PlayStation Home: 1.4 Client Update: Voice Chat, Groups, New Wardrobe!

As we announced last Friday, tomorrow we will be releasing a new version of the PlayStation Home client: 1.4 is here! In addition to the features already announced – new wardrobe, grouping, and voice chat – there are several other noteworthy improvements and additions. First amongst those is the new Character Status settings, enabling you to set a status from a variety of new options including Happy, Sad, Busy and more! Even better, many of these status options will adjust your avatars facial expression and idle animations to match.

Other changes coming with 1.4 include improvements to the menu pad and Navigator, which can now be accessed directly by holding down the Start button. With the new cross-game invite support, you can invite your friends to join you in Home more easily than ever before. The new 1.4 client also brings numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and more. Full patch notes will be on the official forums.

Note: When you start Home to apply the 1.4 patch tomorrow, please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.

Moving on from 1.4, we have a range of new content for you this week. Leading the way is an update to the LittleBigPlanet space, where the LittleBigDerby has arrived! LittleBigDerby is an addictive multiplayer (up to 8!) game involving shooting targets with paintballs. The more targets you hit, the more points you earn … the more points you earn, the faster your racer will progress towards the finish line! Watch out for bonus point opportunities available when hitting targets with the correct coloured paintball.

PlayStation Home (lbp2 derby) PlayStation Home (lbp2 derby)

Check out the LOOT store this week, where you’ll find great new content. There’s festive season furnishings, including presents, a tree, and a throne. You’ll also find the first batch of their fantastic Aliens vs Androids costumes. Watch out for more coming soon, including a bundle pack!

PlayStation Home (cmasloot) PlayStation Home (androids vs aliens)

Rounding out the update for this week there’s a range of other new content in the Shopping Centre, including:

  • Standees from Top Cow’s comics Magdalena, and Witchblade.
  • New footwear and bracelets from Lockwood.
  • Australia and New Zealand football kits from Konami

PlayStation Home (topcow) PlayStation Home (lockwood)

Finally, please note that the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves public space will be removed temporarily tomorrow while we carry out important back end updates.

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WooHoo! Looking good! :D

Is it possible to have a release date announcement for Gran Turismo today or tomorrow?


I can’t answer that question, sorry. Not my area.

Carnivius_Prime 10 November, 2010 @ 18:02

i like the idea of the character expressions. should make things a bit more fun with interacting with others.

Very much looking forward to trying out 1.4. Thanks for the GT5 release date, I mean update.

whiteboy38rams 10 November, 2010 @ 18:05

is there rewards with the lbp game ?



(No, not telling what it is!)

When you have to wait for a light to stop flashing to install a patch and you have to tell everyone, you know there is a problem that needs to be fixed ;)


It’s good practice anyway – that light is telling you the hard drive is being used. Performing an update while the hard drive is in use for other tasks can cause odd things to happen. In this instance, however, this is only a precaution: we believe the problem we saw with 1.35 -> 1.36 won’t be repeated, but just in case we’re mistaken the instruction above will assist.

Hi Alex,

Does the Group chat appearing in a different color than the Local chat in the chat window ?


Yes – group chat, clan chat, and local chat all have different colours. That detail will be in the patch notes, which should appear on the forums shortly (if they aren’t there already!)

Thanks for your answer anyway.
We’re then not ignored by évery sony employee.

Carnivius_Prime 10 November, 2010 @ 18:24

That issue with the hard drive light isn’t just on Home. It’s done it to me on a variety of games including Uncharted 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta. Luckily I knew to wait for it ever since I first encountered it on a previous update of Home but it should be made common knowledge as best as possible as I’m sure there’s plenty people who don’t visit forums or blogs and think their game is just broken.

Awesome guy! cant wait to check it out =)

1 – Will the Android costume be free like it was in USA ?
2 – Will you be running the same Android vs Aliens competition like the one that was held in USA ?


1. Yes, that’s the plan.
2. Not at the current time.


About the group chat Alex, will this work across region? Say my mate from japan is on Japan Home and I’m on EU Home can we group chat, or would we have to use the club chat?

Mooooooo Goes the cash-cow a Very happy chappy he is. :D

I‘m jokeing of course Okay Alex here a nice easy question.

Any word about Namco space been a while since i ask Last? :|


We’ve not heard anything from Namco on the space for a while, so I’m not expecting it soon.


anychance pressing r2 to talk everytime has been dropped ?


R2 is still used for chat for now.


@14 I’m sure Alex posted somewhere on the forum saying that chat will remain on R2.


@ 15 thats a pitty as its one of the most annoying things about home

Hello again Alex,

When are we getting the Heavy ink tattoos?
When are we getting the Stageset?
Finally are we getting an IREM update anytime soon?


Heavy Ink – as soon as they are ready for SCEE release. The developer are working on that currently.

Stage Set – very soon, keep your eyes open.

