Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Weekly News #6

UPLAY Reveal!

Today we’re revealing the UPLAY Rewards for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood! Here are some of the rewards you can get, the full list is available on!

  • Florentine Noble Attire – 20 Units to unlock
  • Altair’s Robes- 20 Units to unlock
  • Hellequin Multiplayer Character – 40 Units to unlock

For those that are not too familiar with Uplay we strongly suggest you watch the video made by UbiGabe, your Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ComDev, detailing how to unlock these cool rewards. (You also get to see the Hellequin for the first time! You sure are VIPs ^^)

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Love the typo there. :D


Freudian slip?

Epic i got a screenshot ;-)

Upay haha =D dont you mean Uplay?

i Love the uplay i just wish all devs do the same as you guys congrats.

the rewards system uplay is better then the rewards in other games and rewards system & trophies goes hand in hand. :)

I think i got 30-50 UPLAY points to use the moment i get this game oh and for future reference here’s a screen of the typo: ;-) Just incase they fix it :D

Hi Guys, It is indeed a typo – a funny one it seems :)

It’s not a new feature :)

As a customer paying for Ps+, I feel a bit betrayed there is a new reward system for people apparently too cool for us normal loyal consumers. For that reason I’ll be giving this game a miss.

Uplay is a Ubisoft reward system that is built into the game, You access the Uplay server from the games menu and it’s a free to use service so does not cost anything to access or use.

It’s a lot like Playstation Trophies, you complete an in game objective, and you get awarded ‘Uplay points’ – which you can use in the Uplay store to unlock exclusive items such as those listed in the first post.

Uplay is also available on a few other games at present, such as Splinter Cell: Conviction and also Assassin’s Creed 2.

Oh yeah i need to ask a question: gabe on uplay when will the shop & share start up? :)

Sorry I misunderstood, I thought this post was in connection with Playstations offical reward scheme, please disregard what I posted. I wish Sony EU would post information about this Reward Scheme, it’s really starting to irritate me.

It’s OK – sorry I was so slow at typing the reply – I just noticed you thought it was something else :)

@Cward Uplay is also on RUSE and Prince of Persia(i think)

I love Uplay i always got some points to spare when i get a new game so i can get a head start or more maps…

Indeed – I just didn’t want to list them all ;)

It’s great that points can be used on any Uplay title though :)

Uplay is a really neat idea, I’ve used it in AC2, PoP and Ruse already. The family tomb in AC2 was the best unlock so far.

mickerocknroll 02 November, 2010 @ 19:22

Can we get a GT5 release date now? It’s starting to look like a big joke. Just look around the internet and you’ll see.
/Dissapointed Costumer “no2 405 831” who hasn’t got any respectful treatment from Sony regarding Gran Turismo 5

Offtopic: PLEASE give me some more RUSE MP maps as DLC!

@mickerocknroll You should ask Sony or Polyphony that not UBI..

@reply at 8
Too bad we don’t have Splinter Cell Conviction :P

Can you tell us how many units we can earn and how many we need to redeem everything?

I may have to retrack my congrats till i get a answer how comes SCEA get a free DLC for it on launch day & we don’t.

I‘m so sick off double standards from the 3 different region‘s :(


You can’t mention xbox exclusive in ps3 blog. Some of these fanboys are hungry for blood!

@17…Its not xbox exclusive



It really is. Its on PC/Xbox therefore Microsoft -> Xbox exclusive.


And by default platforms for exclusivity are Wii, Xbox and PS3. Usually PC is its own little club.


@ 20

srsly. its out on the ps3 shops, you are a really good troll though.

good, i had some Uplay points lying around since AC2

I think he means Splinter Cell


@22 yeah. I thought that was pretty obvious. Ah well I guess for some people it takes a little longer.

Uplay is a Excellent idea. Also is that theme dynamic Cheers :)

it should actually really be called UPAY cuz you earn points and PAY for the awesome stuff. and thanx ubisoft for making harlequin UPLAY compatible as i have not pre-ordered @GameStop.

ASSASSINS CREED BROTHERHOOOOOOD1111 oh oops shi(f)t happens :) !!!!

UPlay is great. Too bad there’s more rewards than points to be earned in AC Brotherhood. What to choose?

obiadekanobi1980 03 November, 2010 @ 08:34

i love the way that were on the offical ps3 blog and the video that they supply to us is of the x box version of the game so much for a ps3 friendly game it makes me think of that saying ” give 10,000 monkeys typewriters and they will eventually type the complete works of shakesphere” so if u give all the monkeys at sony xboxes they might produce a video with a game thats is on a PS3. are there any monkeys at sony???? i think there is…. heres to brand loyalty….

obiadekanobi1980 03 November, 2010 @ 08:36

oops i forgot all the monkeys are working on gt5…. thats why its taking 10,000 years to be RELEASED to us

Uplay is all very well & good WHEN IT WORKS, AND WHEN SOMEBODY AT UBISOFT PULL THEIR COLLECTIVE FINGERS OUT AND STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. I cannot link my account with Uplay. Ubisoft will not help, Sony says it’s their problem, not Sony’s, which is correct. Remaining in beta, like Home, just vegetates a product into being “Oh it’s in beta so we can ignore you and our ineptitude because uplay is still in beta! Somebody at ubisoft please help.

addendum: i used to be able to use this account with upay (which is seem I am, in grief and frustration anyways). Why won’t it link up anymore Ubisoft, and why won’t anyone, inclding ubisoft tech HELP?? Please?

like the hellequin
had one hell of a time in ACII stabbing two people as altair with only one knife ;p is this fixed?

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