PlayStation Home: Heavy Pets, LucasArts, Hudson Gate Update And More!

Dolphy racing in the Hudson Gate space has proven quite popular since the space was released. We are therefore very pleased to announce that the space will be updated this week with a new course! Does your Dolphy have the right mix of stamina, speed and agility to master the new course or will you need to spend some time retraining your racing Dolphy?

PlayStation Home: Heavy Pets, LucasArts, Hudson Gate Update And More! (dolphy)

Following on from the recent opening of their own store, LucasArts are back this week with a new collection of costumes sourced from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 including Jumptrooper, General Kota, Terror Trooper and Starkiller (with Dual Lightsabres!). Lockwood update their store inventory with a hand-held black rose, and Codeglue release a terrifying new item of furniture: a Guillotine! Alternatively, drop into the nDreams store and pick up the Black Party Robe – great for matching with their scythe!

Heavy Water release the first of their new Heavy Pets range this week, just in time for Halloween. Pick up the bell tower, tombstone or flaming brazier (or all of them in a discount bundle) from Furniture, place them in your personal space then watch as spooky creatures emerge and explore your space.

PlayStation Home: Heavy Pets, LucasArts, Hudson Gate Update And More! (heavypets)

This weekend is Halloween, which is our own MusterBuster’s favourite holiday (for obvious reasons!). If you aren’t out partying this Halloween, why not drop into Home Square and see if you can earn a treat from our favourite pumpkin-person. Details on the forum . We’re also adding a stage to the centre of Home Square this week, surrounding the tree. Perfect place to show off your monster costumes, and perhaps mash together your own hideous dance routine with the help of friends (bonus points for incorporating well choreographed emotes and recording your dance on video!).

PlayStation Home: Heavy Pets, LucasArts, Hudson Gate Update And More! (mad-scientist) PlayStation Home: Heavy Pets, LucasArts, Hudson Gate Update And More! (geek-mask)

The folks from Adult Swim , who have been providing us with hours of Robot Chicken content for the Theatre for over a year now, have been in touch and wanted me to pass along a message from them. The full message is on the official PlayStation Home forum, however here’s an excerpt:

“So, after hours of deliberation over what shade of yellow is best for our Robot Chicken Silhouette t-shirt, forging our nerd’s glasses in virtual plastic and spending many, many days looking at what our items look like on electric people of varying degrees of size (don’t pretend you haven’t had fun with that too) we’re pleased to announce that we’re now selling t-shirts, tank tops and masks in the Shopping Centre”.

Audi have also been dropping messages in my inbox:

“50,000 aspiring musicians later and after over 130,000 tinkles on the ivories it’s time to say goodbye to the Audi Bösendorfer Piano. In one weeks time (Thursday 4th November) the piano will be leaving the Audi Home Terminal, so if you’re still chasing that elusive piano for your apartment or a bit more formal wear for a night out get in there now. Or if you fancy one last triumphant classical medley now’s the time. But don’t worry, there are plenty more new events and games planned before the end of the year. So watch this space for further announcements”.

Finally, please note that there will be PSN maintenance Thursday afternoon and evening. PlayStation Home will be closed for part of this maintenance. Please check for details and updates on this maintenance in the PSN forum.

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what with the Psn maintenance is that all Psn or just for home and why 2 maintenance the last 1 we had was for 12 hours. :/


PSN maintenane ce is separate from Home maintenance, but because Home is dependent on PSN we need to close Home.


BOO great halloween update i’ll see you guys at the party.


Oh Nooo i didn’t want to be 1st :(

The piano game is going already?! Thankfully, I managed to win it a while ago but I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people who haven’t. BTW will you be joining us on Halloween Mr. Thy?

Thanks Alex for the article.

Great for the Star wars the force unleashed 2 costumes :P

Alex any news about the awesome new nDreams fantasy space “Aurora” ?

whiteboy38rams 27 October, 2010 @ 18:17

not sure if my dolphins still alive as i neglected em since i got my gold crown .. do u know if new course got new rewards ?? …. still no lake house alex :( any news ? but not a bad update , robot chicken masks are a must :)


New rewards, and new Dolphy cushions … which also means new custom looks for your Dolphy.

