Dead Nation – Turning Up The Heat

Hello zombie blasters! Get ready as Dead Nation invades the PlayStation Store in just one week! We want to make sure that you are hot for the fight as the zombie hordes will be merciless in their quest for fresh, warm meat. Today, we want to show you Dead Nation in its full chaotic glory. Watch Super Stardust HD pro Tlo-Mek, who has since joined Housemarque’s development team due to his gaming prowess, eradicate the zombie infection when the heat is turned up to 11.

In the video, Tlo-Mek is using melee, Rush, and the game environment to his advantage. All three of these tactics are critical to survive Dead Nation’s hardest battles, particularly when you’re faced with special zombies, like Jumpers, Bombies, and other lurking threats – in addition to huge hordes of the undead.

Study up on the control scheme now — the undead are coming right for you!


What weapon are you most looking forward to using in Dead Nation? Do you think you’ll go solo like Tlo-Mek, or buddy up online? Share your plans with us!

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I just hope I can find some way to top up my PSN as I’m out of the country and really want this…

Saw the GiantBomb quick look of this, and it convinced me to buy it. Seems like the standard assault rifle with upgrades is my choice. Vinny did well with it.

This game has had more blog space than GT5 !

Looks like a day one purchase though.


i was about 2 say omg another blog about dead nation we knew the game was coming after the first 3.

Nice to see some extended gameplay, and as I expected it looks amazing. I’ll be topping up the wallet as soon as possible. Dead Nation is probably the game I’m most excited about right now, until some Journey details come out anyway.

First day purchase for me…it’s been a long wait.

1 question – Does anybody know if you can achieve the co-op trophies with offline co-op?

Cristina Giuliano 25 November, 2010 @ 11:27

The Double the action trophy can be obtained online or offline!

I’m defo getting this day one as well, I’ve been waiting for a good zombie shoot’em up. This looks the bizz. :)

I wouldn’t seeing a Napalm strike power up and watch them Burn. :D

OpTiC_KiNGPiNG 24 November, 2010 @ 17:59

any word on a 3D patch coming to this title?

as Super Stardust HD did a great job of implementing 3D

Cristina Giuliano 25 November, 2010 @ 09:26

Hello !
No plans for 3D yet, sorry !

Hell-Raiser-85 24 November, 2010 @ 19:19

Looks great.



If the awesome beta is anything to on, I’ll be sticking with the upgraded rifle (starting weapon) and mines/grenades, only occasionally switching out to the SMG when the hoards get a little hard to handle!

oh who am I kidding… the title will likely feature tons of weapon-centric trophies… I’ll be using them all, though I can’t say I’m looking forward to using the bewildering axe gun again…

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