PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 51

Hello all,

This week I’ve been playing an inordinate amount of Borderlands and Fallout New Vegas. The main things I’ve learned are that I’ll pretty much do anything for XP, and I like guns that set people on fire. Probably shouldn’t admit that last one out loud.

Anyway, on to the mag!

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 51

We’ve got loads of good stuff this month. Like interviews with Quantic Dream’s David Cage (talking about what’s next after Heavy Rain) and Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades (talking about the new look Dante in Devil May Cry). However, our mega interview is a double whammy of Suda51 and Shinji Mikami. The legendary developers talk about their new game, Shadow of the Damned, as well as each other’s bad habits and whether they’ll ever start a band.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 51

Preview-wise we’ve got new info on the sexy/weird Catherine from Persona dev Atlus, Resistance 3, Alice: Madness Returns, the Ico and Shadow Of Colossus HD remakes, and The Last Guardian. Although the big news is our final word on Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I wandered off to visit Treyarch in LA to see the latest on the game, including playing it 3D, which was all sorts of wow. Plus I grilled half the team to strip-mine them for info.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 51

We’ve also got the latest info on Bioshock Infinite. Specifically ten reasons why waiting for it is going to really, really suck. We also have a chat with Irrational’s Tim Gerritsen about both Infinite and the original Bioshock.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 51

And, as well as all that, there are plenty more previews, reviews and features lovingly crafted for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

That’s all on sale now for £5.99 with a playable demo disk. Or you can save up 50% if you subscribe

And if you want to tell us anything, call us names or say want you want in the mag, then drop us a line on Twitter @OPM_UK, email or get involved with our Facebook group.

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Are your Magazines not doing so well?
Is this why you’re advertising the magazines now?

Black Ops better be better than MW2.

Actually, the magazines are pretty good if you ask me. I think they are just trying to get more sales especially since the cover is of black ops.

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 28 October, 2010 @ 15:11

If Suda51 wasn’t interviewed while on the jacks, I have no interest whatsoever! :P


That’s probably why. Struggling against big gaming news sites and the like. Plus the demo disc isn’t as good as what we used to get with the PS2 demo disc, as we seem to get a lot of the same demos month after month. And what with the PS Store to download stuff from… :/

so you can’t buy this is Sweden?



Head here ( and change the delivery region to ‘Europe’ and you can subscribe.



The mag is doing just fine – still the biggest PlayStation mag in the UK by some distance.

I think it’s more just a case of seeing the FirstPlay posts that we do every week and thinking it’s a good opportunity for a bit of cross-channel promotion type thing.

That, and Leon was totally jealous that I was on the internet and he wasn’t ;)

I remember hearing that these guys were actually going to make a website, haven’t heard from it in a long time though…
Also, the only advantage i see with the demo discs is that there is no need to wait for it to download – you just gotta install it. :)

Send us a free mag Leon mate!

So this “Last word/verdict” on Black Ops is a review, right? The image says feature.


I love this magazine. It’s just to bad it’s so much more expensive here in Norway.

sounds like the kind of features firstplay should have. I wont buy both, and if i do go for a paper mag i’d go for PSM3, still part of the future publishing i believe.


PSM3 is a great mag. That said we obviously want to appeal to as many readers as posible, so out of curiosity – what makes you pick PSM3?

I’m surprised to see you are allowed post again after the “door handle” jokes the last time ;)
It’s a good mag, i’ve been buying it since way back when but i do wish there was less repetition on the demo disk.

What are we selling next on the blog, t-shirts?

If you get a playable Infamous 2 demo (before the store gets it) free with the magazine I will buy your magazine, otherwise I will continue with my firstplay.

I love OPM and PSM3, buy both each week. I’m really looking forward to the ICO Collection preview and of course the Black Ops verdict (even though I’ve been intentionally out of the Call of Duty ring since MW1).

Is Black Ops in 3D? I didn’t know that :-O

So this mag should be home when I get there on Saturday?