Alex I have a few questions :)

Are we getting the Stageset from Loot?
Are we getting the apartment we were due 3 weeks or so ago?

This ones to fuel our taste buds :P

What new stores are coming to the extended shopping centre?


1. Haven’t heard yet about Stageset.

2. Which are you talking about?

3. You’ll have to wait and see :)

I’m not that bothered that that piano game is going to be honest as I was never any good at it. But look forward to see what will replace it.

Might pop on Home and check out the Halloween party. :)

whiteboy38rams 27 October, 2010 @ 18:28

just seem the black robe :) looks awesome
does this come with the skeleton hands and is it a whole outfit as you mentioned it would go well with the scythe


Apologies, I may have made a boo-boo there. It’s a one piece costume I believe, so the scythe won’t be usable with it.


Erm… guys?

Just to say, if you add UNDEAD_PUMPKIN in preperation for our Hallowe’en events this Sunday… be careful. He can act a little strange at times.

Read more here.


whiteboy38rams 27 October, 2010 @ 19:32

thanks alex :) and gotta say MB i hope sunday night is better than undead pumpkins jokes :( .


Just… please. Don’t tell him his jokes are bad.

UNDEAD_PUMPKIN has already tons of fans it seems his friendlist is full… xD

Are we still actually getting robot chicken videos in the theatre? Last time I saw, it wasnt updated for at least 3 month.

Oh and who wouldn’t love an invisible man avatar? Y’know the ghosts you see when entering a space? That one!

Hello again Alex

I’m on about the Luxury Weekend Lake House that was released a few weeks back in the US Home, do you know if it will be coming to EU soon?

Also can you confirm any old apartments that the US have that will be coming to the EU soon? A lot of people would like to know :)

Thanks :)


Same answer for both questions: no due dates. We’re waiting on localised versions being prepared for us by the SCEA team, and as soon as we receive those we’ll schedule releases.

whiteboy38rams 27 October, 2010 @ 22:10

i ment bad in a good way ….. its street talk init :)

talking about updates

Videostore release to the rest of theEU
Promissed 2010
65 days remaining


That’s not something I or the Home team can help you with.

Stinkinmushroom 27 October, 2010 @ 23:04

Will Europe have the PS Rewards?




When is the playtv update launched?


looks good now i cant wait for xmas will be great on pshome i hope :)


Come on guys, plz, just stop with it, PSN is running fine, Home is running fine, why fix something thts not broken….

or is it tht REWARDS thing i read bout, but thts only coming out mid 2011?

O yeah, tht 2cnd Mall space is a waste, the old mall worked better & another thing, the new store fronts looks WICKED, any chance SONY could re-do the Sony store fronts.

1 last point, still no PlayStation 15th Aniversary update for EU this week, tht USA got 3 weeks ago ?

A few years on and the die-hard home fans still get wait and see” answers.

Should be ashamed of yourselfs SCEE. Seriously.


As soon as I am told that we’re clear to share the information on the new stores that are coming, which involves not just SCEE but also the third party companies involved, I will do so.

JENNA-BABE-88 28 October, 2010 @ 17:28

With regard to the PSN maintenance today, I have to question WHY this couldnt be scheduled at the same time as the home update downtime between 8am and 2pm GMT? I’m sure Sony is a large enough Corporation to have TWO teams working at the same time, one for the home update and the other on the PSN maintenance. This added Home downtime just means the paying customers arent on home buying virtual items. Not really good business practice there Alex. I think whoever made the decision to scheduled this additional downtime today really needs to speak to the Home team a little more yes? But having said that communication has never been a strong point at Sony. After all you dont communicate effectively with your customers, why should internal communication be any different.


I wish Sony spent as much time improving and adding new features to Home as they do to selling virtual junk, then Home would be much, much better.

Home is full of virtual stuff now. How about useful stuff?, not just a marketplace of virtual crap that isn’t worth anything.

Make Home less like Second Life, and more like it’s own social community with more PSN features.

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