Irem – work is progressing on the next update, however it’s not imminent.

Give us voice chat in XMB instead

Sweet update! :D I hope you do a wonderful christmas space like you guys did last year. Amazing! ;D


We’ll let you know our festive season plans soon :)

@6 yea u got a point m8

Any plans on a Gran Turismo 5 space?

It’s not loot if you pay for it.

I have no interest in home at all, just wanted to clear that up.

Will there be Gran Turismo Home space where u actually sync all the cars and stats when GT5 gets released? Hope someone will answer this :D


You guys should be proud of PlayStation Home. I have always wanted an update to Habbo Hotel. This is brilliant :D

A little off topic:
What do the abbreviations in the territories stand for?
I know GB, AU and NZ but what about AE and IE?

AE = (United) Arab Emirates
IE = Ireland

So a few questions:

Are there plans for the near future to implement voice chat outside of games for PSN and will we be able to use our PSHome Char on PSN aswell? (like a xbox avatar)

Well I will be updating today for sure.. :D

Are we ever going to see Trophy rooms? I’ve been looking forward to these forever! It would be great even if you could simply display only your Platinum trophies

Fantastic update … now if only you guys would make developers support setting up a multi-player game from Home for games like Hoard (like Warhawk, Resident Evil, Resistance 2, etc.), this would solve a lot of problems! I think you should consider making this as easy as possible for them to support and then make it mandatory. Besides, if you ever also add that functionality to XMB (you have chat channels there too, so I can see where this might be going … ), you should then be able to offer the same kind of game setup information to the games so that they will be forward compatible.

Now that you have cross-game invites from any game into Home, group chat channels in Home, and the game launching features, I really feel that Home is now a good place to hang out and organise and start my multi-player games.


I’ve updated and can’t use home now! (and yes…..waited for the hdd to stop flashing the orange light)

Of topic; It’s nice to see PS3 go together with FACEBOOK……..but now only a new browser or update,cause i can’t use the FB site on my PS3 !

@31 same problem, a service message box keeps popping up and cannot connect to home and on top of facebook not working on the ps3, how about try you tube, adobe flash player is never kept up to date. Jeez the ps3 needs support!

To the above two posters: Home is down for it’s regular, weekly update and maintenance. It’s usually back at between midday and 2pm

Thanks for the confirmation Hudson, I never knew it went down every week.

…and actually having new content in this client 1.4 that involves launching games for the Sony Playstation 3 System from Playstation Home reinforces Sony’s fifteen year commitment to Gaming, Gamers, Games, Gambits, Gandalf & YOU. We ALL wish Sony the Best in it’s future Game Launching activities from The Fashing Parade the we all call Home (or Hoym if you suffer from a New Zilind eekcent, as my doctor recently diagnosed me as having).
Tasty Bite Size Rumours: Sony have sent out PSP2 Dev kits; Sony have patented a peripheral that provides backwards compatability. These 2 rumours frm Aust Game Informer magazine#11

Will there be Home content to coincide with the release of the ICO + Shadow of the Colossus Collection and/or The Last Guardian?

bah service message, cant wait any longer, well i can i just dont want to, Jonno.


Thanks PFC_Hudson!

Well that’s great. I did as instructed and now it doesn’t work at all. Just goes to a blank box with service message at the top, even after a restart.

I mean seriously, if you knew there was also an issue with not waiting for the HD light to go out why didn’t you just fix it before releasing? Or is that too easy for you?


Home is still down for maintenance and the fact you are seeing the service message box indicates that your client has been successfully updated.

The blank service message is a minor bug and was not a known issue prior to today, however it will be fixed at the earliest opportunity.

The blank service message is still showing.

yep home doesnt work for me either NEED HELP!!!


Home is still down for maintenance while we update with 1.4 and the new content being released this week.

The blank service message is still showing glad to know this means the update went as planned.. But how long will maintenance take? So I wont be sitting around waiting for it to go live.. :)


There’s no ETA I can share at the moment, however we’ll have it completed at the earliest possible time.


home still down as of 5.45pm

Come on man, my MuiMui Farm needs watering and my dolphies heed racing :D

[Mind Trick] You want to give me all of PS Home’s items, even the reward items that were limited. I want Iron Man :(

Actually, I’m still waiting for my Home TV reward. It’s got to have been a year now asnt it? I forget.

I’ll ask again. In the hope of a yes or no. Are there ANY plans to promote ANYTHING involving PS+ users?

still down :( hmm… what to do… DRAW BUNNIES!
(\_/) (\_/)
(^.-) (-.^)
(“)(“) (“)(“)

It’s up now.

Now, if only the group and chat systems were implemented outside of home. NO Rush it has just been 4 YEARS since the release of the console and over a couple years since it was reported to have been a work in progress. It has been even longer then 4 years since xbox got it and that is the reason why they have captured the game console industry.

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