PlayStation Home: Early Halloween Treats, Street Fighter 4 Alternates, Plus More!

‘Tis the month to be trick or treated, and Lockwood’s getting a head start this week releasing a range of new Halloween items. Those looking for their Halloween costume should drop into the Lockwood store and check out the two variations of skeleton suit. Choose from the Eerie Bones suit or the Glow Bones suit, depending on your taste. Also available from Lockwood this week is the perfect item to cook up something special: The Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom. Mix ingredients to create special effects, and with the right mix the Cauldron may reward you.

PlayStation Home: Early Halloween Treats, Street Fighter 4 Alternates, Plus More!

PlayStation Home: Early Halloween Treats, Street Fighter 4 Alternates, Plus More!

For the Street Fighter 4 fans who have been waiting patiently for the alternate costumes, we have good news today. The alternate costumes will release tomorrow, completing the collection of Street Fighter 4 content for Europe. (Note: Abel alternate will not be released for technical reasons.)

Looking for something a bit different? Alter Ego will be taking delivery of a new range of costumes and outfits. Those who yearn for the 8-bit halcyon days of gaming should check out the new 8-bit costumes (2 male, 1 female). Also available are the Pencil Sketch body suits for both genders, Goth costume for males, and Club Chic bodysuit.

PlayStation Home: Early Halloween Treats, Street Fighter 4 Alternates, Plus More! 8bit PlayStation Home: Early Halloween Treats, Street Fighter 4 Alternates, Plus More! - 8bit2

Finally, keep an eye out in coming weeks for further news of tricks and treats as we build up for Halloween! (Hey MusterBuster, can I borrow your pumpkin?)

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And then we run around pretending anyone cares.

Jennylicious777 13 October, 2010 @ 18:03

Oh right..Home..almost forgot it still exists.

The cash cow still lives.. great

It good the cash cow gets in the spirit of hollowween now it can milk out of the wiches and ghost.

i know it business but come on where the other features i wait till SCEA upfdate they blog i bet they have more CONTENT.

ps alex i wouldn’t want MB pumpkin you don‘t know where it been. lol :D

Wow, lots of snark here. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that YOU DELAYED GT5.


It wasn’t me! ;)

I’m looking forward to GT5 as well, so understand the frustration!

edit: opps some typo :o

@spatsnaz I was hoping the home update would cheer me up after GT5. Guess not…


Meh….. Only the cauldron for me this week.. no point in buying a halloween costume as i already have the wolf


yet more virtual overpriced tat i see, when are we gonna see some features that are long overdue that was some 6 months for those pictures frames update whats that been now nearly 1 year since you said that alex lmao. home is gonna be a distant memory soon enough


I said *at least* 6 months. Unfortunately we’re still waiting on some essential updates. Once those updates are available we’ll re-evaluate. In the interim there have been a lot of preset picture frames released covering a range of content, so there’s a lot of options for hanging things on your walls.

@greyness123 “More info soon” i.e. Never… :/

Hello Alex, any news on the Paris apartment and the other apartment that the US got the other week


I’ve not got any time frames at the moment. Paris apartment is being worked on, however resource to localise all of the content that ios associated with the space is limited and it’s taking a bit of time.

whiteboy38rams 13 October, 2010 @ 18:30

not as much halloween as i would have liked but as u say there more 2 come :) nice 2 c more costumes coming 2 ,, def b getting the cauldron and cooking up some magic at my pad , as i always do ( right ladies :) ) , was hoping 4 the lake house this week though :( any news alex ?? , but its a MAGIC update :) , ( sorry 4 the pun )

whiteboy38rams 13 October, 2010 @ 18:43

cauldron looks cool …..

any free stuff

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 13 October, 2010 @ 18:54

Any news on more home intergration with PS+?


Nothing I can share just yet, although there’s a free Burn Zombie Burn item for subscribers that will be available soon.


any news on the “virtual trophy room” ?

i think that was the coolest feature announced and it never came along :-(

Too many LIGHT updates(!)


