God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta ‘Redemption’ Trailer

Earlier this month, we unveiled our “Origins” trailer providing a few details about Kratos’ dark past and offering a glimpse of his journey to find his long lost Brother, Deimos. Find out what other secrets remain unseen as our marked warrior sets forth on his quest for redemption.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be available across mainland Europe from 3 November, in Australia and New Zealand from 4 November and in the UK and Ireland from 5 November for a RRP of €29.99 / £24.99.

Stay tuned for further updates on God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

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Getting this



By the Gods….

£24.99! forget that,Play.com are selling it for £17.99!


That’s the RRP Azard300, so good find on the price

Very good and cinematic trailer. Can’t wait to play this game (hope it won’t get delayed like Gran Turismo..).


Glad you like the trailer Myst3rialP, can confirm the game will be available in PAL regions from the 3rd November.

AngelVsMadman 25 October, 2010 @ 17:16

any news on the pre-order goodies?
in the US they get soundtrack, dyn ps3 theme, making-of, usw. just for pre-order.

£24.99 on the store yeah?


Hi Rank_ftw good question, at launch on PSN it will have a RRP of €26.99 / £16.99

Will definitely buy this when it’s released. The demo kicked ass.


Nice one cthulhu85

Devilhunter_PS 25 October, 2010 @ 17:45

you little devils,teasing me like that.i dont want more of the game to be spoiled.btw you could have given some info about the preorder bonuses to europe.i almost thought you wouldnt make them available and suddenly they poped up today on a website


Best thing to do is check with your local retailer / e-tailer :)

November Hurry Up!!


Same here , keep posted for more Ghost of Sparta updates :)

xx-InFeRnAL-xx 25 October, 2010 @ 17:53

Oh yeah ;)

In future Kratos must return to PS3!!! It must…

loved the demo was really impressed what you guys have squeezed out of the psp, great to see the price point at £16.99 on the store too, will be brought from day one unlike metal gear solid peace walker


Glad you liked the demo and agree that the guys at Ready At Dawn have really pushed the PSP to its limits.

Will we get any of the extras that Americans get when they buy it between November 2 and November 9, 2010?

Like God of War: Ghost of Sparta original soundtrack, a Ghost of Sparta PSP theme and PS3 dynamic theme, a PlayStation Network Avatar, a Legionnaire Skin for use in-game, and an exclusive documentary, God of War Live; a game directors documentary featuring the game directors of the series, David Jaffe, Cory Barlog, Stig Asmussen, Ru Weerasuiya, and Dana Jan.

godofwar32010 25 October, 2010 @ 19:36

Perfect trailer(even though I love every God of War trailers :D )

I ask it too:

Will we get this pre-order bonuses?
Legionnaire Skin
PSN avatar
PSP theme
PS3 dynamic theme
Creative Directors documentary
Deimos skin for God of War III

American pre-orders will get these, Japan too(I think, they’ll get manga) and we?


Very nice trailer. I will ask though what pretty much everyone else wants to know… When will you guys be announcing the special ED bundle for Europe!? We are all dying to see some official confirmation. :S

€26.99 / £16.99

Yeah right you no what 27euro in Swedish KR is=250kr and £17=175kr.Great price as always on the store NOT.I’m glade that i own psp 3000. Still look’s like it will be a great game and will still be worth that price because it will be an Epic game.


If the pre-order bonuses are indeed being offered in the EU, isn’t a little bit late to be leaving the announcement, the game is out next week?
A simple yes or no would have sufficed.
I was under the impression this blog was supposed to keep your customer base informed of upcoming products. Many people including myself have been constantly asking this question in every post regarding this title for weeks and getting repeatedly ignored.

I won’t hold my breath…


Hi divine1000 please see my reply to question 7, you will have to check with your local retailer / e-tailer.

Yes £17.99 on play.com BUT play.com arent well known for release day deliveries. I got mine coming from GAME for £19.99 (inc reward points will be added for the purchase) and get it day b4 or day of release for sure, I have however, ordered the GT5 collectors edition from play.com as I cant find that edition anywhere else, i aint buying the signature..and £60 is way enough for for collectors edition IMO. GoW PSP ghost looks cool, I must beat Persophone in Chains before I start this, bet I dont!

oh yeh…the special edition..what happened in UK/EU? USA are getting it…….? Maybe order from the states instead like castlevania if this is the case BUT I dont have a USA account so cant download or buy stuff from the USA store…EU special Editon..any news?


Could someone, anyone, please answer responses #12 and #15? Why is it that you just ignore it? Can you tell me yes or no if we get any pre order goodies, both in Europe and in Australia.


Hi NotoriousR, best to check with your local retailer / e-tailer for the items.

The big question remains…. Will we get that frickin fantastic dynamic theme for the ps3 as our USA buddy’s get? I wouldn’t mind paying something for it to get it just out of the regular PSN downloads. But atleast make it available somehow!

Nice trailer! I can’t wait!!


Glad you like the trailer GG69, all visuals taken from the game

Well tell us if we get the bonuses on the PS store.

AngelVsMadman 26 October, 2010 @ 12:59

Sorry, but my local retailer says “?” or “ask Sony”.
Even huge e-retailer like amazon has no pre-order.
It would be a lot easier if you tell us which retailer.


GAME, Play & Amazon don’t have the pre-order bonuses listed, who exactly are these ‘local retailers’ you speak of?


Jesus christ! Ghost of Sparta looks EPIC. I’ve pre-ordered the game and cannot wait to play it. Thank you Sony for yet another masterpiece.

CaptainCortez 27 October, 2010 @ 19:05

God of War has always had good marketing, and the media has always been awesome.

I just pre-ordered mine from Play.com for £18, and plan to start it on hard as soon as I get it (like I did with every other God of War game)!

Just note, although I haven’t ever had a problem with play.com, you’re more than likely not going to get it on release. I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Vanquish a couple of weeks in advance, and ended up getting KH sent out on release day (receiving it 5 days after release) and had Vanquish three days after.

If you get it from Game it’s more expensive (£20) but will almost guarantee you getting it on release. So, it’s up to you, but I like to save money wherever I can.

Just thought you might benefit from that small piece of advice above. Regardless of this, enjoy the game!

It’s my favourite series of all time, and I absolutely love the games. Can’t wait for this. It’s truly an outstanding series! <3


Very impressed with the day one price tag of £16.99 on PSN. I’m sure this game will break the record for week one digital sales (for a psp game) due to its high quality and great price point.

Other publishers should take note and follow suit!

While it’s good to see a reduced price on the PSN any reason why UK gets an almost 10 euro reduction and everyone else gets a 3 euro reduction of physical RRP?

I’ve checked with ever major retailer and games website, not one of them have a clue about any pre-order bonus or special edition of the game. So despite SCEE’s insistence on checking with them, it’s clear the stuff US folks are getting isn’t available for the EU. So I agree just say it’s not happening instead of dancing around it

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