So when is the GT5 review going to be? Because according to issue 50 it was going to be issue 51 which I was looking forward to read, or have they simply changed due to the GT5 delay for a change?

I bought OPM (or whatever you’re calling it now) from about issue 60 to 82 of the PSone days, a few of the PS2 version during the days of Final Fantasy XII, and the first 20 or so issues when the PS3 came out.

Eventually I got fed up of not receiving anything extra on the disc which I couldn’t get from the Store, being fed consistently false rumours, putting up with poor spelling and general lack of knowledgable writing, pictures and articles aimed at 10 year-olds (guns!), general lack of news and content and the official magazine website (and podcast) never appearing.

Looks like nothing’s changed.

How about a scoop on the new GT5 release date?

Oh wait you don’t offer any news.

Rude_Sparthan 28 October, 2010 @ 17:30

..same for others about GT5…. and… please…….. REMEMBER THIS

It’s EASY if you want to buy the Magazine, buy it if not don’t :D

+ I have been getting the Magazine since PS1 days and i would rather read the Magazine than all the rubbish that is put on all of those rubbish internet game site like and MaxConsole and the rest.

I’ll stick with Play Gamer. Only £2.99 an issue instead of £5.99

Ditum your a good man. I’ll never have time for Mr Hurley anymore since he deleted me from his friends list without so much as a reason or sorry :-( I was subscribed to OPSM until Future Publishing [DELETED] up my subscription and never sent me 2 issues which I’d paid for! What can you do to get me back on-board the OPSM wagon?


That sucks – and obviously we’d love to have you back on board. Could you ring the mag and ask for Sarah, and we’ll sort something out with subs?


I think £5.99 per issue just isn’t credible in the digital era. I remember only buying it for the PS2 because of the demo discs.

It also is free of VAT so £5.99 for stuff which you can get on net. I don’t see the appeal.

twistedintoform 28 October, 2010 @ 21:49

i buy this every month, but i guess i must be a dinosaur or something. i generally hate the haphazard way that mosts websites operate, and the magazine isn’t just about news, but also the in-depth previews, reviews and features which the vast majority of websites don’t have access to. with a professional magazine, you know you’re getting professional journalists who have access to the world’s top studios.

but i then, i still read a newspaper.

twistedintoform 28 October, 2010 @ 22:05

@leon – why is it “black ops – the verdict”, but it isn’t actually a review with a score? also, can you confirm you played a PS3 version of the game? pretty much every press release or event you see about this game, you’d think the xbox360 is the only platform in town despite the fact the PS3 version of MW2 outsells the other platforms in europe. i’m half-inclined to believe a lot PS3 magazines are basing reports on what they’ve experienced from the xbox version.

though to be honest, i thought MW2 was a bit pants.. ludicrous single-player that was sub 4-hours and a totally unbalanced mess in multiplayer most of the time.

chrishjericho 29 October, 2010 @ 13:11

As a subscriber I love the magazine, but I have noticed something rather disturbing…why are you guys such cod fan-boys?

Don’t know if you’re still around Leon. I go for PSM3 partly because its cheaper, or at least it was when i started buying it. I also get the PSN demos so rather the free gifts and trailers/video reviews than demo disc. Theres also something about the spirit or style of the mag i prefer. I also find i trust and agree with more reviews. Someone once sugested it was a spiritual sucessor to Playstation Power, which was my first PS magazine.

@26 It isn’t an actual review? God, I hate that. It’s only started recently, PSM3 did it a while back with Dead Rising 2. It’s stupid to have what’s pretty much an in-depth preview and calling it a ‘verdict’ since you’ll be reviewing it properly next issue. So it isn’t really an ‘exclusive verdict’, it’s a preview.

twistedintoform 29 October, 2010 @ 14:30

@29 – nope, it isn’t a review. that’s in the “review special” next month apparently. it must be some kind of embargo imposed by activision, because i don’t know what they can tell us next month that isn’t included here, either factually or as opinion.

Benelux OPM FTW

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