Why bother with Halloween at all? put the resouces into making bigger and better games.I erased Home from my HDD months ago, complete and utter waste of space imo.I also have a XBOX 360 and the virtual arcade is way better than home will ever be.Fail


we are coming up to 8pm now for the kz3 beta…


hope i get it…


downloaded it at 8.00.09 pm… i think i may have got it…

whiteboy38rams 13 October, 2010 @ 20:17

x box 360 virtual arcade is complete rubbish , i laughed at there feeble attempted 2 compete with home when i went on it …. its doesn’t come anywhere near home …. but home would b better if i had my own lake house alex :) please reply :)

23 lol anyone remember winter wonderland in home?


MMM polo mints :)


The old home square was much better than the new one any chance of them bringing that back :s

Ah, Playstation Home. Anyone remember way back when it was going to be a 3d avatar world that you could form parties with your friends and launch any game from?
If I wanted to dress like a tit and hand around with lots of other anti-socialites dressed like tits I’d play World Of Warcraft. At least I could go and kill boars and wolves when I was bored.
Please add a ‘Ray Mears Murders Wildlife’ area to home.
*goes back to playing WoW* ;)

I’m in the middle of putting together a little 5 minute video piece about Home. I’ll only be featuring 2 spaces. Do I need permission to publish it to a website. Get in touch if I do.

Why not bury this beta home abomination and start using the resources to some more useful stuff like cross game chat.

there not called treats if you have to pay for them… homes still about taking rather then giving i see?

hi alex! I have questions for you :

1. When the Luxury weekend lakehouse arrive in europe?
2. The heavy ink tatoos in home US was planned in SCEE too?
3. and finally the game time crisis razing storm are unlocked reward when he arrives?


1. No set date yet.

2. These are planned for SCEE as well.

3. I’ve not heard anything, but I often don’t until the last few days.


Update on number 3: there will be unlockable Home reward items.

Oh my dear Sony, you still have not realized what a waste this Home thing is. I giggle every time I see a Home update; I wonder who actually visits Home regularly. I deleted it from my hdd a long time ago. By now it is pretty clear this thing has not succeeded and it would be better to focus your efforts on something more useful like for example cloud saved games, a better XMB UI, better message and voice communication, you know, the things the system really needs. I have been a PlayStation customer for more than 10 years, but you are slowly losing me. I hope you will turn this boat around. Best regards.

More lies from sony?
We all know sony stands for nothing but lies.
lies about GT5, lise about bring vide store to rest of Eu befor end of 2010, lies about home voice chatt in public rooms, lies about other os removal, lise about the GPU inside PS3 and so on

@31 I was like you sony where slowly loosing me, but now the finalal nail in the coffin will come. GT5 wont release 2010 mark my word it wll perhaps release christmas 2011 if that, but i will no longer support sony’s lies.


^ delete space in link in the word “october”

Oh no Alex, you’ve gone and picqued my interest viz. those new 8 bit and pencil costumes, tho a walking talking pencil would foot the bill very nicely…yes…as for Hallowe’en, well we in the EU & the occidental lands do not celebrate the thing. The first celebration was probably curtailed as ‘popish nonsense’ during the reformation, and the latter silly horror festival juxtaposed with children knocking on doors asking for lollies has become politically incorrect, well the idea of its being done here is anyway thank Kratos. But um are those skulls seperatable, they might look good with a tutu on? Glad to hear Paris is coming along. I want that Classical carpet. peace…

@ mitran,
I don’t want home chat in public rooms, euw I don’t wan’t to know what it is either /

Must admit i did laugh reading the hereabove hate comments..

nice update :D and these people who don’t like home are strange people indeeed! oh well :P


I disagree home is just not everyones cup of tea



@ ATIPdante – I think its quite the oppisite, anyone that likes Home is weird!!!



So far I’ve unlocked the Mystery Gift, Demon Horns and the Mushroom Stool, am I missing any (for male avatar)?

…I’ve also got the Burning Eyes



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