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Hello readers! This is Ana, a producer from FluffyLogic, in Bristol, UK. We’re the developer of the Savage Moon series of games for PlayStation 3 and PSP. We’re here to blog about our new title every two weeks, with a developer diary charting progress of the game from now until you’re sick of hearing from us :)

You may or may not know that we demoed our new exclusive PlayStation 3 game for the PlayStation Network, ‘Eat Them!’ at E3 in June. In Eat Them! the player gets to create their own giant monster which they then use to smash, crash and munch their way though the city. The monster is people-powered – so eating folk is a prerequisite of keeping it in full-on destruction mode. The game features eye-catching ‘comic-style’ graphics, fully customisable monster creation and lots and lots of smashing things. The player has the option of single-player, split-screen multiplayer, head-to-head and co-operative missions. Eat Them! promises action, mayhem, destruction, humour and, did I mention?… eating people! The game is scheduled for release this winter. Here’s what it looks like:


So where do the ideas behind Eat Them! come from? I am a big fan of monster movies – the old-school films where a guy in a giant rubber suit goes mad in a model city while the cameras roll… I wanted to be able to do just that. I also love comics, from the 50s horror and sci-fi classics to 70s Hammer Horror Fanzines. And finally, I love games that have a strong destructive vibe – the truth is, smashing stuff is fun! I also really, really wanted to be able to eat people…. in a friendly, “I’m just a monster, I can’t help it” kind of a way. So we put all that into a digital blender and the result (so far) is Eat Them!

Eat Them! on the PlayStation.Blog

I hope you’ll join us over the next few months as we share with you the process of game development from here to release.

Thanks and see you in two weeks…

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This winter? Its come and gone. Oh wait you mean the northern hemisphere. No respect for the southern one :)

Looks like Rampage :P

Is there a demo planned for the game?

I think this looks great – Will we be able to use the Move controller with it?

Ana Kronschnabl 09 November, 2010 @ 16:52

not at the moment…but you never know what the future holds…;)

TehPhilosopher 09 November, 2010 @ 16:09

This indeed looks great – love the stylised graphics and sounds like a lot of fun!

Looks good, hope there is a demo in the pipeline. Any ideas as to how many customisable parts are in the game?

Ana Kronschnabl 09 November, 2010 @ 16:56

well…there are over 5 million combinations of monsters available…not counting colours!

Looking great, Ana! Keep flying the flag for Bristol! ;)

Ana Kronschnabl 09 November, 2010 @ 16:57

thanks ed! :)

Carnivius_Prime 09 November, 2010 @ 16:36

Very keen on trying this out even just cos it reminds me of days in the 80’s and 90’s playing Rampage in multiplayer. That game always needed a massive overhaul for a modern era and this game could be just that and more.

I Like the animation style, reminds me of Borderlands. However it looks like it suffers from poor framerates, it’s even apparent in the trailer. Also the eating animation is a bit slow, I think that would irritate me in the long run.

I’m hoping this game satisfies my cravings for a HD Online remake of War of the Monsters! I loved that game on PS2.

i was looking forward 2 this game i just hope it’s for all locations and my country doesen’t get shafted again.

Ana Kronschnabl 16 November, 2010 @ 11:30

hi dgnfly…Eat Them! will be out in Holland :)

almighty-slayer 09 November, 2010 @ 16:55

Played it at Beta Rooms earlier this year, didn’t like it too much. Unless it’s changed a lot since then i won’t be buying it

i too played it at the beta rooms and like deadnation i got the impression it was closed to being a finished product. how come it’s takes so long to release on PSN?

I love the design but it’s hard to tell how the gameplay works…

Looks great. Quite looking forward to trying this out. Really wish there were more of these sorts of indie style games on PSN.

really like the comic look and destructable environment’s, with a nice retro 50’s sci fi feel to it. quick question how big is the environment and will it run on the psp ?

Looks cool


This looks great, especially the customisable monster bits!

Go Bristol woo! us Bristolians arnt just great people but great game makers too ;P

Was asked twice and one of them questions didn’t had an answer and the other you skipped well so here it goes for the third time:

Will it be a demo!?


@BLAKE_ I’m a Bristol girl, I couldn’t of said it better myself. Go Bristol!

Game looks great, I’ll look forward to seeing more of it soon.

Smoutefretter_BE 10 November, 2010 @ 15:37

Looking forward to it since the trailer @ E3!

Ana Kronschnabl 10 November, 2010 @ 15:39


there’s no firm plans for a demo at this stage, but we’ll take everyone’s feedback into account and keep you posted!



Pretty damn sweet, Rampage comes to mind, even tho from a gameplay standpoint they are not the same, i still got the same vibe from watching the trailer.

No trial demo seems like a FAIL to me.. Promotion equals more sales.

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