New LittleBigPlanet 2 Featurette – The Creatinator!

Last Friday you got a sneak-peak at the power and potential of Sackbots in LittleBigPlanet 2. And now, whilst you’re still reeling from the awesomeness of that, here’s another featurette for you – this time we’re showing off (adopts deep dramatic voice) The Creatinator.

The Creatinator is a handy new power-up that lets you launch all kinds of useful objects – from water to fight fires to supercharged rockets. And that’s just for starters – once you start tinkering in Create mode, the possibilities really open up. Just imagine a gadget that lets you launch streams of giant flaming cows to demolish walls – I’m sure that’s something lots of you have been waiting to see for a long time…

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Any chance of us seeing some music creating videos?


Sweet, I love how the Sack with the creatinator set fire to the backstage crew, LOL!!!!!


I would appreciate you answer me about this…

In the PS+ update of October Shatter Soundtrack wasn’t released in Portugal.

I hope to see it today, right??

That was a charming little spot. More of these, please!

Less video, more open beta please =D Stop Teasing!

Amazon had a release date of 17th December for this earlier, but i’m guessing they were wrong as it’s now changed, unless they were meant to put that for GT5 ;)

LOL, Beta testers like me got killed in this Video!

My hype meter for this game is 100/100.Can’t wait for!!ut please release a demo soon or a open beta.

Stop wasting time and tell us when we will get the game? And what stuff do we gonna get in CE. I think we all know already whats an creatinator.


Lol funny and cool like always!Great Work!

Very good video, CANNOT wait for LBP2, easily game of the yea 2011!

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