Time Crisis: Razing Storm Release Date

I’m excited to report that Time Crisis: Razing Storm will be released on Wednesday 3 November across mainland Europe and Friday 5 November in the UK and Ireland.

Time Crisis has come a long way indeed since it first appeared on the original PlayStation in 1997. Thirteen years and five successful sequels later, the latest incarnation is now fully playable with PlayStation Move and boasts completely destructible environments.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm also includes all new online play and two bonus titles: Deadstorm Pirates, in which you try to hold off monsters as you set sail in search of Poseidon’s breath, and the arcade version of Time Crisis 4.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of this cool game, we’re giving away exciting prizes in our Time Crisis: Razing Storm Competition. Just answer a simple question for the chance to win a PlayStation 3, a copy of the game and a PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment.

Also, look out for the playable Time Crisis: Razing Storm Demo on PlayStation Store from Wednesday 27 October.

Until then, show your support with a Time Crisis: Razing Storm Portable ID, available now at eu.playstation.com. See you next week!

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Major_Melchett 21 October, 2010 @ 16:17

Will there be calibration drift?, been holding off buying the gun addon due to the shoot demo having horrid drift, the fact sony have ignored the issue so far is quite disheartening.

Yo Melchett,

Glad its not just me, The Shoot demo loses calibration almost immediately for me! As in, if I am on the calibration screen I can move the pointer after shooting the two targets and by the time I aim top-left again it is out of sync.

I hope that TC is better than that!

The drift is WORSE with a shooting attachment than with holding the controller without, interestingly.

Have you tried calibrating your move controller on the system menu on the xmb and then accessories and move controller which I believe helps…

@ article
What abouttrophies for the game is it single play across all games included or plats for each game?


4 days before COD black ops? I know where my moneys going?


I always loved Time Crisis and this may well be a day one purchase for me.

Can you tell me though. I have read somewhere that if the gun accessory is used with the move controlller it is hard to access the reload button on top. I want to know if this is the case or if there are alternative ways of reloading that can be configured when playing the game.

Second question is, Is it possible in the online mode to play only against your friends?

Last question, when playing online can you use the headsets to chat to the other players.


Rebecca Maschke 22 October, 2010 @ 10:12

Hi Pamperdamps, you’ll be able to use any of the five top buttons to reload and shield yourself (Move button as well as circle, square, triangle and cross). Personally, I prefer to use the cross button to reload when I use the gun peripheral (which, to be fair, I always do! ;-).

As for online play, you will be able to play on private as well as public servers.

hey hey

awesome job for releasing a demo \o/ tyvm


i just read on the other blog that you need to use the move button to use your shield ! [DELETED] with that ?

Oldest_Ancient 21 October, 2010 @ 16:48

@4 Razing Storm gets a retail list (44 trophies including a platinum) but Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 are getting PSN lists (13 and 10 trophies no platinums) the full lists are on ps3trophies.org.

I’ve been waiting for a demo for this since I got my Move, it’s my most anticipated PS Move game I think. Can’t wait ^^.

Also, nice Cylon avatar, pretty cool!

GT5 pushed back for this? I haven’t played Time Crisis since one of the first games with the Playstation Gun thing.

almighty-slayer 21 October, 2010 @ 17:01

Awesome stuff :) Can’t wait :D


“Have you tried calibrating your move controller on the system menu on the xmb and then accessories and move controller which I believe helps…”
That wont fix the issues with those games (@Major_Melchett)but it’s not something that happens in every game.MAG,RES 5 and others have zero drift,so it’s not a problem with the hardware.


@ Major_Melchett mabey the problem lies with you

i did the shoot demo, and move works perfect, no problems at all!


@ ShoaibO i dont think you cant compare time crisis and BlackOps m8

any info about the prize Time crisis will cost?

Carnivius_Prime 21 October, 2010 @ 17:21

yeah me too. On this. Been looking forward to it for a while and have been playing The Shoot demo with the Move (without any problems like some other people here) a lot wanting to have Time Crisis. It’s one of the very few games out in the next couple months I want. And I’ll probably have to actually buy it rather than rent first cos it’s likely again one of those games like Castlevania and Enslaved where I really would like to try them first but my Blockbusters don’t stock them preferring to fill the shelves with the same old boring FPS garbage.

And again no competition for The Netherlands?

Rebecca Maschke 21 October, 2010 @ 17:31

OttoT, we would have loved to include the Netherlands in the competition but, unfortunately, we couldn’t due to legal reasons. We’re looking into this for future competitions.


@ Carnivius_Prime your lucky that you can rent games, ( we had in ps2 time) but they quited when people burning them

thats why i state that demo’s of every game must be available to convince people if they want to buy it.

i tell everyone TRY Before You BUY

games are expensive for alot of people, i buy around 2-3 games a month.

becuase i can, alot cant, and spending 50 60 euro for a game, that you dont like after buying, isnt very fair.

thats why im happy Timecrisis gets a demo, so i know what i get, if i buy!


