PlayStation Home: Spooky Invasion!

Is PlayStation Home haunted? Not all of it, but there’s definitely something out of the ordinary occurring in Home Square this week as strange new manifestations take over and a murky dusk falls over the square. Gravestones, carved pumpkins and a crypt full of new seasonal items await you in Home Square this week as we get ready for the spookiest holiday of the year!

PlayStation Home: Spooky Invasion! Halloween square

Helping you get into the spirit of things, there’s a wide range of costumes and other items available from the crypt in Home Square. If you’re scared of spooks, go looking for your mummy … the bandage wrapped and custom animated Mummy suit from Code Glue! If zombies are more your thing then check out the newest Burn Zombie Burn zombie outfit, with pumpkin hat. There’s a lot more to be had in the crypt store, including funky contact lenses from Lockwood and scary party props from nDreams.

PlayStation Home: Spooky Invasion! Halloween shop PlayStation Home: Spooky Invasion!: skeleton

PlayStation Home: Spooky Invasion! (Contacts)

The latest update to the Audi Home Terminal arrives tomorrow, and brings the Audi Wörthersee Tour 2010 to life in PS Home. Here’s a message from Audi sharing all the details on this update sure to excite car enthusiasts:

The Audi Home Terminal opens its doors to its own virtual Wörthersee collection. For the uninitiated the Wörthersee is a car extravaganza for GTI fans held each year in Austria, bringing together the great and the good of car customisation.

The new Audi A1 played a leading role at the 29th Wörthersee Tour. Innovative adhesive film designs, vibrant paint finishes as well as exterior add-on parts and a matching interior transformed a total of seven models of the new compact car into spectacular motto vehicles.

Audi Home Terminal

We’ve taken some of these designs from the real world and will be placing them in the Audi Home Terminal for you to experience over the coming months, along with some themed clothing to accompany the designs, available for free on entry to the Audi Home Terminal and in the Audi Shop.


Finally, Alter Ego has taken delivery of the latest range of heroic fashion this week, including Magnetic Man (beware of kitchen products … oh, too late!) and Punk Chick outfits.

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Home square can change theme… about bloody time!

LOLZ That Halloween inspired Home Square looks really really cool:P


No one actually cares about Home… yay?

Thanks Alex,

It’s good to see the home square to change for events like Halloween !

How long will it stay ? One week ’til the next update ?

What about the old Lockwood items already available in the US for so long now ? I thought they will be there now the lockwood updates are the same for all regions ?


Halloween theme will be around for a couple of weeks.

Lockwood updates will be released as they are made available to us by Lockwood and we have room in the schedule.

if only you guys could have a weather system for hom to make it you know more like how the outside world works lol, on another note its long overdue for a core update with some new features is it not ? pool table and bowling leaderboards are a MUST

Carnivius_Prime 20 October, 2010 @ 18:36

Nice stuff.

@thirsty-duck think you’ll find plenty people do given that a large amount of people use it often. I’m not on it much lately as quite busy but often use it to keep in touch with ps3 owning friends and family abroad. A lot more fun than Skype or MSN that’s for sure.

Home is totally useless. What’s even the idea behind it? Has anyone thought of that? Stop pouring money down the “Home” drain and use that money for exclusives!


Please give me the police girl outfit :D
Home square looks really nice!


Visit the Audi space tomorrow, you might get what you wished for ;)


Looks very exciting :)
One question from me:
Will the Shopping Centre and its expansion be getting the Dark lighting aswell?
Otherwise, it would look odd with Home Square all dark and gloomy, and you then walk to the Shopping Centre, which is connected to Home Square, and in the same world, and they are both all Sunny and Happy.
Kind of ruins the darkness don’t you think? :P


But are they in the same world? Maybe Home Square has been taken over by other dimensional forces who haven’t managed to extend their influence any further than the square itself…



Refer to the post beneath you.


Whoever deals with the Twitter account @PlayStationEU gave the wrong link.

Sadly I find myself less & less interested in Home, it feels more focused on the very young end of PS3 owners.

whiteboy38rams 20 October, 2010 @ 18:46

ALOT of people care about home yayyyyyy … as 4 ducks ?? i couldn’t give a duck :) the sq looks awesome and the outfits do 2 , r these one piece outfits or seperate ??? still no lake house :( any news alex ?? would b nice 2 have it in time 4 halloween as great place 4 a partyyyyyyyyy … free audi stuff 2 :) good update home team


Some outfits are multi-piece, others are single. The Mummy is a single, however it comes with awesome custom animations that aren’t possible for multi-piece outfits.



3 things:

A: learn to spell.
B: Home’s just a useless suck of resources.
C: It’s Duck, not Ducks.


HOME Square looks great. :D Also, thank God Audi have decided to give us some free clothing for a change instead of having to beat a ridiculously hard mini-game to get the reward. 9/10


More to come as well, they’re planning on featuring a few of the special design A1’s through the coming months.


I hope it changes for every occasion, such as christmas as well, n stuff =P

Good update !

1-Home is not useless
2-10000 Home users/day (Europe)
3-Go here and tell what you want in Home

Heh, the square actually looks good in the dark.


Who fancies Crispy Duck for dinner? :D

Many thanks Alex for the answers ^^ ;)


Just got home … been a busy day and not feeling 100%, forgot to check in while on the train.


Thanks Alex :D

NoddingPenguin 20 October, 2010 @ 20:17

When will it all become spooky and stuff? I’m on Home just now and it’s all the same

Tommorow after maintenance

This is exactly the kind of stuff I like to see in Home, really hope it’s snowy at Christmas. I go on Home very occasionally, I go on at special holidays mostly. I would love it to be different every time I log in, Home should be an ever changing universe.

There should also be a space to chill out outside the hotel where your apartment is so it feels like all the places are linked.

Do you know if there will be an Event like last year, it would be class, I hope so, and is there a Police Male outfit, I want it :)

Hello Alex, are we getting any of the Heavy Water content such as the Pets and Tattoos?

Thanks :)


Yes. I believe the pets are scheduled for the 28th, however I don’t have a set date for the tattoos yet.

Great update this week Alex!


More spaces, less clothing.

EU Home is becoming more and more like a shop.

How about cool stuff like Poll booths?.


Oh awesome, can’t wait to check that out.

Gonna buy some white eyes. ;)

Any news about PS+ members getting stuff? Free trials? ANYTHING?

Not bad compared to previous weeks.

Great looking update! whats the score with the skeleton? is it a one piece of mix and matchable

Is this thing out of Beta yet?


comment 31 haz da same psn id as me! XD
woop woop

Why are efforts still being wasted into Home?

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