Exclusive Plus Discounts On Red Dead Redemption DLC And The God Of War Collection

Hi Guys, here is another fantastic mid-month treat for October in addition to the content you are getting in November.


Later today, you will be able to download the latest DLC for Red Dead Redemption, ‘Undead Nightmare’, and Plus members can enjoy it with an exclusive 20% discount.

Here’s what they are saying about this great piece of DLC:

“In addition to this epic new single-player adventure, The Undead Nightmare Pack also features brand new gameplay mechanics, weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures and even a brand new secret location.”

Also, from 3 November you will be able to try out the God of War I and II HD remakes as Full Game Trials and then buy the God of War Collection bundle afterwards, also with a 20% discount.

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2 Author replies

this is excellent news, if we could get a discount on Ghost of Sparta I’d appreciate that too ;)

James Gallagher 26 October, 2010 @ 10:56

James Thorpe is in meetings until until this afternoon but he assures me he’ll jump on and respond to any questions you may have later on.


The Red Dead Redemption new Dlc is available Today for Plus Member ????

20% discount…

Not a real treat, but nice if you were planning to buy this.

Hi James! Great offer, already bought and payed for! This was a nice surprise, this dlc truly looks fun and entertaining. I think Read Dead is a very strong contestor for GOTY 2010.

Thanks! My best to all of you :-)

Nice job on the discounts! :D


Sweet cool cool

Carnivius_Prime 26 October, 2010 @ 10:35

Nice on the God of War offer even if it is cheaper to buy the games on disc anyways.

I don’t care about Red Dead at all. Most disappointingly crappy game I’ve bought this year. Sold it after finishing the ridiculously easy and tedious story mode (only ever got killed by the games glitches not the enemies) and never want to play it again.

That’s a truly great treat indeed! Good job guys!

how about info about need for speed demo that get released today!!

What about the KZ3 beta e-mails?



If you haven’t received an e-mail from playstation yet, then i’m afraid you’re not in the beta. I got my e-mail at 21:27 (GMT+1).

Yey! Well done. Was going to get this anyway so really good news.


I would prefer getting my KZ3 beta key first.

– I downloaded the theme in the first minute it went up.
– I regularly receive emails from Sony about the PSN store with this account/emailaddress so I know mails go through.


@mushroom noob: they sadi give it 24hr at 3pm yesterday and woot, waiting for this to download xD

This is good news, but in the Portuguese Plus section the Shatter Soundtrack is not there.
When the problem will be solved?

These are the tings I got + for!

Finally James Thorpe this is what we want from you guys, New content either early or at a discounted price. Why cant you do this all the time?

For everything SCEE does right they’ll be something later that you’ll do wrong soon.. just wait and see guys.


i received the email yesterday around 21h for downloading the beta version of killzone3 hope you will get it the same chance ;)

right, so I see 2 DLC’s for RDR in store that been added today. One is Undead Nightmare for £7.99 and other is Undead Nightmare Collection for £15.99. And I just want to ask…do I need Full game to play the DLAC for £15.99?? Someone please answer.


The Undead Nightmare collection has the rest of the premium RDR DLC bundled together with Undead Nightmare. This is not a standalone version of Undead Nightmare and you will need the full game to play either version.

RadioactiveMouse 26 October, 2010 @ 10:57

Hi James,

Thanks for this organising this, I might just take the plunge :)

With regards to PS+ have you found out any more info on whether or not we could possibly, in future, get discounts from the video store or perhaps a 10-20% discount off MUBI subscriptions when it is released? :)

This would be number one on my hopeful feature list for PS+ ;)

i have an amazon account, guess what i get a 50% of the psn pricing and its for everyone :D


thats a good deal on the red dead dlc

i just have a question i finally got my copy of fallout 3 today and went to play it but when i checked the downloads on the game it said i only had the pitt and broken steel but i did download the first 3 dlc last week and they aren’t showing on my download list. And in the store the 3 dlc that im missing has a blue square at the bottom like the red 1 when you have bought something


nice, seems that psn+ is getting better with time :D

Awesome :)

Fallout 3 DLCs were not available in Poland. What does SCE plan to give me instead?? I payed same amount of cash like people from UK so I want to get same amount of content.


Anyone get the Halloween avatars we were promised?

Awesome, never jumped on the God Of War Bandwagon, i played 2 PSP demos and they were amazing, played the GOW3 demo which was also amazing but didn’t get it due to not knowing much about the story.

VictorAnalogy 26 October, 2010 @ 11:19

With the Plus discount GoW collection should be ~£19.20 right? That’s a fair price. IMHO it’s the price the collection should have been released for to begin with, but there you go.

