Darts At The Ready… Fingers Steady… Welcome To Top Darts!

Hello everybody, I’m Mark McGinley and I’m the Senior Producer on what we believe will be the ultimate darts experience on any games console, Top Darts. The development team at Devils Details have been fully immersing themselves in both the sport and the Move Controller for several months now. We believe they’ve come up with something that’s not only true to the real game thanks to the precision of the Move Controller, but which is also a great deal of fun.


The game’s controls have been specially designed to take advantage of the three dimensional depth and precision of the PlayStation Move and the interaction between player and dart is better than any darts game you’ve ever played before.

When bringing the sport to the PlayStation 3 we wanted to ensure that the game was not only a challenge that rewards practice, but also a great game to play with friends. Top Darts combines a mix of classic Dart games, like 501, Around The Clock and Cricket, with extensive League & Cup competition modes, as well as a large selection of varied game modes. If competing against your friends is more your thing Top Darts allows up to 8 players to battle it out across a range of competitive games and events specifically tailored to enhance the multiplayer experience.


As well as catering for fans of more traditional Dart games, the game also offers a little bit of something different with a range of frantic simultaneous play games. This allows two players to play at the same time offering a very different Darts experience that, as far as we’re aware, has never been seen before

We’ll go into plenty more depth on some of the new game types and modes you might not be familiar with in our next blog update.

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Coming to you in full 1080p high definition goodness with the legendary commentary of Mr Sid Waddell we think we’ll be on target to bring the oche to your living room when Top Darts releases exclusively on the PlayStation Store this Christmas.

I’ll be back with more information about the game in the next few weeks, so if there’s anything you’d like me expand upon or discuss further in future blog posts then please just comment below.

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Sounds good – I wonder how many Move controllers will be sent flying through the room though. ;-) Thank god for the squishy ball I guess.


That an Irish pub in the first picture?


It sure is :)

Looks great. I’m keen to see more of this.

Don’t forget to use the strap of your ps move control, hahaha.

anybody taking bets on how long before this is sending move controllers through TVs? :)

Bloody_Marcel 29 October, 2010 @ 13:51

Is this Move exclusive or is it compatible with standard controller as well?


Move exclusive only…

please say this has online multiplayer


No online MP planned unfortunately…. (:

Not interesed, still waiting for Mubi.

devilwithoutfear 29 October, 2010 @ 14:05

it sounds intresting.
how many trophies will this game get?

why not buy a dart board!?



True. Now that i think of it i dont need to buy GT5…i’ll just buy a car! ;)

@10 lol


How does one hold the controller in this game? Looks like a fun game.


Like a Dart :) Examples will be shown in the trailers that are coming soon… watch this space :)


Do You have a website?

Looks great much more fun than PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour and probably cheaper.

ps. this is what PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour should have been A PSN GAME.

This sounds like great fun. Few Questions:
Will you be able to have server side score keeping for possible tournaments? and will this be making it to the U.S.?


As stated above, no online support unfortunately (: The game is however planned for release in the US :)

Jocky to the oche!


Yay !! looks yummy, Can’t wait to try it out.

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 29 October, 2010 @ 16:28

On your next trip here to the blog can you bring a video showing how the Move controller is used with this game? I’m guessing holding the controller tomahawk style and releasing the trigger to release the dart?


Trailer coming soon – all will be revealed ;)


After reading the title Move immediately came to mind. Glad to see you’ll be using it, please release a demo or trial for this game!
The 1080p gorgeous graphics was a nice cheeky addition, can you confirm that’s how good it will look during gameplay?


All screenshots are taken from in game. More new updated screenshots to follow shortly….

Sid Waddell, day 1. “He aiming for the lipstick”

This sounds epic :). Am a huge fan of darts, but it’s been taken out of the pubs around here these days, and living in a rental place, I can’t put up my board. Lookin’ forward to giving this a good run on release, great stuff Devils Details :).

Perfect title for MOVE controller, release a demo already.


hey hey

how much ?
psn title ?

how badly does this drift . . ..


Price – €7.99 / £6.29

PSN title – yes


no online multiplayer, lol

word of advice, if you are only able to play this with friends offline, or by yourself….get yourself out and buy a real dartboard

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