The God Of War Collection Is Coming To PlayStation Store

I’m pleased to confirm that the God of War Collection (God of War I & 2), previously released on Blu-ray Disc earlier this year, will be available to download from PlayStation Store on 3 November.

You can either purchase the games individually for €17.99/£13.99 each or buy them as bundle for €29.99/£23.99.

Originally running on the PS2, these classic games have been given a revamp for the PS3 to support HD visuals, silky smooth 60 frames per second action and Trophies.

We hope you’re looking forward to downloading two loads of Spartan rage when the God of War Collection hits PlayStation Store on 3 November.

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whats the file sizes going to be?


Hi Roxas598, the file size is approx 9GB each.

If your in the UK save your money folks, £16.99 from Amazon!!

InfamousPsy21 20 October, 2010 @ 17:10

^^%what he said

It’s like Sony don’t want people to buy content from the PS Store given some of the prices…



Retailers want their profit margin. Just need to know business.

Cool :) More games from PS2 on PS STORE! I would love to see Final Fantasy 10 :)

Carnivius_Prime 20 October, 2010 @ 17:18

Nice. I would prefer them on hard drive than disc though the price does seem a fair bit more than what you can buy the disc version for.

What about Gran Turismo 4 ?

we need to see this game in Full HD like father like son i mean like Gran Turismo 5


I got mine for £16. Thats a little steep, Sony.


I love that complete Games DL thing.. but not for the normal Retail Prices. No Disc, No Case, No Cover, No Manual. People waste their Download Traffic (ok not real probleme here).

Yes to Full DL Games. No to normal Retail Prices. Befenit = Nothing!

Great idea, terrible execution.

You can’t ask that much money for software through digital distribution. You take out all these extra steps, like distribution and sellers, but you ask the same price. That isn’t right.

If price was better I’d consider both but as blu-ray version can be picked up for under £20 I’ll leave it £16.99
Amazon £16.99
Asda £17.91
Zavvi £17.95
HMV £17.99
Tesco £20.47

Why is the digital content more expensive than the tangible product?


Seriously is this pricing just to pray on the ignorant?


This better not be the full game trial for EU PS+ users in November.

Ratchet and Clank should have ReMasters like this,


hey hey

not only is it cheaper on disc but the trade in value is pretty decent. i got £15 for my gow collection trade in.

devilwithoutfear 20 October, 2010 @ 17:48

lol I was just thinking about this.
and a few minuts later my dream got true!



scottscorpion 20 October, 2010 @ 17:51

sony sony sony

do you think us psn customers are stupid
£16.99 at amazon for disk with both…you are nearly charging that for 1….seriously you guys suck sometimes

I have a little question. If I bought God of War Collection on the disc, I’ll have access to the digital version from PSN?


Sorry Pirlond, you will have to buy the digital version.


In EU version man in cage you need to burn alive is replaced by undead soldier. Lame censorship. PS store version is same or not?


Same as EU version

Could we have more old PS2 games on PSN soon(somehow)? :P

There are LOADS & LOADS of PS2 classics out there & i am sure SONY would make LOADS of money re-selling them on PSN(saying that i would love PS2 playback back on a PS3′s one day, maybe a new PS3 with full PS2 playback like the original PS3′s)
God i would love ‘TimeSplitters 2′ in HD on the PSN Store(but doubt that would ever happen) :-(

@Pirlond y should you? you have the Disc…you don´t need the digital Version. & you don´t have access to it

This is not the first Time you´ll have to pay the same Price or more for a Digital released Game, which you can buy on Disc either…
The Discs are mor worthy the Price as the PSN Release…as somenone said earlier you got Artwork,Cover,Manual & it´s physical better as any bits & bytes to load…

I´ll ever stick to physical Content since you have more for the same price…

This is nice :)


Thanks Alestes

Thinking about it, I guess this will eventually happen with Ico&SotC too? I guess I won’t buy that game at launch then, but instead wait and see.


Still no announcement of the GoW: Ghost of Sparta pre order bonuses. Are they coming to the EU territories or not???



It was easy to find for £20 when it came out on disc and it’s still easy now…

There’s a dozen retailers there selling it new cheaper and then there’s eBay, Amazon, used prices etc, if all the big retailers are selling it cheaper than Sony and people have the added benefit of being able to lend the game to friends, sell it or trade it in when they’re done I don’t see why people would buy it for a tenner more on the PS Store.

No matter to me anyway, I’ve got them on PS2 and 3 and got the Plats :)

Excellent, excellent news Sony.

Its so good to see you guys finally taking digital games on ps3 more seriously at long last, with such a epic and high profile title.

Thank you, and hopefully the day when i can also buy MGS4 or Killzone 2 from PlayStation Store just got much much closer!


