LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge 12 Is Here!

LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge

Hello Sackfolk!

Our 12th, and final, LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge has arrived over at the Official PlayStation Community. To celebrate a whole 2 years of contraption creating madness, we’re offering you the chance to win a 46″ BRAVIA TV!

As the contraption challenges always result in utterly mad, sometimes outright bonkers creations being let loose on LittleBigPlanet; we figured that our final challenge deserves a suitably chaotic theme.

In CC12 – you’ll need to create a Sackboy Exterminator.

LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge 12

Your Exterminator could be anything! From a machine that chases Sackboy and destroys everything in its path, to an evil spaghetti-monster with multiple attack phases. Think of it as a boss or an enemy but without the need for Sackboy to fight back. The crazier and more original your idea, the better – but it should certainly inspire Sackboy to run like his little life depends on it.

To take part in our challenge, just troop on over to the Official PlayStation Community forums. There, you can find all the instructions you need to enter the competition. The challenge is open now, so get to it!

Oh, and Big news for Irish entrants! Courtesy of SCE Ireland, the top ten Irish entrants into LBP CC12 will be invited to join a separate competition in which you’ll create an Irish themed level. You’ll be invited to a live event in Ireland with PlayStation and Media Molecule, where your Irish level will be judged by the Media Molecule team. With a whole host of other goodies on offer at the live event and a chance to meet the team behind LittleBigPlanet, you really don’t want to miss this one.

Finally, don’t shed a tear – the LBP Contraption Challenges will be back again in LittleBigPlanet 2. Keep an eye on our forums for news!

You can also follow the LBP Contraption Challenges on Twitter, YouTube and even iTunes.

Good luck!

4 Author replies

Any update on a proper CE version of LBP2 for Europe?


Sorry krioto, I don’t have any updates for you.

Any update on a release date for Gt5?
It isn’t that hard, and it’s your holy grail Sony

ill bet you can get gt5 quicker if you made it in lbp2

A big fat liar that eats all the European CE contents?

hey! don’t like the implication that spaghetti monsters are evil! that’s my god you’re talking about ;-)


Mine too, I didn’t think his Noodly Appendages would mind ;)

Hmm, how is this gonna go without the LBP2 Beta stuff. I’l give it a shot.
And I hope that this will continiue in LBP2 :)


It DEFINITELY will – we’ve had so much fun with these challenges that we couldn’t possibly let them go forever.

Hmm, should I get glasses so I can read what’s in the text :P


So we must create a monster that doesn’t ‘kill’ Sackboy? I think that is crazy idea! Isn’t it same thing to create a car that doesn’t have wheels in LBP? :D But I will enter in this challenge! And also, hows the LBL-4 in 1 challenge? Results? (So I cant remove my level and publish the mosnter thing to it’s place)


Hey Pro!

I assume you’re talking about LittleBigLand? That’s not a site we run I’m afraid, you’ll need to talk to the admins there :)

You contraption should be “capable” of killing Sackboy – there’s a definite requirement for peril!

Since when did sony start making 42 inch bravias?


i want to know, on the post for lbp2 collectors it says you get 7 costumes with the collectors edition.

at the end it mentions 4 pre-order bonus costumes for the game. I am wondering if pre-orders of the collectors edition will get all 4 pre-order costumes to make it equal to the 11 costumes in the US Collectors ?


We’ve announced the winners here:


Are there even 10 Irish people around here? Lol!

We need better EU CE of LBP2 please!!!

The price for the challenge should be to win a copy of the American Collectors Edition. :P

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