Section 8 50% Off On PSN, Prejudice Coming To PS3 In 2011

Greetings PlayStation.Blog! I’m here with two exciting announcements for PS3 players. First, I’m thrilled to confirm that we’re bringing our new title, Prejudice, to the PS3 in 2011! We’ve been working really hard to take our sci-fi shooter series to new heights; no easy task considering players literally drop into combat from 15,000 feet above the battlefield. Using all of the great feedback from our fans we’ve created a new experience that is guaranteed to blow you away.

Here are some new screenshots and our debut announcement trailer:

Prejudice for PS3Prejudice for PS3

Prejudice comes with epic multiplayer maps, new game modes and missions, and a huge arsenal of weapons. The all-new single-player campaign follows the story of Captain Alex Corde and the 8th Armored Infantry–known as Section 8 for their willingness to take on extremely dangerous missions. Old hatreds run deep for the enemies of Section 8. A war of prejudice is coming…

Second, we are permanently slashing the price of the original Section 8 on PlayStation Network to just €12.99. The new price takes effect on October 13th in Europe, giving you lots of time to catch up on the story and practice your multiplayer skills before Prejudice drops onto the PlayStation 3. Not only is this the best price for a new copy of Section 8 on any platform, but the PlayStation Network version also includes three extra multiplayer maps at no additional cost.

To aid your advancement up the multiplayer ranks, we’ve placed a tutorial/strategy video just below. Even if you’re a Section 8 veteran, you’ll still want to watch this.

In addition to the lower price, there’s also a free trial of Section 8 and its 32-person multiplayer available through PlayStation Network, so download your free copy and stay tuned for more information on Prejudice. Until then, catch you in the comments!

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Meh might get now :) how long is offer?

So £9.99 in UK? Sorry but it was too much at full price so now its reduced I`ll definitely consider it. I`ll give it a trial and see what I think :)



“we are permanently slashing the price….”

Nice Sony!I wanted to buy this game but it was a little expensive!Maybe i will buy it now!Cani ask u something Sony?Everyday in the blog i see new games and new games and new games……but no a Tenchu game!Many Playstation 3 owners wants a Tenchu for Playstation 3!At least Tenchu Wrath of Heaven in HD and trophies but…nothing!U release Tenchu on PSP and not PS3!Will u (plz) release a Tenchu for Playstation 3!Please Reply…..Thanks

Nice! I will definitely be buying on Wednesday.

I’ll check trial and buy i think :)

Will the new game support PS Move?


i swear it waz called section 9?!? XO

I love to get it dude but the missus has her heart set on getting Sonic the Hedgehog 4 this week.

joshualeuty96-2- 11 October, 2010 @ 21:32

might get section 8 at that price. Thanks! :D

must have missed this one first time round might give it a bash now, see if ic an squeez some time in for it inbetween, f1,pes, fallout, GT, Killzone 3, sonic and all the other great games comming out very very soon !


i’ll buy Section 8 :)

Am I the only getting a total Halo vibe from the Prejudice trailer?
Not that it’s a bad thing. There’s worse pedigree.

I see a lot of Halo there… too much, really…


no thx ill take a full game over this any day..

Does anyone have an idea where I can find the trial? A search for “Section 8” just gives the full game. Cheers.

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