No worries, thanks OniEyes

Are we getting the dominius skin for gow3 that US plusers are getting?


Want money? Put HD versions of the Metal Gear series up on the store.

Tap that! I got the GOW collection for £14.99 at my local supermarket.

£16.99 @ play. com

What everyone else is saying SONY! Get the bloody thing down to a tenner a piece, you aint gunna make jack of it otherwise. Plus you still got that PS3 Jailbreak going around. If you want people to buy your products, make them alittle cheaper than the RRP.

You have got to be kidding me with the price.


Please can we have Red Faction Guerilla on the psn? US has it


Another thing about DL games. If your PS3 crashes, you have to re-download them after getting a new PS3 or replacement. If you have the disc, you just put it in and away you go.

It seems no lessons have been learnt since Grand Turismo Prologue was ridiculously priced.


Come on, I saw this in a local store for £16 (new)!

I like the idea and hope more will follow but fix the prices!


These prices really are obscene, and to reiterate a previous point seem designed purely to prey on the less price-savvy consumer.

Sony, it is possible to buck the trend of publishers extorting consumers for purchasing their first-party games. You may monopolise the ps3’s digital content market but that doesn’t mean you can’t price competitively, get it sorted.

I guess this is due to the games being $30 in the USA and seem to think $1 = €1 then you converted Euros into Pounds so anyone in Europe gets screwed by this ridiculous price, even if yu do a straight conversion from Dollars to Pounds or Euros the price is only £3 more expensive than buying them singly.
I would have bought them if it was priced more competatively but £24 is absud.

P.S Fix the character limit and remove the text window when using 720p on the PS3 web rowser.


Have to agree with everyone so far, the price is ridiculous. The bricks and mortar retailers are killing you on price here, and they have way more overheads and costs than Sony does when you digitally distribute a year old game through PSN.

Sony pricing dept, for future reference I will NEVER pay more for a digital product (game, book, movie, comic, etc) than for it’s physical alternative. Get your prices to reflect the value of digital content and actually relate to the prices other retailers are charging and maybe then we can do business.

GutsBerserker 21 October, 2010 @ 08:02

How can you sell a digital version for a higher price than it’s physical equivalent? There’s no incentive to buy it on PSN at all.

And what’s even more baffling to me, somebody who buys on PSN sure knows how to use the internet and certainly knows how to search for bargains too, so he’ll be the first to notice “This is more expensive than anywhere else, so why bother?”.

Other than that, at least selling PS2 games on PSN is a good start, but the prices aren’t down-to-earth (yet).


I think its a disgrace that not a single person from SCEE has bothered to make any attempt at a reply to what is essentially the same point in every comment (and ones on other articles).

Why do SCEE think we will pay £29.99 for a digital download that can be physically purchased from pretty much any store / online shop for less then £20. Heck I imported the game when it game out for £24.99!

If the physical game has a RRP of £29.99 and given that it has been out for several months how on earth can SCEE justify charging £29.99

A comment on this would show that SCEE do listen to customers and that they do care, heck they may even agree with us and might be able to direct us to the people who do set these stupidly high prices for digital content.

….I imagine hell will freeze over first!

Sony need to take lessons from steam. I feel they are the only ones doing digital distribution correct. This game has been out for months and yet they are pricing it as if it is new. I would love to know what goes on in the minds of the people controlling the PS store. If shops can have this at on average £18 for both games, then Sony should be able to offer it for the same if not better. What exactly do they lose out on. The developer sends the game code and Sony uploads it. No manufacturing costs for blurays, manuals cases, where exactly in the process does it warrant the extreme mark up. Do they not understand that they would make a killing if the PS store was correctly priced. I know I’d prefer remastered PS2 games on my hard drive.


I’d take a cheaper digital download over a disc everytime. I doubt I will see resonable pricing in my lifetime! lol


I’ll buy the disc version, Thanks!

xx_xxBOBHxx_xx 21 October, 2010 @ 11:07

I think that HD reduxes of PS2 games are fantastic, there are many games I missed out on on the PS2 and GOW1 and 2 were some of them. So I was stoked when they were releases in HD and I picked them up straight away. But here’s the clinch, I paid £18 AT THE TIME OF RELEASE!

I do like downloadable content but like many have said, it must be significantly cheaper than a physical copy of the same media.

Did I miss the bit where PS2 games were now sold on the Store? Shouldn’t there be an announcement about that? Maybe use it as some sort of promotion? An official statement perhaps?


@Philip99 – It’s a PS3 release which is going onto the store not a PS2 release as God of War Collection (God of War I & 2) was never released on PS2 just seperate God of War 1 & God of War 2

you are really dumb, fo real.

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