PlayStation Home: SingStar Rooms Update, Shopping Centre Update, Plus More!

Announcing a revamp of SingStar Rooms and the grand opening of SingStar Store! Celebrate the release of SingStar Dance & SingStar Guitar by rocking out in designer clothing, complete with exclusive animations. There’s plenty of new music, videos and craziness to be had! For the launch of the SingStar Store you’ll find five female costumes and three male costumes alongside SingStar song packs. Within the SingStar Rooms you’ll find an expanded range of music playing.

PlayStation Home: SingStar Rooms Update PlayStation Home: SingStar Rooms Update

Check out the GAME Moonbase this week, where GAME launch real and virtual stores in PlayStation Home. Starting tomorrow, games will be available on the moon…well sort of. The GAME Moonbase in PlayStation Home will open it’s doors to the GAME V virtual goods store selling game-based items and apparel exclusively for Home users, and The Moonbase Shop – a PlayStation Home first – offers direct sale of PS3 titles from The Moonbase delivered straight to your (real) door courtesy of GAME. To celebrate the opening pick up your free GAME T-shirt from GAME V and look out for new releases like Black Ops available from the Moonbase Shop. New content will be updated monthly so watch for new titles, special Home exclusive promotions, apparel and items on sale available from the GAME Moonbase.

GAME Moonbase

GAME T-shirt from GAME V

Stroll through to the extended Shopping Centre this week, where there are new additions! This week sees the return of an old friend – the Diesel store – and a new store for MyDeco, where you can find all of MyDeco’s content in one place. Finally, stop by Codeglue’s new store – the Cardboard Cartel – to check out their current range, and keep an eye out for new content from them coming soon!

Highlight of the week for me just might be the latest from the V-Store: a range of massive foam gloves in the shape of iconic handguns. These take the ‘Guns’ emote to a whole new level! Still on a gun-related theme, Heavy Water’s “Heavy Strike” cannon will be available in Furniture tomorrow! Place the Heavy Strike cannon in the personal space of your choice and then place your sights over your intended target and tap X to fire away. You can even drop two cannons across from one another and exchange fire with a friend!

PS Home

5 Author replies

How much for cannon?

does game shop use the ps3 browser when buying games alex or a dedicated app style , is it safe from hacks coz this is peoples bank details remember

Hi ! No Audi update ?! ^^


The second Worthersee car and free female costume will arrive tomorrow as well.

Audi ‘Taxi-Chick’ outfit tomorrow too…

The Cannon sounds kool, but Alex are the men gonna get any of the awesome Lockwood footware soon?
And i saw that it now says …in wardrobe.. above avatars heads =) great work guys :D

Whoa Audi :D
Nice Update… can’t wait to check out all the new things.

Gather round the fire with tasty marshmallows from #lockwood!

whiteboy38rams 17 November, 2010 @ 18:44

is the lake house still coming this month ? the game space sounds great , esp being able to order games , will u b able 2 link yr game loyalty card 2 yr purchases ?? good update :)


Still looking good on the lakehouse for this week :)

I tried HOME the other day and it’s much quicker to get into it than before. Well done the HOME team;)


Could be even faster after maintenance tomorrow!

Wow the second area of the shopping centre filled it quick! Can you do me a favour Alex?
Have a chat with adidas or Nike and see if they could make some gear! I would love my avatar to have a nice adidas jacket! :D
Great Update btw!

whiteboy38rams 17 November, 2010 @ 19:21

do you mean its going to b in update tomorrow alex as its not listed ? lake house that is :)


Sorry … meant next week. Replying via smart phone on train not such a good idea :p

I have a request – Is it possible to add a store with everything free all together in one place? It would make looking through everything for the free stuff so much easier! This way, any new and older (shall I say veteran) home users can easily access all the free stuff in one place!!!

whiteboy38rams 17 November, 2010 @ 20:17

@11 its a good idea but would stop impulse buys so i doubt it would happen

move support in Home thanks


Ahh yes Mr Alex,

Has the Namco Space been localised for EU yet?
Are we getting some IREM content before Christmas?
Finally will we be getting anymore apartments from the US team anytime soon?

Thanks :)


Luxury Lakehouse is due next week, and Stage Set is imminent as well. We’re also working on finalising the details for an EU release of Hollywood Hills.


anychance of us getting the waterfall personal space seen as the americans just got our EXCLUSIVE dam hideout space .

joshualeuty96-2- 17 November, 2010 @ 21:28

good update today :)

Hi alex, thanks for news! I have questions for you :

The gran turismo suit in USA was available for europe too? and a gran turismo space is planned for playstation home?

I’m liking this!
Epic update!

Any chance of decent hair this week? Women only got some the other week (maybe other month). Also, are the developers doing anything about the restrictive sliders, crappy skin textures and plastic eyes?

Does the Game shop only work for UK users or will it work for those of us in Ireland as well?

We all should be an interesting possible user base.. When will it be launched already.. It is taking like forever.. With no word.

You know what SCEE not communicating is equal to no understanding. Like I said before sharing is caring so share the info with us.


Video store
Comic store
descend PSONE classics
Netflix/lovefilm type of services
Cloud saves

And so many more that the fanbase/userbase is crying out for.

More Tac to milk the cash-cow on SCEA the got dragon lair space much more then our update.

-when the Namco space
-Any word on picture frames, Music/video streaming we still can’t use music on our XMB.

But i do notice getting on quicker and the cloakroom shorting is better. so that you get


scratch that last score you get 1 more point i think the idea of shopping real shopping with-in home is a Good idea real goods.

it not even a scee idea it done by game yes scee had to do the codeing, i not been to test the moonbase, i wonder how it can be done.

is it PSN wallet friendly as i don‘t use debit cards Now if it‘s the latter then I‘m afraid it be a Fail. :|


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