‘ multiplayer. Staff writer Joel Gregory went to visit Treyarch; to play through the new maps and game types, including the new Wager Mode. Honour the fallen: he got pwned so you don’t have to.

Call of Duty

And, finally, we also have things like previews of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, inFamous 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, plus an interview with Tameem Antoniades, creative head of Ninja Theory – the studio behind Enslaved and the new Devil May Cry. And plenty more.

That’s all on sale now for £5.99 with a playable demo disk. Or you can save up 50% if you subscribe.

And if you want to tell us anything, call us names or say want you want in the mag, then drop us a line on Twitter @OPM_UK, email or get involved with our Facebook group.

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Yes, pay £5.99 for a magazine that is a month behind the times as well as the £8.99 for Firsplay that is usually 2 weeks behind the time. Come to Future publishing and spray your money up the wall like so much unwanted waste.


I think i’ll keep hold of my money. Afterall, I have sense.

My neighbour throws his out after he reads it and I usually grab it then. You wouldn’t pay a new price for a second hand car so why pay full price for second hand information. I think Tim is how though and Nathan sometimes looks cute, depending on the face he’s pulling.


Fifa-11 ? Might get this one…

Tim is hot, that should have said. :-(

almighty-slayer 08 October, 2010 @ 12:31

Lol print media.


So you want us to pay £5.99 and 99p per episode to receive the same info in both, which is to say OLD information. Lmao. You SURE Future isn;t affiliated with Sony? Cause you sure know how to milk money from an audience.

@ 4 – Save yourself a fiver and get last week’s episode of Farceplay. It had a review in that. Admittedly you’ll need to put up with the squeaky voiced Gail Porter reading jokes the OPSM team have “thought” up but if you can get past that then you’re laughing.

for an Issue as significant as Issue #50 i would expect to see way more than a review of a football game every owns already and a bunch of demos i can just get off the playstation store.

If these guys really wanna sell some issues, they should include codes to add ons and DLC for games as well

In the words of the Dragons “I’m Out!”


Ooo, might have to pick this one up.

Can we get more PlayStation Official Magazine UK coverage on the blog please? I’d love to see some sort of monthly coverage here just like FirstPlay gets. Unlike FirstPlay, I’m not subscribed to the magazine but I do like to pick it up from time to time. Trouble is, I’ll either forget or I’ll simply not know which issues interest me.


Hello all,

Well, the info in OPM comes direct from source – studio visits and dev interviews, for example. Joel, our staff writer, went out to see Call Of Duty: Black Ops last month for the multiplayer feature in this issue, and I’ve just returned from seeing it again for next issue. Not to mention the reviews you can read before the game is out and access to people like Shinji Mikami and Suda51 (that’s next issue, it’s an ace interview with both of them).

Plus you’re not just paying for expertly considered opinion, clever words and the occasional knob joke; you’re buying something as stylishly designed and as pleasing to eye as we can make it.

Water’s free. Water’s boring.

That said, while you’re here: what do you want to see in the mag?

All the best
Dep ed OPM UK

Is there any truth in the rumour that you’re reviewing warhawk in the next issue?

andycass that’s priceless :)

welcome, leon to the spurious hate blog of doom.

Comiserations on drawing the short straw that decided it was your plums that were to be gingerly placed on the startlingly stained chopping block that we call ps eu blog.

now whatever you do make sure you make no promises, particularly regards release dates of information, and by jove don’t let the americans get info first… unless of course you aren’t planning on producing offspring.


Awesome. I get it as often as I can. They sell it over here.

Will list below:

Overseas news from japan and usa
Promotions and discounts from retailers
Exclusive Addons
Exclusve DLC
Exclusive Home Content (first play shows this works)
No more Greatist this that or other books (no one reads them)
Demo disks were cool in the 90’s and we can get them for free any way.
exclusive news and scoops. *be the first to show and tell*


Thanks, I’ll mention your suggestions to the powers on high. What about content in the mag – what sort of things do you want to read about aside from news and scoops? What sort of features?

Happy 50th :D

+ I have been buying the magazine since PS1 days(PS1 Mag version + the PS2 Mag version)and have never missed a issue :)

Even tho i got the internet to read gaming News i still get your Mag every month(because ‘MOST’ internet News is CR*P, just look at that CR*P site full of CR*P) :D

i like that site


50 greatest PS games ever and not even a pic of Kratos I am disappoint :(


It was a reader vote. Kratos is in there, just not as high as you might think – the top 50 was full of surprises.

