Split/Second PSP Is Out This Week With New Features; See The Launch Trailer

Greetings, and welcome to the next exciting installment of Split/Second. I’m happy to say we’ve managed to cram all of what made Split/Second great onto the PSP. At Disney Interactive Studios, we’re really proud of what Black Rock Studio created and were excited to see what Sumo Digital could add to the PSP version.

As Split/Second was a visual treat, we knew that we couldn’t compromise for both the size of the power plays and sheer on-screen excitement. We set out to create a spectacular-looking PSP game and I hope that everyone will agree that this is one of the best-looking racing games on the PSP. Another vital ingredient was to make sure that the handling and controls suited the PSP. Sumo are very experienced with years of racing experience and so set about creating a new driving model from scratch. The end result should be a fun, quick and skillful driving system that rewards users who push the cars to the max.

To add something completely new to the game we then added four all new Challenge modes which test the drivers in completely different ways. Each mode was designed with some key thoughts in mind – (1) blow things up; (2) race really fast; (3) use the environment to your advantage; (4) combine 1 to 3 while trying to get the highest score!

Split/Second PSPSplit/Second PSP

The final big addition for Split/Second PSP is that we managed to create an entirely new Docks track. This was a combination of previous work which works its way through different parts of the Docks area and ends up being one of the longest tracks in the entire game.

The demo should be live for everyone to play now so grab it and the game is available this week. Hope you enjoy this new version as much as we have!

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Will this be available on PSN?

Any indication on how much its going to be on the PSN?


– off topic-

I was on the American playstation store yesterday, where I saw
some new download content for scott pelgrim vs the world.

Can someone tell me when we can download it here in the Netherlands.
Its called “the game knives Chau Add-on Pack”

Now disney how about You to release kingdom hearts-birth by sleep for the PSN we know it You that put the game on UMD-omly.

yes it‘s a old chest-nut that been said Many times so can you confirm it comming on PSN thanks :)

that came out wrong is it psp2 as advertised or not an if not why advertise it as psp2 spill beans come on


@kivi95: There is rumors that a PSP2 is on the way but that is probably going to be in late 2011…and that is to bad. But I guess that make the game lineup better when it is released.


Good God Mossy. It’s on the “PSP too” not on the “PSP2”. Is it really that hard to figure out seeing as it came out on the PS3 first and now on the PSP.


Birth By Sleep on PSN now!!!!


Looking good, too bad the blog is still throwing up 400 errors preventing firefox users from seeing this.

Price? Demo seemed to be near identical (good thing) but do I really want to play through it all over again on small screen (bad thing). If the price is right I might just be tempted

Carnivius_Prime 16 November, 2010 @ 15:43

@akinokaze-fa I’m using firefox and i don’t see any errors


It’s working now, it wasn’t working on my firefox at all for at least 22 hours [though was working fine on IE.]

James Gallagher 16 November, 2010 @ 16:36

That’s strange – we haven’t heard of any other issues in the last couple of days. Glad you’re back with us though!

Why does the guy says “Split/Second on the PSP2” at the end of the trailer ??

haha, I heared it too. Maybe they meant: “On the PSP too!” Just a poor choice of words. Especially with all the PSP2 rumors going around these days.


When it goes on sale in Spain? Because I have asked many shops and does not feature in their websites, no one knows of the existence of the game
Answer me please.

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