@ OttoT

ofc not we are not a part of europe. oww wait.. we are

i know that tell sony.


sorry did not know i was typing in capitals.


Friend has got his Review Disc today. He says Game has horrible drifting. After 30min he put the Move away and connected his guncon3. More accurate, he says.

Major_Melchett 21 October, 2010 @ 17:48

killzonexx Can’t be a fault with me, Mag, Res Gold work perfectly as do Start the party & Eyepet etc. Check iwaggles move vs pointing video for the problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUXClcR9lFs loads have this issue.


nicee name eh?
time crisis?
sorta remindz me of dr who 4 some reason =1


I couldn’t care less about Black Ops. I’ve got TC:RS on pre-order with a second MOVE controller & gun attachment for local co-op.

Don’t care about the game, BUT YOUR AVATAR F-ing ROCKS!!! The new BSG is AWESOME!!!!

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 21 October, 2010 @ 18:48

I tried to enter the competition, but it says I’m not eligible. I’m eighteen, and my country is listed as open to the promotion. What gives?

Rebecca Maschke 22 October, 2010 @ 09:24

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N, you should be able to participate. I’ll look into this.

Looks good. Would be better if Namco could add Point Blank 1,2,3 and possibly Ghoul Panic as DLC for Razing Storm. Or any of the Earlier Time Crisis prequels as DLC.

Would love to help protect Dr Don & Dr Dan from Piranhas in HD using Move

Bac in the PS2 days, i didn’t have a light gun so Time Crisis didn’t really appeal to me, tried a few times with a dualshock but it wasn’t ideal.
But having played The Shoot demo and enjoying it so much (the pecision of Move brings the light-gun genre to a whole new level) my interest in this type of game has risen again so i will definitely check out the demo on the 27th. I think it’s a safe bet i will also buy the full game. :)

RagingRaven874 21 October, 2010 @ 20:03

if you add time crisis 2 and 3 dlc ill buy

I’d probably buy this just for Time Crisis 4 tbh.

Any word on pricing for this guys?

Looks good, I’m enjoying Move but not the lack of real killer titles so far, this looks really promising though, certainly will get it and try.

Never got round to trying one of these games.

lookin forward to this one. good to see its compatible with guncon 3. also great news about having a multiplayer mode. thats the 1 thing that really let down time crisis 4.

Is New Zealand included in the comp? because it isnt on http://nz.playstation.com/psn/competitions/ :(
Looking forward to this…. still rock TC4 occasionally

Rebecca Maschke 22 October, 2010 @ 09:12

Hi RDT1, New Zealand is meant to be included in the competition. I’ll look into why it isn’t showing on their website.

This looks absolutely horrid. Day one purchase :D

I ment in a terribly good way. I wish my old gcon still worked with my lcd for time crisis 1 actually. now THAT’S an idea for a psn upgrade. Time crisis 1. As excited as I am for this I still love the 1st one the most. At the arcades and on ps1. I always loved the extra story mode that came with it too.


@ Major_Melchett mabey im just lucky then, hopefully sony will fix this for you guys!

Lets see some HD remakes of Time Crisis 1 & 2 with Move integration for the PSN store please. These type of games are perfect to have on the hard drive for a quick pick up and play.

VictorAnalogy 22 October, 2010 @ 11:46

I’ll need the demo to see how I feel about the button placement. I think that reload/hiding should have been handled by holding the Move by your side (like the Quick-Draw mini game in The Shoot). I always lowered my gun when hiding in TC games anyway.

whereismax123 22 October, 2010 @ 14:28

sod the move , i will be using my guncon 3 with this . i was glad i imported it a few years ago , but obviosuly time crisis 4 has been the only game that used it . im glad this on they way :) . obviously now im tempted to flog off my timecrisis 4 disc , but it had a fps shooter section that played with the main game and it wasnt to horrible.

anyway , my advice…find a guncon 3 . leave the move for the second player :D :D

BoH3MiaNRhAPSdY 22 October, 2010 @ 14:51

im not eligible to enter the competeion , this needs fixing

Rebecca Maschke 25 October, 2010 @ 10:04

Hi BoH3MiaNRhAPSdY, sorry about this. We’re still looking into why you’re unable to participate. This issue doesn’t appear to affect all Irish entrants.

Guncon 3 was awful, the worst Guncon of all. The lag is so bad it’s like looking through a window into the distant past. It’s not even a lightgun, it’s a wii-mote with a handle. Trying to get the infra-red emitters to stay on top of the TV is like playing Tumble. It’s pretty much the Nintendo power glove come to think of it. Use the move, avoid Guncon at all costs.

@Rebbeca. Cheers, still not up there but all good ill enter on the UK site if its not up before the comp ends ;)

Rebecca Maschke 25 October, 2010 @ 10:01

Thanks for your patience RDT1. :)


This looks amazing, could be getting this for xmas also with the fab playstation Move! :D:D:D

@Rebbeca. Just entered on the NZ site ;) thanks!!!!!! and good luck everyone! woop.

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