MUBI Is Live Today On The PlayStation 3!

MUBI is your own little cinema, like a never-ending film festival, bringing all the wonderful discoveries of international cinema to your home. The new service is now available in UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, and New Zealand. If you’re in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, don’t worry, MUBI will be available in your home next week, Wednesday, November 10.

You can now download the MUBI application from PlayStation Store for free and then find it under the video icon on XMB. MUBI lets you stream more than 300 of some of the most visionary independent, international and classic films directly to your PS3. Each country has a unique selection of amazing films and filmmakers to choose from – you’ll find many of your favourites as well as tons of others just waiting to be discovered by you. At MUBI, we’re about making great cinema fun and accessible, so we carefully select every film we are showing to make sure it’s a gem. Perhaps there are some films you’ve never seen or even heard of before, but rest assured we scour the globe to find the very best films worth discovering.

Rent films for 7 days for £2.99/3.59€, or you can purchase an all-you-can-eat 30 day subscription for just £9.99/12.99€. Oh, and there will be some films for free too – films we think need to be discovered and that you should tell your friends about – keep an eye on the Blog this week and we’ll be telling you more about them.!

MUBI isn’t just a virtual video library, it’s a social cinema, it’s a destination for those passionate about or simply just interested in (or curious about!) film. If you love talking about film, debating alternative endings, telling your friends what you think’s worth watching, or maybe you’re just curious and want to find out which films have the latest buzz, then MUBI is the right place for you. You can send personal recommendations to your PSN friends about some of the discoveries you have made and, with Facebook integration, you can take your discussion about film further.

One more thing…

To start us off with a bang (and we do mean bang!), on November 20th MUBI will be premiering online and for free the new Mexican film Revolución. This film is incredible—one of the rare films to play at the Berlin, Cannes, and New York Film festivals, Revolución was made in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mexican revolution. The project was masterminded by the ten hottest young Mexican directors, from the established (arthouse master Carlos Reygadas) to the buzzed about and up-and-coming (Amat Escalante and Gerardo Naranjo), to international superstar Gael García Bernal, who shares directorial credit with his Y tu mamá también co-star, Diego Luna.

We’re showing this amazing film online for free globally for 24 hours on November 20th to coincide with the worldwide theatrical release, and this online premiere is just the beginning of the unique cinema events we’ll host on MUBI!

And as a little bonus for PlayStation Plus members, an exclusive MUBI dynamic theme is available to download today.

So what are you waiting for? Your own online cinema opens today.

On your PS3.

Watch. Share. Discover.

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Cannot wait to get into this!

Any chances getting MUBI in Poland?

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:09

Hi all
Efe is still jet-setting down under so I’ll get on to try and answer any questions in his absence (he’ll be fast asleep right now). By the way – this blog went live a little early so MUBI will go live once the Store update is live

Just one more reason why ps3 really is the thinking man’s gaming device.


Woo! Excited. Can’t wait to get home and download.

Just a quick Question… Does this also work in the Faroe Islands..? I ask because Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, but with the music application Vidzone, it didn´t work up here. It works now, but it took way to long to work.

So does it work in the Faroe Islands or will I have to wait forever to get MUBI..?

When Poland ?

can’t find it – Australia.

Stream in 1080p and I’m there, but until then, I’ll pass.

Low bit-rate SD is a joke, and for a service targeted a cinephiles you should have realised how critical HD is.

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:20

Hi Kotatsu2000
At launch there won’t be any HD videos available but the SD streaming quality is pretty good. It’s worth noting that many classic and indie films aren’t even available in HD. Hopefully something for the future of MUBI though



Store hasnt updated yet.

TerrorOfDeath86 03 November, 2010 @ 12:12

When will it be live in the Middle East (AE,SA)?

This is great news. The Revolución announcement quite a suprise. I hope there coming more of those events and premieres on MUBI.

Anyway, what I’d like to ask: do these films have subtitles in the language of the PSN store? Or are there only English subs on foreign language films?

I want my PS3 back! :cry:


oh. I got ahead of myself with “The new service is now available in”

Looking forward to downloading the app later and will definitely be checking out Revolución on the 20th. Hope you can do more of these events in the future :D

Nice i’ll get it the min. it launches! I already have a MUBI account will my PS3 tie into that?

I saw a Donnie Darko scene. It was the last scene of the movie! SPOILERS! :D:D:D:D

Donnie Darko is amazing. And I will check out Mubi. But I dunno… I mostly watch hollywood or at least English movies. So I’ll have some troubles getting used too. But I love the motion picture :D

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:25

Hi Valthyr
MUBI is about discovering something a bit unique and special – sometimes it’s good to go beyond the usual mainstream. You might find something really amazing that no one else knows about ; )


Roll on November 20th :-) Great news, and Love film by the end of the month as well!