Steve_James_101 08 October, 2010 @ 15:19

What you guys need to remember is there are people that enjoy buying material objects, granted the internet is a great way to find out information fast but it will never be as well present as the OPM mag.

Happy 50th OPM and here’s to another 50.


I stopped buying OPM when I subscribed to firstplay.


Am sad face (Nath cheering in the corner is not helping).

We want to see secrets of games exposed in magazines. Something entertaining aside from the super serious reviews, everything else is fine.
Have some fun when writing e.g there was a nice article about bad losers on Killzone 2 in one issue, I know you do have some fun but that article was short, sweet and something I could relate to, mainly because he reported him in the end. :P

Side note; no one wants to buy a £5.99 magazine with just a demo disc full of demo’s we can already get off the store. Include exclusive themes, avatars and DLC.


When will you have a Gran Turismo 5 review? I really want to find out if it is as good as it looks :-D

I’m pretty sure I got the 50th issue in the mail back in the nineties.


“Plus you’re not just paying for expertly considered opinion, clever words and the occasional knob joke; you’re buying something as stylishly designed and as pleasing to eye as we can make it.”

Sorry…which magazine is this again? Nuts?

“expertly considered opinion”



Awaiting moderation. Lmao. Gee I wonder why?

I read OPM occasionally, but is there any need to always include the demo disk, that adds to the already high price and usually its full of demos which were on the last month or twos disk.

Anyway I’d like to see:
More DLC reviews,
Maybe some “hidden gem” games reviewed,
Features looking at developers/studios,
And also a look at different parts of the OPM teams and how they work (where do I send my application ;) lol)

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 08 October, 2010 @ 19:14

I used to buy OPM religiously, best gaming magazine ever. I went without having internet until only a handful of years ago, so OPM was my prime source of gaming information for me. It was also the only Playstation-dedicated mag running with playable demos, which were something I prized more than anything else. Some of them even hold historical and collector’s value, such as the Crash Unlimited demo which was a beta version of the final game Crash Twinsanity.

The reviews were fantastic (Ninjabread Man being a highlight!) and fair, and tens were only handed out to the truly most magnificent games. It was meaty and packed such a variety of content and articles.

Leon, d’you remember that supplement showcasing the games of a certain year, where you and the other lads got together and did a B&W fashion shoot?


Unfortunately, yes. That was pretty much the first thing I ever did for the mag. Even when I was standing in the photo studio wearing cycling shorts and holding a flower I still thought it was going to be a joke. Those pictures will never die…


they have to include a demo disk to try to justify the ridiculous price tag, like first play though, all the info is available for free on the internet, i imagine future publishing is desperately trying to increase its customer base on an already dying form of media before it decides whether to cancel the publication altogether or not because only about 3 people buy it, price doesnt help lads, nor is trying to justify people buying it using ‘hilarious’ examples such as ‘knob jokes’, can get those for free in a primary school

im more interested to know why sony think that the 50th issue of some cr*ppy magazine is worth a lengthy article on the blog, but 15 years of playstation is not??

Congrats on 50th issue! :)
You guys were around way before that FirstPlay reared it’s ugly..(must resist [DELETED] joke) :p

MisterBigMack 09 October, 2010 @ 11:25

I do buy the mag every money, I do think its one of the best, if not the best official mags out there, I agree, that the price is a couple quid too much….and also the demos are great but some exclusives demos or exclusives themes or whatever would be much better

congrats on issue 50 anyways…looking forward to 51


uc2 had just got 2 be no. 1
nothin else could beat it, datz for sure!

The dutch version has already 104 issue’s…
this is nothing.

Jitzz-XD92-007 11 October, 2010 @ 18:03

I used to buy sony playstation & gamemaster magazine back in the days except in those 2 magazines ,it has the same resource information as the internet such as reviews & previews.etc so if someone paid £6.00 quid for the magazine ,it’s not worth it. though i would suggest playstation magazine offer free dynamic theme an avatar codes and some posters of games which covers the cost . :)


I’ve been a huge fan of OPM for at least a decade, and I’ve never had anything to complain about until now.

I buy OPM pretty much every month, and I must say I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a sucker. I’m a student, so dishing out £5.99 every month for a magazine is a bit of a blow. But the thing that adds insult to injury is the fact that, not only is it usually behind in the news as other people have mentioned, but it is also LOADED WITH TYPOS AND MISPRINTS!

I think I have found about 10 such errors in the last 3-4 issues (excluding this month’s). Most editors would FREAK over something like this, yet OPM seems not to care and continues to let it happen! Maybe they don’t see this as such a big deal, but they should, especially when we’re paying 6 quid a pop!

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