MUBI Is Now Live In All Launch Territories!

For all you film lovers, when the PlayStation Store updates today our new online movie theater MUBI will be offered in its remaining launch territories: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

If you’ve happened to read our previous posts, you’ll know by now that MUBI is a special kind of VOD service, offering a curated library of independent, international and classic films to stream directly to your TV.

We offer 7-day rentals and an all-you-can-watch monthly (30-day) subscription for our library of 400+ great films you may have already heard buzz about or may be about to discover. (We even have a free film or two available as well!)

MUBI isn’t just about VOD though. Because we focus on independent cinema, great films that are more likely to have played at film festivals than at your local multiplex, we’ve built MUBI to be a social cinema, one of discovery and community. We not only let you watch movies but also allow you and your friends keep track of each other’s film activities, what they’re watching and discussing, hating and loving. It’s a movie theatre and an international forum for recommendations and sharing, all with seamless Facebook integration so you can take your discussion further.

So what can you do on MUBI on PS3?

WATCH: Stream a library of films curated from the best independent, international and classic cinema. From beloved classics to unheralded film festival gems, MUBI offers a new and unique VOD option for lovers of film.

DISCOVER: There are cinematic masterpieces everywhere you look, but you do have to look! We give you the tools to escape the doldrums of the multiplexes and find what films people are talking about around the world. Premieres and award-winners from film festivals, forgotten classics ripe for re-discovery, or simply an amazing sounding film you hadn’t heard about—whether you’re receiving recommendations from a friend on MUBI, following their film activity, or simply browsing our database of film pages (we aspire to have information on all great films, old and new), MUBI allows you to discover something truly unique.

SHARE: Film has always been a social art, and if you love film as much as we do, you’ll want to share your thoughts, taste, and recommendations with your friends. Keep your film friends up to date on what you’ve seen, what you’ve rated, and what you want to watch—or simply keep track for yourself. You can even send a personal recommendation to a PSN friend. All this wonderful film activity can be reflected on Facebook as well. (Or, if you want your film watching and discovery to be a quiet, private affair, you can change your privacy settings in the “Setting” part of the menu.)

So what are you waiting for? Your own little cinema is now open.

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devilwithoutfear 10 November, 2010 @ 17:18

I’m feeling a little stupid but how can I find my PSN friends on Mubi?

My gripe i got with MUBI on the PS3 is that when i go on the PC and browse on my profile i can add posts, leave statues make lists and so on but you go on your PS3 and its all stripped down to its bare minimum… why is that? you cant leave comments you cant go on your friends profile and tinker with stuff the same way you can on the PC?
You really need to redesign your PS3s interface on MUBI.. it simply doesnt work and doesnt make you feel like your within a community?
If the MUBI experience were anything like on the PC i’d love it.. its just not at the moment. please please please fix it danny!

Take a note from LoveFilm and have reviews shown own instead of just a star rating.

European_Gamer 10 November, 2010 @ 17:18

Did you expand your movie libary this week?

Im most likely going to subscribe monthly, but im wondering what resolution the movies are in and can i see this info in the app or on the web somewhere?


“Film has always been a social art, and if you love film as much as we do, you’ll want to share your thoughts, taste, and recommendations with your friends.”

How do you share your thoughts?

xx-InFeRnAL-xx 10 November, 2010 @ 17:35

Finally MUBI is available in Portugal, but we wait a week for this, and the UK guys already enjoy this serviçe since last week…
Oh well Jump in ;)

When POLAND??????????????


Is it coming to Saudi Arabia anytime soon ?

Is it even in your plans ?!

Any plans for Greece?

There needs to be more movies in Sweden before I subscribe.
@5: The movies are in “DVD”-quality.

@11 Hmm really, dvd-quality? Thats bad news for me.


@12 It’s far, far from DVD quality. Play a YouTube clip at it’s lowest resolution and you’ll get an idea what MUBI’s video looks like. It’s abysmal.

And then there’s the problem of a chronic lack of content…

The movies I watched so far were no where near dvd quality, it hurt my eyes.

the meet the mubi team poster seems to have stopped replying to comments at the moment – so i’ll post here (don’t worry its not asking about a GT5 release, or how bad the LBP2 special edition is!)

my question is regarding user submissions, pretty new to MUBI so apologies if this is really obvious…

there was a link (for the forum) in the comments of the previous MUBI post that seems to be where people can suggest films for submission – however my question is, can we actually submit movies? for example, one of my friends is a film maker, and i’ve recently got into this as well, would there be a way for us (and others) to actually submit our films for consideration?

if not, would it be likely to be a feature in the future – it would be a good way for unknown directors as well as people that make films for hobbies to get their stuff seen by a big community.

..while I’m sure we’re all delighted to see something like this turn up on the ps3 – without films being licensed specifically for the PSN, even – I’d be.. oh.. intrigued, if it turned out that Sony was willing to sound off on the challenges when it comes to licensing various movies in different countries.

In any case – best of luck to you at MUBI. Love the service and your incredibly good taste in film – but it’s very sparse with content for any country that isn’t the US.

Please, consider Russia! Thanks.

When Poland?

Please give some love for Greece we want this too. If we can’t get vidzone atleast give us this. Greece and Poland comments are always seemed to be ignored.

@19 a.k.a. GamBino17 – Well apparently Central European countries, Greece and Russia are considered as a “won’t-bother-with-answering-questions” states. Contrary to what SCEE and our local SCE branches say we don’t matter.

TerrorOfDeath86 11 November, 2010 @ 00:39

Why this post tagged with AE? Is it coming to the Middle East?!

I checked MUBI on PS3 but the application is far too slow. How is this possible?
(the PS3 was the only device currently active on my internet connection which is 17Mbit down/1Mbit up).

The PS3 is supposed to be powerfull but somehow almost every application on the PS3 is slow.

And please add HD…

what’s the point of MUBI in europe? i mean…all movies have subtitles in english language only! MUBI should be limited to english speaking countries like Lovefilm…

All Territories ? but this doesnt seem to include South-Africa so it isnt ALL Territories, pz say which countries it is, or change the headline, plz, cause you have just created MORE confusion with this than two Porcupines trying to mate……….

MUBI Is Now Live In All Launch Territories!
all… yeah right… =.=
we are ethnic minority or what?
40mln people… ~322k km2… in Central Europe
Jesus Christ…


MUBI-HD would be EPIC!


When ???

or just say Is it even in your plans ?!


Now that LOVEFiLM has launched, the substandard MUBI user interface and content is even more obvious. Every part of the LOVEFiLM experience is so much better than MUBI.

Result: I’ve deleted MUBI and subscribed to LOVEFiLM. Sorry guys, just not good enough.

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