And once again not in South Africa! – It is rather amazing how most countries globally get streaming services but in good old South Africa we always get nothing…..


How many new films per week? I looked at your web service for my country and it didn’t have that many good movies.

2 questions

Can we use our currunt MUBI accounts?

And are you planning on putting up any Gaspar Noe’s films soon?

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:28

Ji mattkan
The PS3 and accounts are linked. So you can start watching a film on PS3 and then finish watching it on (and vice versa).

Sound’s great!

I love finding new, not so well known films.


Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:29

Hi Doogal_UK
Then you should love and really appreciate MUBI

VOD is growing like hell in Poland. When MUBI will be available here in PL?

Fingers crossed for movies I haven’t seen yet.
Then again, the service is worth already it for tagging known movies :)

MissSouthampton 03 November, 2010 @ 12:31

How fab! I love these types of films! Also my Rents are totally into Australian films and I spotted Strictly Ballroom so looks promising.

isn’t there yet, how late?

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:36

Hi FGras
The MUBI application will be available with the next Store update this afternoon – probably around 4pm as usual.

I take it no Gaspar Noe for a long time yet then.

Nice you added some Chaplin though.

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 12:35

Hi mattkan
Sorry I forgot to answer the first bit of your question! That’s one for MUBI team but I’ll ask them. ; )

A lot of great movies on here. Hope they all get avalible.


Why does every movie in the trailer says it’s only available in two or three countries each?

For example, Pan’s labyrinth (SPAIN) “is available in Australia and New Zealand”, and it isn’t in Spain itself?

i can’t see it on the store o.o


This is everything I could wish for in a movie service. Most of my favourite films are on MUBI and a load I’ve been meaning to watch for a good while. A big thank you to the guys at MUBI and SCEE for making this happen.


I wonder when Poland deserves to be on this service or some other: (

@Chaosprower. On each of the screenings and it isn’t available in your area here’s what it says.

Buy a plane ticket; Pan’s Labyrinth is now playing at MUBI in:

Australia, New Zealand

If we had it our way, you’d be watching this film right now instead of reading this message.

Unfortunately, the rights to show even a single movie online are often divided amongst distributors in different countries, which puts something of a damper on our plan to make great films available the world over. (Sometimes the convoluted situation of movie rights has its fun: see our blog for an example.) Rest assured, we are working hard to acquire the rights to show all our favorite films all around the world.
Keep checking back – good things can come to those who wait.

Can’t wait, gonna get the theme as well.

So, is this streaming only?
Since my internet isn’t fast enough to handle streaming of pretty much any high quality content.

so does this mean the video store will be coming to ireland….. cause that was went to come at launch of the EU video store, then it got pushed back to “soon after launch” of the EU video store…. and that was like a year ago.

Here’s a free film to get you started.

I quite enjoyed it.


Like my countrymen said, when Poland gets MUBI?

So picture quality is SD, what about audio quality? 2 channel / 5.1?

Will there be subtitles for all movies? Can we choose which subtitle we’d like? (English, Dutch, French, English for the hearing impaired, etc?)

I’m correct that this is only streaming video, not downloadable, and only as a rental service, no purchase of movies?

Where can i find it, still nothing in the stores,
While we’r releasing videostores btw.
Still only 58 days remain before the end of 2010
And the promis of the real videostore is missed again

Any update on duke nukems forever , i mean gran turismo releasedate


As great as some old films are if this service does not provide some more recent films i doubt i’ll be using it. The video store on PS3 is terrible and rarely has anything worth watching so i can’t say i have much hope for this.

Will there be any free movies today?

Poland is waiting…

From PSN update announcement:

* MUBI (free) Rating: PEGI 18

Availability: Available in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom (More territories next week)

Which territories will get MUBI next week?

@KuFeL78: Read the post…

“If you’re in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, don’t worry, MUBI will be available in your home next week, Wednesday, November 10.”

How is the payment handled? Is it done through the PSN wallet or do I have to sign up with my CC on Mubi as well?

Clare Sandford 03 November, 2010 @ 14:00

Hi FluBBa
Payment is linked to PSN wallet system

Subtitles for the hard of hearing available? Deaf people own PS3s too.


Been waiting for this service for some time now. Glad it’s finally here.

So what’s the deal with this mubi thing?
Does it have any proper films, or is it all just wierd, cheapo, low-budget foreign rubbish with subtitles?
If so then no thanks.

Id like to see some serbian movies… like dragojevic and so on… try to get some of those please

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