Roll Deep Vs. The Stig In A Real Hot Pursuit

With Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit racing to a 19 November release date, EA sent me this video of Roll Deep burning rubber with Ben Collins, the man formerly known as The Stig, in a real-life recreation of the game’s high-speed police chases.

If the Metropolitan police had Lamborghinis like that, then they’d have at least one more recruit right here…

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GT5 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UltimateBobbyD 12 November, 2010 @ 12:05

Ben Collins is trolling GT5 fans

Yeah GT5 release date would be nice.


Yep all we want is the GT5 release date.

Cool but GT5 is getting my cash this christmas.

Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted the GT5 release date is soon, probably today. Release should be around November 25th based on info on the Internet.

Saw the stig, and thought GT5. Ah well, not long now…

Nice video… but give us the GT5 date, Sony!


More non GT5 news? Fantastic.

I know of another game that is meant to have the stig on it. It’s quite anticipated too. You see though it is missing a release date…

Looks almost as nice as GT5. Almost.

GT5 now or bye SONY!!!


..Sony’s PR.. did you realized how dramatic is becoming this situation?? ..ablut GT5 of course.. really stop joking


What is GT5?


wait, what? I saw “The Stig” in the title and thought this was about GT5. Too bad.



The Stig in a videogame is only relevant in a driving simulator.


Give us GT5 release date Sony… it’s about time.

I officially rename this article to “Open GT5 release date discussion”…

So I heard Japan is getting it on 11/25. Seems reasonable since all dates were around that time interval. And Yamauchi says the release date announcement is around the corner. Add to that some commercials on TV that are rolling now and the game is pretty much coming out by the end of this month.

What do you guys think? DISCUSS!


Wow almost thought its GT5 news. Goddammit Sony !!

NEVER saw such lack of respect for the customer.
“We expect to confirm a new release date before the end of the month (october).”
Good job, Sony, good job.

Sony NEEDS to announce the GT5 release date today. This is getting beyond a joke now.

@19: they told the release date was coming before the end of october. Stop believe them. Give us a damn date, Sony, and respect it!


Who gives a crap about NFS? When is GT5 coming out?

What with all the leaked Gran Turismo 5 gameplay videos from the leaked full version of the game I’m amazed that Sony hasn’t managed to leak the release date.

The only GT5 department thats waterproof.


The stores in Portugal say the game will be available 24/11

We don’t want rumours and speculations. We want an officiale PR declaring the officiale date!

Gran Turismo 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!1!111111!!

(nfs is not bad ill get it)

I thought the NFS demo was pants,especially the race.The AI was pointless and made it feel like a TT.

Now to join in with the rest,GT5.

Oh Yeah, not to disprespect the NFS news <- I have it on order so you guys got my money.

Thats all that Sony sees as important right?

Not the general publics wishes about having a GT5 release date and not having the producing company looking like a bunch of amateurs.


You know which was the last NFS game that got released alongside last full GT game? Underground 2. I hope you guys realize that its been a while.

I love GT5, whens the release date coming? next week maybe?


Good video but you guys know what we want.

I can confirm the release dates for GT5.

US – Nov 23, 2010
EU – Nov 24, 2010
JP – Nov 25, 2010

Yours truly,

Bonesaw McGraw

Blewgh come on Sony give us GT5! We crave GT5. The whole of Neogaf craaaaaaaaaaaves GT5. I heard the mods are going absolutely crazy over there…:P


Yawn. Another NFS. If Grip is as bad as the last one then…

However, theres one coming that is so much better than all that have gone before. It is to boldly go, where no game has gone before. Its five year mission, to seek out new cars, and new track enviroments. Its mission starts … When??? Sony please please please tell us. Even if we just get a “Before this date” i think we will be happy.

Screw NFS, that game is so childish its unbelievable, I couldnt even use my dfgt with the demo lol.


GT5 if you dont know what we mean cause we dont see any replies is “Gran Turismo Five”! release date Sony RELEASE DATE NOW enough is enough

Seriously, NO ONE CARES.

The only thing Playstation owners care about is a release date or more info on GT5, becuase it’s going to wipe the floor with NFS.

You delay GT5, then announce an announcement for a release date. You then DELAY the announcement of the announcement of the delayed release date!!!

hahaha, it’s embarrassing!

almighty-slayer 12 November, 2010 @ 12:50

*GT5 release date comment*


Make NFS Underground 3 and give us GT5 RELEASE DATE!?

GT5 please!

almighty-slayer 12 November, 2010 @ 12:56

Also, HI GAF!

So yeah…GTF on with releasing GT5.

nextbigthing91 12 November, 2010 @ 13:00

*clicks on title and realises this isn’t GT5 release date news*


No-one cares for NFS, so how about releasing GT5 already!!!!!


GAF needs GT5, give us a release date today or you’ll be dead on the weekend. lol

almighty-slayer 12 November, 2010 @ 13:07

Yeah, we are going crazy on GAF. Well, we went crazy a long time ago but still. WE WILL GO EVEN MORE CRAZY

Gt5 please

Who gives a damn about NFS?

Quit stalling and give a date for GT5, it’s why most of us have a PS3 anyway…

Now please.

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