Nice one :-D

Just one question. “Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ” does that mean this is only available in those countries, i.e. not in Denmark? This question is for both the RDR DLC and GoW stuff.


Any news on the free halloween avatars for PS+ folk?

mad_monkey_king 26 October, 2010 @ 11:20

Awesome to see Undead nightmare discounted, can’t wait to play it.


I gotta say with PS+ getting discounts on very recently released content, its made me glad I signed up. was thinking about getting the RDR DLC and this offer might have just pushed me over the edge of the fence. Nice work Sony(James and the PS+ team).

Yes THANK YOU .Was going to buy the DlC But now i will Buy I TODAY.

Great news :)
James, any idea how long the discounts will be available?

Hi James,

I have a few questions for you if you have the time

1. I would love to see the Tales of Monkey Island on PS+ any chances of it happening?
2. Would it be possible to get a discount on the new Back to the Future game from Telltale Games when the pre-orders start?

aaah, so the ludicrous store price of GOW 1 & 2 was because you’d bulked it up to drive people toward Plus subscriptions! It all makes sense, now. :)

‘and then buy the God of War Collection bundle afterwards, also with a 20% discount.’

Great work on the discounts, glad you guys are listening to feed back :)

Can you tell us if we get any of the bonuses when we buy Ghost of Sparta like America are getting?


Any news on the firmware update that will allow the PS3 to print monies? Or at least transform into a robot…or something.

No? Awwww.

This is my fave game this Gen.
I cant ‘bear’ playing anything else lately.
Paid and downloading now.

To Kevinpage1 ‘thats a good deal on the red dead dlc

i just have a question i finally got my copy of fallout 3 today and went to play it but when i checked the downloads on the game it said i only had the pitt and broken steel but i did download the first 3 dlc last week and they aren’t showing on my download list. And in the store the 3 dlc that im missing has a blue square at the bottom like the red 1 when you have bought something’

If you downloaded all the extra content on playstation plus, it wont appear on the list of downloaded stuff after you unpack it, it will be amongst your game add-ons or some such folder (havnt got my ps3 with me to check the official name) but should have been activated and be shown with the DLC when you log into the game, if not and you downloaded them, they should be on your download history and can always redownload and install them. Hope that helps!

@Mushroomnoob – Dude, I still haven’t got mine and I downloaded it at 8:01pm, I think our codes should come today, fingers crossed!

this is more like it from the plus team even little discounts on brand new dlc like this is what makes plus better so please keep these small discounts up on the inbetween weeks we dont get our monthly content . plus still needs some new features though to get the core users parting with cash and i think the easiest feature you could implement is the psn name changing , hopefully you guys can keep this up as my sub runs out in december and as of now im not renewing it but as i said new features or good content i havent bought already mite sway me .


I dont know what im going to do tonight, play zombie cowboys or the killzone 3 beta :)


1. Nice Job on discount for RDR DLC!
2. Gow Collection Discount is boring, cause Price is to high. Disc is cheaper. But if we see Discount for on Full Games, excl. for Plus Users i would like that.

Why is the Plus EULA changed? In all Posts about Plus Start: The say you can keep free Premium Content (DLC) if you don´t renew your subscription. Now it says you can not!

I, and many others, want an Anwser about that. We feel cheated!

4. Why there are so Big Prices differences on Full Titels? Tomb Raider Underworld 20,99 Euro (EU!), 14,99 Dollar!!! (US!)

Bravo on the Plus discount, I’m pleasantly surprised :) Also loving the K3 beta. Keep it up.

Thank you sheepherder!

One Q tho. What if one bought the regular dlc? Do ps+ subs get a discount
on the standalone undead nightmare dlc or is it just for the whole package?
Oh wait that’s 3 Q’s.
Nice to know I’m paying full load for others to enjoy the discount.
No pun intended. Being rich has it’s downsides ;-P

Does the £15.99 Undead Nightmare Collection have 20% off for plus members too?

Great job on getting those discounts sorted. I do have question though. If I download GoW full game trial and ‘unlock’ some trophies, will they unlock fully if I purchase disc version of game or only if I purchase from PSN? Disc version can be picked up for less than £15 so I’m more likely to buy it on disc

obiadekanobi1980 26 October, 2010 @ 12:35

Wow 20% off dlc for a game that i dont have again plus the god of war 20%??? Still cheaper in game what a rip off ure usless if u ask me ur lucky I’m busy with killzone 3 beta which makes all these months of usless content and games a little easier to put up with…… pull ur finger out sony its not on….. killzone 3 is awsome by the way called in sick tday after finishing kz3 at 7:30 am lol my eyes look like peeholes in the snow

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